Samsung Ruled TV Market with Record High Sales in November, Optimistic about Meeting 2011 Target

Samsung Electronics Co., the world’s leading TV brand vendor, stated on Dec. 7 that its TV sales hit a record high of 5.7 million units in November, spurred by the high U.S. sales during the Thanksgiving weekend. According to Samsung’s statement, due to that the sales went up 14% in November from 5 million units in October, the company is certain to secure the number 1 spot for all of 2011. Also, the company said in the statement that it was optimistic about the prospects of meeting its 2011 flat-screen TV sales target of 45 million units. In fact, Sams...
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FOREPI May Take Place of Epistar to Receive Samsung’s Backlight LED Contracts

Recently, Formosa Epitaxy Inc. (FOREPI) is reported to regained Samsung’s contracts for LED chips used in TV backlights since October, and the South Korean company will gradually move the contracts originally placed with Epistar Inc. back to FOREPI over the next three years. Both Epistar and FOREPI have declined to comment. However, FOREPI executives said that the company has landed more contracts in November than October from South Korean buyers by an unexpectedly high margin. FOREPI used to be Samsung’s major supplier o...
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Samsung Launches New 10W Light Bulb with 3000K and 550lm

In regard to the replacement for 40W incandescent light bulbs, consumers can choose from not only 4.4W LED light bulbs but also 10W LED light bulb manufactured by Samsung. Samsung’s 10W LED light bulb with E27 socket can adequately replace 40W incandescent light bulbs, but falls short compared to the luminosity of 60W incandescent light bulbs. This new product, named Samsung LED A19, can achieve a 75% energy conversion rate with a lifespan of 30 thousand hours, a beam angle of 180 degree, a 550lm luminous flux and a 3000K color temperature (warm white light...
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Samsung Sets up New Record on Nitride LEDs on 200 mm Silicon

Reportedly, Samsung Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (SAIT)  has set up a new record of manufacturing nitride LEDs on 200 mm silicon. Instead of sapphire,with this platform, the widely used substrate for making LEDs promises to cut the cost of LED deposition and processing. Growth of high-quality GaN layers on silicon is not easy,because of  differences in both the lattice constant and the thermal coefficient of expansion of the two materials. SAIT has addressed both these issues by creating a crack-free template featuring AlN/Al...
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US ITC Investigates LED Patent Infringement among Osram, Samsung and LG

As the argument among Osram, Samsung,LG has grown sharply, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) has voted to institute an investigation. Including Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (and Samsung Electronics America Inc of Ridgefield Park, NJ), Samsung LED Co Ltd (and Samsung LED America Inc of Atlanta, GA); as well as LG Electronics Inc (and LG Electronics USA Inc of Englewood Cliffs, NJ) and LG Innotek Co Ltd (and LG Innotek USA Inc of San Diego, CA) involved in this investigation. Early on June, O...
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Samsung, LG Makes a Collaboration to Countersue Osram

After Osram claimed Samsung and LG infringed its patents on white and surface mountable LEDs,the two South Korea companies have taken actions to fight for their rights. Samsung LED countersued in June, filing a patent infringement lawsuit against Osram Korea and two Korean sales agents of the German company at a Seoul district court. LG joined Samsung LED to countersue Osram. It’s reported that LG Electronics had filed a complaint with the South Korean trade commission to ban imports of LED products from Osram. According to LG, it had fi...
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Samsung Showcases LED Featured Refrigerator

Samsung Electronics has shown off a two-door refrigerator designed by world-widely acknowledged Italian master designer of jewelry, Massimo Zucchi. According to the company,  the new refrigerator features LED lights on the surface of the two doors and strengthens energy efficiency with its "Smart Eco-system", which consumes less power. The elegant Jewel Light delivers soft sparkles as beautiful a gem stone when you open the door and you can see the real beauty of sparkle as you see from the jewels with gleaming light. With Dual LED Lighting illumina...
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Osram Relaxed about Samsungs Counter Claims in Korea

Osram had not seen Samsung’s complaint yet and did not know its specific content which has been issued in Korea. According to a spokesperson, Osram is well prepared regarding possible steps by Samsung and is therefore relaxed about the move by the counter claimant. Osram regards Samsung’s move as a typical counter attack of a defendant. Anticipating this move Osram had analyzed Samsung’s patent portfolio thoroughly before taking any legal actions and concluded that none of Samsung’s IP will cause a problem for any of OSRAM’s products. Osra...
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Samsung LED Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Osram in Korea

