Valeo once again ranked as the world’s leading French patent applicant

Valeo has been ranked the world’s leading French patent applicant, with 1,777 patents issued in one year*, including 46% in France, according to the rankings published by the France's intellectual property institute (INPI), which lists the first applications granted by the world's main patent offices. Valeo has also come third in the 2021 ranking of patent applicants in France, with a total of 721 patents. Its innovations are now protected by a portfolio of almost 35,000 patents worldwide. Christophe Périllat, Valeo’s Chief Executive Officer, co...
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Patent Granted to ETi’s Color Preference Technology in the U.S.

ETi Solid State Lighting, a subsidiary of Elec-Tech Solid State Lighting, has announced that its Color Preference technology was approved by the U.S Patent Office under Patent number 10,091,855. The company has implemented the technology in a range of new LED lighting products.
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New, Patented, Horticultural LED Has Lower Production Costs

The increased use of LEDs for horticultural lighting has made that product segment especially competitive. A recently issued U.S. Patent covers an invention that dramatically reduces the cost of manufacturing horticultural LEDs! The company that acquires this patent and implements this technology will leapfrog the technology of all of its competitors and grab a significant share of the horticultural LED market. 
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Lightking Receives Patent for Its Air Series LED Billboard

Large, medium, and small billboard operators have begun placing dozens of orders for Lightking's Air Series LED billboard. Through its light-weight air flow-through design, Air Series is half the weight and 20% less wind load than standard box-type LED signs, saving billboard owners tens of thousands in structural reinforcement costs, and making static to digital retrofits feasible and permittable for thousands of sites across the US.
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Nichia Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit against EBV in Germany Regarding White LED Product of Everlight

On February 22, 2017, Nichia Corporation (“Nichia“) filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Germany at the District Court Düsseldorf against the Germany-based distributor EBV Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG and EBV Management GmbH (both “EBV“).
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Apple Patents Fingerprint-Reading Touchscreen without Sensor

First revealed by AppleInsider, Apple has been awarded a US patent on Tuesday, suggesting that the company is exploring display technology that embeds Micro LEDs and an IR diode to read users’ fingerprints without a dedicated Touch ID sensor. This new design feature may shed lights on its iPhone 8.
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Osram Grants Unity Opto White LED Package License, Dismisses Previous ASUS Patent Infringement Case

Osram, one of the leading lighting companies, has granted Taiwan’s Unity Opto Technology Co. Ltd. a royalty-bearing license to produce white LED packages under Osram core patents covering phosphor conversion technology. This technology is widely used in the LED industry for the generation of white light based on a semiconductor chip emitting blue light that is partially converted into one or more other colors by suitable phosphor materials.
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USPTO Appeal Adjusts ‘Adapted For” Language in Preamble of Jam Strait Automotive Lighting Patent Case against Osram Sylvania

The United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO) recently released a paper on its final written decision “Adapted For” Language in Preamble IPR2014-00703, according to a report by The National Law Review.
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Apple Files Patent for Displays Woven into Fabrics

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published an Apple patent application for integrating displays into woven fabrics, reported 9to5Mac.
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LumiFi Files Patent for Smart Lighting Control Software

LumiFi, a design and technology-centric company enabling people and businesses to unlock the full potential of connected lighting through a lighting control software, has filed for U.S. and international patents. LumiFi is seeking to patent its unique smart lighting algorithm that combines wireless lighting technology from multiple manufacturers and the expertise of award-winning designers to offer preconfigured and customizable lighting moods, transforming hotel, home and workplace environments.
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Apple Granted New Sapphire Antenna Patent

Previous rumors surrounding Apple’s sapphire usage were focused on whether iPhones would be equipped with sapphire screens in the future, but new reports claim the company has received a new sapphire antenna patent.
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Initiation of LED Filament Patent and Supply Chain Wars to Take Place in 2H15

The LED luminaire industry started to attract market attention, after Japanese manufacturer Panasonic launched its first glass omnidirectional LED bulb. The pioneer bulb had a transparent substrate with a dual-sided light emitting surface. Since then the industry luminaire design has evolved.
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Samsung Electronics Awarded Flexible Display OLED Patent

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Samsung Electronics a patent for flexible and bendable TV and tablet PC displays, reported Business Korea recently.
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Lumileds Remains Largely Unaffected After Go Scale Capital Acquisition

LEDinside recently interviewed Kevin Lucido, Director of Global Marketing Communications at Lumileds, Philips, about the company’s business and technology developments after Go Scale Capital acquires the company.
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Mitsubishi Chemical Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Chinese Red Phosphor Maker

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC; Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Hiroaki Ishizuka) today announced that on January 23, the company filed a suit in the Intermediate People's Court in Shenzhen City alleging that products of Yantai Shield Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. and U.S.-based Intematix Corporation infringed on a patent (Chinese patent no. ZL201110066517.7, etc.) for red phosphor owned by MCC and National Institute for Materials Science. MCC seeks an injunction on the production and sale of phosphors in China and damages in this lawsuit.
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Samsung Files OLED TV Trademarks in South Korea

