BMB Natuursteen, a distinguished Belgian family business specializing in tailor-made natural stones for over half a century, teamed up with lighting industry leader LEDVANCE to enhance lighting across its showroom, warehouse, and production hall. Through the strategic collaboration the natural stone manufacturer has embraced cutting-edge LEDVANCE LED lighting technology, setting new benchmarks for energy efficiency, cost reduction, and lighting performance. The innovative lighting solutions not only enhance operational efficiency but also elevate visitor experience ...
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The new LEDVANCE Renewables product range provides customers with photovoltaic systems and associated services from a single source. The photovoltaic solutions are suitable for private and commercial applications, with all the components perfectly matched to one another. The photovoltaic panels come as bifacial or monofacial modules, with power levels from 405 to 660 W and in various designs. The robust, highly efficient and intelligent string or hybrid inverters are compatible with all the system components and are easy to install and operate. The various low-voltage and h...
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LEDVANCE launches Everloop: series of sustainable luminaires

Recently, LEDVANCE introduced a sub-brand for all the company's sustainability initiatives known as LEDVANCE LOOP. This model covers all efforts and measures across the company to help transform the lighting industry and improve its green credentials. LEDVANCE LOOP also contains circular products which are put under the EVERLOOP series. Warrington, UK, 4 December 2023. The lighting experts from LEDVANCE launch a new product series, EVERLOOP, featuring luminaires with conveniently replaceable LED light sources and driv...
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SUN@HOME ceiling luminaire receives the "BEST OF DESIGN 2022 Award" from the interior design magazine Even before the launch of its Circular pendant ceiling light from the SUN@HOME series, LEDVANCE has been able to snatch a coveted design award for it: SCHÖNER WOHNEN, Europe's biggest magazine for interior design, has given the new luminaire model the “BEST OF DESIGN 2022” award. The decisive factors were the combination of timeless design and innovative lighting technology. The luminaires will ...
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Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike Natural Spectrum LEDs Selected by European Premium Lighting Brand LEDVANCE

ANSAN, South Korea – Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 046890), a leading global innovator of LED products and technology, announced that SunLike natural spectrum LED to produce light that closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight has been applied to the 19 models of the premium product line Sun@Home of LEDVANCE, a global lighting brand in Europe.   Sun@Home is a premium lighting product line for homes and offices. With the SunLike natural spectrum LED technology, it has an optimal smart sol...
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Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike Series Natural Spectrum LEDs Selected for Global Lighting Brand LEDVANCE’s Sun@Home Family Products for Human Centric Lighting

LEDVANCE Sun@Home family designed with SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs (Graphic: Business Wire)   MUNICH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ 046890), a leading global innovator of LED technology, announced that its SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs, which implement light that closely matches the spectrum of sunlight, has been adopted by Global lighting brand LEDVANCE for its new family of products Sun@Home. “The light closest to the sun for human well-being&rdq...
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The city of Munich showcased the Propylaeum this winter with a powerful LED lighting system from LEDVANCE. For the light action "Kunstareal verbindet", LEDVANCE provided the lighting solution for the in-stallation in the Propylaeum. Thanks to LEDVANCE as a strong partner, it was possible to create a robust, high-intensity, wind and weather proof lighting solution suitable for continuous use. The greatest challenge of the project was to let the Propylaeum, which is symbolic for Munich, shine in a new light. The original design of the arc...
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LEDVANCE Launches New Street Lighting Lamp Family OSRAM NAV LED

The efficient LED alternative for street lighting leads to reduced running costs.   Street lighting with the new OSRAM NAV LED  Source: LEDVANCE LEDVANCE launches the new lamps family OSRAM NAV LED as a direct LED retrofit for traditional high-pressure sodium vapor lamps (NAV). They offer compelling benefits for areas of application such as streets, area lighting, pedestrian zones or parks. The new OSRAM NAV LED retrofit lamps increase efficiency on two different levels: consumption and maintenance. Not...
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Lawrence Lin Leaves LEDVANCE, Qinghuan Sun Appointed as the New CEO

Lawrence Lin, who took over the role of CEO in LEDVANCE in November 2018, has left the company, covered by EdisonReport and lightED. Qinghuan Sun, President of MLS, has been appointed as CEO and Managing Director of LEDVANCE since Lin left. Erol Kirilmaz, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, on the other hand, has become Managing Director in the United States and Canada on an interim basis. (Image: LEDVANCE) Lin had been appointed as CEO and Managing Director in 2018 after Jacob Tern, who took the role for only eight month...
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LEDVANCE to Shut down Its Distribution Center in Pennsylvania, USA