On June 10, 2011,, Samsung LED Co., Ltd. (“Samsung LED”) filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Osram Korea Co., Ltd. (“Osram Korea”) and two other defendants at the Seoul Central District Court requesting an injunction from unauthorized use of Samsung LED’s valuable intellectual property and money damages. The defendants include Osram Korea and two companies that sell Osram’s products in Korea, Barun Electronics and Dabo Industrial System. The 8 patents-in-suit relate to LED chip and package technology used ...
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OSRAM initiates patent infringement litigation against Samsung and LG

OSRAM has filed legal actions against Samsung group companies and LG group companies in the US and Germany as well as against an LG group company in Japan. Based on its conviction that these companies, respectively, infringe fundamental patent rights, OSRAM will also file a suit against LG in China tomorrow. With this move OSRAM intends to enforce its patents on Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology.
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Samsung Tapped into U.S. LED Lighting Market

It’s reported that Samsung has kicked off becoming a new leader in the U.S. lighting market as the industry shifts into the digital age. In April 2009, Samsung LED was established globally, channelling the company’s expertise in the electronics and electro-mechanics fields into the production of cutting-edge LED lighting. And to support the company’s expansion into the U.S. market, an American centre of operations has been established in Atlanta, Ga. Samsung’s initial line-up ranges from omni-directional incandescent replacements to fluoresce...
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Samsung Received Evident Tech’s QD LED Patent Portfolio

Recently, Samsung has signed an agreement with Evident Technologies on Samsung worldwide access to Evident's patent portfolio for all products related to quantum dot LEDs from manufacture of the quantum dot nanomaterials to final LED production. It’s said that quantum dots are nanometre-sized semiconductor crystals that have great commercial promise in electronic applications from solar energy conversion to thermoelectrics to LEDs. Evident is reported to be the first company in the world to commercialise quantum dot LEDs with products launched in 2007. &n...
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LG and Samsung Start to Adopt LED lights in Refrigerator

Recently, LG Electronics and Samsung start to adopt LED lights in refrigerator. LG has launched a new DIOS refrigerator which combines with green, white and blue LED lights that it claims to be eight times more energy-efficient than the fridges that use regular lights. The company also touts the LED lights as causing little temperature differences in the refrigerator to reduce fresh vegetable oxidation. In addition, LG Household and Health Care, a sister company of LG Electronics, also combined a lamp and air freshener with LED lights. People simply pr...
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In 2011, Radiant would be benefit from Japanese vendors’ orders

In 2011, Taiwan based back light unit (BLU) makers Radiant Opto-Electronics was benefit from the Japanese vendors’ orders, its revenues have risen steadily since 2Q10, with a widespread demand drop off in the large-size panel sector.
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Taiwan Unity Opto Schedules to Boom Its 2011 Revenue Growth

Due to Samsung’s plan to roll out new LED-lit liquid-crystal display TVs in December after nearly half a year of suspension to clear its stock of CCFL TVs, Taiwan Unity Opto Technology, the major TV backlights supplier to Samsung and LG, schedules its revenue with an estimated NT$12 billion (US$400 million), to soar 70% in 2011 over 2010, aiming to control over 10% of the world market for L
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Samsung 42-inch LED-backlit models’ price would cut down to US$599

With the LED TV development, the demand for LCD TV became weaker, which brought a price war for vendors to stimulate market demand. In North America market, it is reported that LCD TVs vendors started to cut down the price for a 32-inch LCD TVs, especially in Wal-Mart, the price for a 32-inch model was only US$199.
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Epistar refuted setting up a new joint venture in china with Lumens and Hanso LCD

Recently, LED chipmaker Epistar thought those reports was a rumor, that Epistar, Lumens and backlight unit (BLU) maker Hansol LCD would set up a joint venture in eastern China, with 10 billion won (US$8.84 million), 30 billion won and 10 billion won investment respectively. Epistar spokesman Chang Shie-Shien noted that Epistar hadn』t known anything about the deal and nothing related to it was being discussed.
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OLED Association Praised Samsung's Dr. Ho Kyoon Chung's Dedication

According to the managing director of OLED Association, Barry Young, Samsung choose Dr. H. K. Chung to lead the start-up of their OLED program. Due to Chung's contributions to the whole OLED community as well as his leadership in R&D and manufacturing of OLED displays for Samsung SDI, the predecessor to Samsung Mobile Displays (SMD), Young presented Chung with the first Annual OLED Leadership Award before the twelfth annual OLED World Summit.
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Samsung launched its first LED monitor in India