Samsung Electronic has applied for exclusive rights to name its OLED TVs, in an attempt to take a pre-emptive strike against LG Chem, according to a Yonhap News Agency report.
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ONCE Files 100th Patent Application for Specialized Lighting in Agriculture

ONCE Files 100th Patent Application for Specialized Lighting in Agriculture and retains Vinson & Elkins LLP as Intellectual Property Counsel Concerning Sale, License, and Enforcement of the General Illumination Portfolio. The application, “Photonic Engine System for Actuating the Photosynthetic Electron Transport Chain”, adds to a diverse set of intellectual property assets across multiple lighting segments, including agriculture, horticulture and the general lighting market.
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Cree Strives to Maintain Market Dominance with Aggressive Legal Actions

Cree’s act of filing lawsuits against Feit Electric and Unity Opto recently shows the firm’s struggle to maintain dominance in U.S. LED lighting market amid growing popularity of LED lighting products, according to a Bloomberg report.
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Liown Announces Partnership with The Light Garden of Liown Patented Moving Flame Candles

Liown Electronics Co. Ltd, one of the world's largest suppliers of light-emitting diode (LED) flameless candles and lighting, announced today The Light Garden will be a preferred licensee and distributor for Liown's patented Moving Flame™ candle technology.
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Zumtobel Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against AOC

With the technology shift to LEDs in full flow, the Zumtobel Group is rigorously defending its intellectual property rights. Companies that have infringed the rights of the Group or its subsidiaries are requested to respect these rights and purchase the appropriate licences. In the event that infringements of its patents and other intellectual property rights persist, the Group reserves the right to take legal action. In a recent example, Tridonic Jennersdorf GmbH filed a lawsuit at Mannheim District Court in Germany against AOC International (Europe) B.V. and AOC International (Europe) GmbH.
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Cree Hybrid LED-OLED White Light Patent Approved by USPTO

Leading U.S. LED manufacturer Cree’s patent application which integrates LED with OLED technology to generate white light was recently approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
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Tera Xtel Sues Apple for Sapphire Camera Lens Patent Infringement

Taiwanese sapphire manufacturer Tera Xtel Technology filed a sapphire camera lens patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, Senao International and Vibao on Oct. 9, 2014 (Taipei time). The company is seeking compensation totaling NT $300 million (US $9.88 million) from the three companies.
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Lighting Science Group Corporation Awarded 40th Patent for 2014

"This is the 40th patent granted in 2014,” said CEO Ed Bednarcik. “Our ability to spectrally tune light to deliver proven biological and physiological effect is a game changer that will have dramatic, positive impact on all living things. Our team of lighting engineers is continually finding ways to improve health and wellbeing by innovating and redefining how we use light. It is a huge competitive advantage for us.”
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enLighten Successfully Defends Chamaeleon LED Light Design Patent

Imported copies of the Chamaeleon LED light have been removed from the Australian market following a successful prosecution by enLighten Australia, owners of the Chamaeleon LED light's Australian Innovation Patent. 
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Apple Granted Trio of Sapphire Related Technology Patents

It has been reported that Apple has been granted new three new sapphire glass related patents from the U.S. Patent Trademark Office (USPTO) on July 8, 2014. Discovered by AppleInsider, the three new patents cover a method to strengthen weak areas in sapphire display covers, application of sapphire to illuminate buttons, and embedded product details under a sapphire layer. 
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Apple Files Patent for iPad Smart Cover Technology

Apple received a patent on Thursday for an advanced iPad cover that contains both illumination and communication elements that will light up to alert users of notifications, according to AppleInsider. 
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Apple to Use LiquidMetal in Future Sapphire Display Chassis

Apple was granted a new patent for the use of LiquidMetal by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday. The company could be planning to use LiquidMetal in conjunction with sapphire glass displays to form an integrated chassis for future iPhone models. 
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China Promotes LED Lighting Component Standards to Overcome International Patent Barrier

Two Chinese companies were booted out of the bi-annual Light+Building trade fair this year for patent infringement. China’s intellectual property rights are facing an increasingly harsher environment as the LED industry enters the golden age. Coping with international intellectual rights has become a source of contention for many LED manufacturers, and a difficult issue to deal with for the Chinese LED industry. 
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OPTOTECH Launches a Patented Indoor P3 LED Display

In 2014, Opto Tech Corporation (OPTOTECH) announced the launch of a new P3 LED display that provides a high level of flexibility in terms of applications, and which represents a major step forward compared with traditional display; this new product is the fruit of R&D work by OPTOTECH's team of experienced, creative R&D engineers. OPTOTECH has been awarded a patent for this new display product. 
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Apple Files Foldable Device Patent in Korea

Apple has added a new patent to its flexible patent arsenal in Korea, according to a Patently Apple report. The report uncovered a discreetly filed patent under engineer member names, and noted as Apples patent lawsuits with Korean manufacturers Samsung and LG escalate, it makes all the sense that the company is filing more patents in the country.
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