LEDVANCE will close its Eastern Distribution Center in Pennsylvania, USA, according to a letter sent to its customers by Matt McCarron, Vice President of US and Canada Sales at LEDVANCE, reported lightED. (Image: LEDVANCE) The letter noted that LEDVANCE will move Eastern Distribution Center located in Bethlehem Pennsylvania into its facility in Kentuchy given the close proximity of these two sites. The company will cease operations of the Eastern Distribution Center by July 1, 2020. Impact of the world sweeping coronavi...
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Osram to Shut down Server for Its Smart Lighting Platform Lightify

Osram announced that it has decided to shut down server support for smart lamps from the Lightify lighting system. Osram and its system distributor LEDVANCE noted that customers are now using comprehensive Smart Home solutions with intelligent assistants to control smart lighting, instead of using a separate lighting control system or gateway. Osram will therefore be shutting down the cloud server for controlling the Lightify gateway on August 31, 2021. In the beginning of 2019, LEDVANCE finished selling the gateway while part of the Smart+ products are still s...
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LEDVANCE Introduces Human Centric Lighting Products

A new series of human centric lighting products were launched by SYLVANIA, LEDVANCE. With its TruWave Technology, the LED portfolio offers light that mimics the natural light spectrum to deliver what the company called “Natural Light for Natural Living™”. According to LEDVANCE, the new series not only supports an improved sleep/wake cycle, but also delivers dimming and less intense blue light for reduced eye strain. (Image: LEDVANCE/SYLVANIA) “LEDVANCE stands for advancing light, and today’s ...
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LEDVANCE to Present Smart Human Centric Lighting Applications at 2020 Light+Building

According to the report of LEDinside, 2019 Global Lighting Market Report, MLS, who took over LEDVANCE from Osarm, became the fourth largest lighting company in the world. The company currently focuses on smart LED lighting and is planning to expand its business in smart home and human centric lighting. Seeing the future of smart lighting application, Lawrence Lin, CEO of LEDVANCE, shared his insight towards the market of smart lighting in 2020. (Image: LEDVANCE) Global Smart Home Lighting Trend Lin said that the development of sma...
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LEDVANCE Becomes Member of Light and Health Alliance

The Lighting Research Center (LRC) announced that LEDVANCE has joined the Light and Health Alliance which aims to enhance human health and wellbeing with indoor lighting. The mission of the Light and Health Alliance is to bridge the science of light and health to practical applications, and to provide objective information grounded in basic and applied research. The Alliance works to generate and disseminate new knowledge on the topic of light and health via outreach and education. (Image: LRC/LEDVANCE) LEDVANCE will join other members of ...
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LED EXPO Thailand 2019: International Companies Active in Emerging Markets to Accelerate LED Lighting Penetration

Although the LED lighting industry has already entered the mature stage of its development, but in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia, India and other Asian regions, there remains much room for growth as LED lighting is being applied in infrastructure and replacing traditional lighting. Thus we see international companies and Thailand’s native companies continually planning their strategies in this year’s LED EXPO. Thai lighting company DLight showcased solar LED streetlights, targeting Thailand’s domestic demand. Ratana Saeyang, the Pur...
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Lawrence Lin to Temporarily Manage LEDVANCE in the US and Canada

LEDVANCE, the maker of SYLVANIA general lighting in the United States and Canada, announced that global CEO Lawrence Lin will assume managing director responsibilities for the United States and Canada on an interim basis, in addition to his current responsibilities. Jim Johnson, who previously held the position, left the company this month. (Image: LEDVANCE) Lawrence Lin became the CEO and Managing Director of global LEDVANCE in November 2018. He commented, “LEDVANCE continues to evolve to deliver innovative lighting ...
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MLS Plans to Integrate Forest Lighting and LEDVANCE

Forest Lighting has released a letter to its customers to share the update regarding MLS’s plan to integrate Forest Lighting and LEDVANCE. MLS is the global parent company of LEDVANCE and Forest Lighting and has decided to integrate these two businesses in the United States and Canada to maximize operation efficiency. According to the announcement of Forest Lighting, LEDVANCE will be responsible for operation management after integration. The purpose of the integration is to accelerate product development, reduce internal costs, and improve...
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Lawrence Lin Appointed CEO of LEDVANCE

The LEDVANCE Supervisory Board has appointed Lawrence Lin as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director of LEDVANCE. Lin, who most recently served as Chairman of the LEDVANCE Supervisory Board, will continue to drive the transition of LEDVANCE to become one of the global leaders in LED-based general lighting. Lin brings a successful track record and vast international management experience into his new position at LEDVANCE. In his latest role since 2015, as Executive General Manager at MLS, he was instrumental in...
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LEDVANCE, MaxiLite and EarthTronics Release New LED Lighting Products