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has launched its latest 70 series PX2370 eco-friendly LED monitor, Magic Lux and Magic Angle in India. The PX 2370 is the first LED monitor, which can support RGB 100% thereby delivering nature-like picture quality.
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Samsung's new Nori F phone features LED illumination

Samsung has announced new device of Nori series, the Samsung Nori F (SHW-A200), known as LED illumination, which enable users to customize LED illumination on the front of their mobile phones. Nori F is a flip form factor phone set for South Korea. This device will be available in four fleshy colors such as Bleu Marin, Red, Orange and Light Blue. 
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Samsung unveiled 65-inch LED 3D TV

Samsung has unveiled its latest 'ultra-slim' 65-inch LED-backbit 3D TV - LED C8000, the company claims it is the world's largest Full HD 3D LED TV.
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Samsung Announces the World’s Biggest 3D LED TV

Samsung has announced three new 3D TVs in the US, one of which is the world’s largest 3D LED TV. The set uses LED technology, has a 65-inch screen, Precision Dimming technology, 240Hz refresh rate technology, dynamic 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio and WiFi capabilities. Samsung claims that it costs $6000 and will be available later in August this year.
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Samsung Redefines Home Entertainment with Global Availability of World’s First Full HD 3D LED TV and First-Time Offering of DreamWorks Animation’s Beloved Shrek Film Collection in 3D

First available offerings include LED TVs, Blu-ray Players and 3D Active Glasses First-Ever Release of Most Successful Animated Film Series of All Time in 3D From DreamWorks Animation
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Samsung Appoint Young Electronics Group as Distributor for HB LEDs in UK and Ireland

YEG Opto, the opto electronics division of Young Electronics Group, is pleased to announce their new partnership with Samsung to distribute their range of Medium and High Power LEDs in the UK and Ireland.
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The demand of LED package for TVs will jump 450% to reach 9.36 billion units in 2010, says LEDinside

In early 2009, after Samsung invested a large budget in promoting the new concept of LED TV, the market witnessed a surge in the replacement of new generation television. According to LEDinside’s latest market trend report, the total shipment of LED-backlit TVs in 2009 was about 3.5 million sets. Of that, Samsung was on the top with more than 70% share; followed by Sharp and LG. Notably, in the first wave of LED-backlit TV competition, shipment ratio of the two Korean companies accounted for 80% of the total.
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Lextar Electronics Wins Samsung’s LED Order

Recently, Lextar Electronics Corp., a LED-chip manufacturing subsidiary of Taiwan's largest TFT-LCD panel maker AU Optronics Corp. (AUO), won order from Samsung of South Korea for LCD TV-panel backlights. Local LED makers said that Lextar would ship in-house packed LEDs to Samsung with LED chips supplied by Nichia of Japan and Epistar of Taiwan.
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Samsung Electronics First to Begin Mass Producing 3D TV Panels

Samsung to produce six panel types using ‘3D Active Glasses’ technology Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, announced that it has become the first company to commence mass production of panels for 3D LED TVs and 3D LCD TVs.
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Samsung Partners With Luminus Devices to Launch The First LED-Based Data Front Projector

Samsung’s new LED data projector leverages PhlatLight PT-120 LEDs to slash total cost of ownership, deliver unprecedented color quality and reliability
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SAMSUNG'S New Lineup of LED HDTVs Raises the Bar for TV Excellence

Immersive Lifelike Depth and 3D Capabilities, Connected Interactive Content and Services, and Mold-Breaking Design Set Next Generation of Samsung LED back-lit HDTVs Apart
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Samsung sells 2.6 million LED TVs in 2009, outperforming earlier target

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, the world's biggest TV brand by revenue, said it sold 2.6 million TVs using LED backlight units in 2009, outperforming its earlier target. The company also confirmed an LED-backlight TV sales target for this year of 10 million units.
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Nichia’s Tunable 757 receives rave reviews from industry leaders, including the coveted LpS Best Sustainability Technology Award. Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announced its game-changing single LES, tuna... READ MORE

Innovative tunable white, mid-power LED enables luminaire manufacturers to improve colour tuning, shrink optics and fixture profiles, while enabling new design options. Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announces i... READ MORE