VueReal Demonstrates a Scalable Process to Make RGB Micro LED Cartridges for Printing Next Generation Displays

VueReal announced that its multi device cartridge structure enables faster population of a display with higher yield and higher alignment accuracy. Most applications such as displays require more than one sub pixels with different devices per sub pixels. In case of Micro LED display, red, green, and blue Micro LEDs are required for each pixel. Moreover, most of these devices are fabricated in different environments using different material sets for higher performance. The common approach is to transfer each device independently to a large substrate. For a 4K MicroLED d...
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VueReal Develops Mass Production Solution for Micro LED Display with Required Yield

Micro LED technology startup VueReal reported that it has developed a solution to offer required yield for high-volume production of Micro LED displays. Right after unveiling its ability to produce Micro LED display with 30,000 ppi with product sample available for order, VueReal announced its development of a Micro LED display mass production solution. Low transfer yield and the need for expensive redundancy or repair solutions have been major limiting factors preventing Micro LED displays from being used in mainstream applications. In order to tackle the issue...
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VueReal’s 30,000 ppi Micro LED Display Reaches High Yield and Ready for Sample Shipment

VueReal, the Canada-based Micro LED developer, announced its achievement in Micro LED display production. With its self-aligned technology, VueReal has reached a high yield in Micro LED display production. VueReal will start accepting orders for Micro LED display samples by June 2019. According to VueReal, its self-aligned integration process is able to meet the alignment accuracy requirement without compromising Micro LED performance. Based on the technique and adaptive patterning technologies from VueReal, Reza Chaji, CEO of VueReal, noted that ...
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Micro LED Technology Progress Highlights in 2018 – Industry Updates

For the LED and panel industry, the year of 2018 had a dramatic start with Samsung’s revealing of its Micro LED TV “The Wall” at the CES show. Since then, players in the industry have been releasing their achievements related to the next generation display technology. Several innovative solutions and applications have been disclosed in the past year including large size displays and wearable devices. As LEDinside has continued to track the progress of Micro LED development, we would like to list the significant breakthroughs and industry updates...
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VueReal Receives $8.5 Million Funding to Advance Micro LED Technology Development

Micro LED displays and devices developer VueReal has announced $8.5 million in funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to support its project whose total investment is over $26 million. The funding will be used to further develop innovative Micro LED technologies by expanding its original research team and launching a new center with fabrication facility. 
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Progress Updates from 10 Companies in the Global Micro LED Manufacturing Force

As time is moving forward to the second quarter of 2018, more and more rumblings and updates about Micro/Mini LED emerged and have been circulating in the industry. In February, LEDinside collected and revealed information of Micro LED development from nearly 50 companies around the globe. Here, we would like to share some progress updates released after that from 10 companies.
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VueReal Raises $10.5 Million and Partners with Veeco for Micro LED Display Technologies

Micro LED display developer VueReal announced on March 6 the initial closing of its $10.5 million (USD) Series A funding led by the venture arm of a large Asian company and a leading North American vendor focused on startups with emerging technology.
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Must Read: Worldwide Micro LED R&D Progress

LEDinside listed out companies worldwide that have tapped into the development of Micro LED and what they have achieved so far. This up-to-date table covers the majority of the activities happening within the global Micro LED developing force. 
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[Exclusive] The Lowdown on VueReal after Its Debut of Micro LED Display

Earlier in May, the world’s highest PPI emissive Micro LED display was announced. The whole industry was left baffled with knowing that it came out from a young Canadian startup- VueReal. When other companies- some of them are major in other application sectors-are still moping over poor yields and technological difficulties during Micro LED’s manufacturing processes, the launch already spoke for the company’s competency.
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All You Need to Know About Micro LED in 1H17

The LED industry had quite a peaceful time in 1H17. Apart from a few M&As, the most-discussed technology would be Micro LED. Lots of high-tech giants worldwide have already started a series of R&D and the number of participants is getting bigger. The supply chain of Micro LED, although of limited mature technologies, is slowly shaping up. Here, LEDinside lists out major events and milestones made on the path of developing Micro LED in the first half of 2017.
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VueReal Produces the Highest PPI Emissive Microdisplay Based on Its Micro-LED Technologies

VueReal, a Canada-based specialist in micro-LED display technologies, announced that its Continuous Pixelation(TM) technology has led to development of a 4K micro-LED array at 6000 ppi which is the record highest pixel-per-inch emissive display.
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