New lighting products have been released for various applications. LEDVANCE introduced a flexible LED strip lighting system for industrial use while MaxLite launched the Indirect Troffer for architectural interior lighting. Meanwhile, EarthTronics presented its Canopy LED series for commercial and industrial security illumination. LEDVANCE revealed its new TruSys LED luminaires which offer energy efficient lighting solutions that meet the demanding requirements of factories, workshops and warehouses. With the new flexible trunking system, TruSys prov...
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Products Releases: New Linear Fixtures from Cree and Low Glare Luminaires of LEDVANCE

Cree continues to expand its industrial lighting portfolio and has announced the launch of its new LXB Series Linear High-Bay luminaires. LEDVANCE, on the other hand, has debuted a low glare luminaires for replacing conventional fluorescent lighting. 
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LEDVANCE Supplies LED Luminaires to Carlsberg for High Quality Lighting and Energy Saving

LEDVANCE has provided its LED lighting to the logistics center of Carsberg, the Danish beer producer, to cut down about 50 percent lighting energy consumption for the beer company.
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LEDVANCE Brings Together Strengths of West and East

LEDVANCE hosted a press conference on June 10th during GILE under its GILE slogan “The Standard Redefined.” The new CEO of LEDVANCE, Jacob C. Tarn Ph.D., with his management team revealed the company strategy “LEDVANCE 2.0”.
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LEDVANCE Participates in United Nations Global Compact

LEDVANCE signed to join the United Nations Global Compact to illustrate the company’s commitment in four areas of corporate responsibility including human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption. 
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LEDVANCE Showcasing Passion for Lighting at LIGHTFAIR 2018

LEDVANCE is showing at LIGHTFAIR® International (LFI®) how its “Passion for Lighting” and commitment to distribution make it the best retrofit partner for LED luminaires and lamps, and ultimately deliver quality SYLVANIA LED luminaire and lamp portfolios, including smart lighting, for any purpose, commercial and residential. LFI, the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference, takes place May 8 – 10, 2018 in Chicago.
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LEDVANCE Now Wholly Owned By MLS

LEDVANCE, one of the world's leading general lighting providers for professional users and end consumers, is now 100 percent owned by the leading Chinese LED lighting company MLS. MLS has taken over the full ownership of LEDVANCE by means of a share deal with the strategic investor IDG Capital and the financial investor Yiwu. As part of the deal, IDG Capital and Yiwu will become shareholders of MLS via a joint investment.
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Light + Building 2018: LEDVANCE Will Continue to Scale up with a Clear Vision, CEO Says

At Light and Building 2018, LEDinside had a face-to-face interview with Dr. Jacob Tarn, new CEO of LEDVANCE, who shared his insights on the market and the company’s strategic outlook.
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Light + Building 2018: LEDVANCE presents itself as an all-round LED lighting company

We have seen at the trade show major lighting brands announce their determination to transition away from LED lighting companies to software-oriented IoT Solution providers. Companies in the lighting industry admitted their profits have been affected by severe price wars in the market and have tried to develop new business opportunities. However, in comparison, LEDVANCE chooses to not only keep but even expand its focus on general lighting as a globally active, full-scale LED lighting company.
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Light + Building 2018: Start to Build a Human-Light Relationship

Light + Building 2018, the largest trade fair for lighting and building services technology in Europe, officially begins on March 18. For the next six days, 18-23 March, exhibitors at the show will showcase their state-of-the-art products and technologies, whether they are for lighting, communication, building automation, or automotive applications.
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Smart Lighting: The Future of Light beyond Illumination

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is definitely pushing our technology to a new level. Now, we can combine LED lighting with sensing and data analyzing capabilities. All these bring the LED industry opportunities to connect with future technologies.</div> div#featurs-list-ver {  width: 906px;  margin: 0 auto; } div.features-top-banner {  background-image: url('//www.ledinside.com/sites/www.ledinside.com/theme/images/under-banner-shadow.jpg');   background-position: bottom;   background-repeat: no-repeat;  height: 215px; } td.features-lead-icon {  width: 150px;  height: 100px;  text-align: center;  background-color: #FDB0C5; } td.features-lead-text {  background-color: #CF456B;  color: #FFFFFF;  text-align: left; } td.features-lead-text ...</p>
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Big Names in the Wave of Connected Lighting and Smart Cities

It’s not a coincidence that multinational lighting conglomerates like Philips Lighting and LEDVANCE have lately been undergoing transformations, including product mix adjustment, more investments in smart lighting, cutting jobs and quitting production related to traditional lighting.
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Violumas is proud to announce the addition of new VC3X3 COB Module configurations to its extensive, high power UV LED product lineup. The M3X3L9 module sets are available in UVB and UVC wavelengths (265nm, 275nm, 295nm, 310nm) and are comprise... READ MORE

Tokushima, Japan - 6 March 2024: Nichia, the world's largest LED manufacturer and inventor of the high-brightness blue and white LED, has started mass production of the new UV-B (308nm) and UV-A (330nm) LEDs in its popular 434 Series packa... READ MORE