NEMA Publishes New Standard for Street Lighting

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published “American National Standard for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment - Luminaire Four-Pin Extension Module and Receptacle—Physical and Electrical Interchangeability and Testing.” This new Standard provides mechanical and electrical specifications for interfacing street and area lighting with controls and sensor accessories. (Image: Pixabay) According to NEMA, the standard was developed for use by roadway and area lighting manufacturers, municipalities, and utilities. T...
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Everlight Leads Smart Outdoor Lightings to Build up IoT Smart City

Taiwan-based LED company Everlight announced the participation of “SMART CITY SUMMIT & EXPO” in Taipei for the first time with the aim to promote smart street light and smart city. Everlight will work together with AAEON, ASKEY Computer, EverFocus Electronics and IBASE Technology to build up smart traffic, security and energy scenarios, integrating the related applications to present convenient and systematic smart city on the booth at the event (Booth No.: K824). (Smart street light of Everlight) Everlight demonstr...
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Dublin City Plans to Convert Historical Streetlights into LED Lighting

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is planning to convert its public street lights into LED lighting, aiming to initiate smart city applications. The project proposed by Dublin City Council will replace up to 40000 city lights with LED and install smart city applications as well as restore 120 columns with heritage luminaires to original design. The cost is estimated to be EUR 80 million (US$ 90 million) and the project is currently at tendering stage. The city is famous for its ornate historical street light with Georgian style decoration including shamrocks and crest...
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Singapore Aims to Convert All Roads to Smart LED Streetlighting Systems by 2022

Singapore's Land Transport Authority (LTA)  announced it will be stepping up efforts to convert all roads in the city-state to more energy efficient lighting and sustainable systems by the year 2022.
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South Delhi Rolls out World’s Largest LED Streetlight Replacement Project

India’s Power Minister Piyash Goyal announced the country implemented the largest streetlight replacement project in the in capital south Delhi, reported The Economic Times.
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Goa in India Rolls out Large LED Streetlight Replacement Project

Western Indian state Goa has rolled out a large scale streetlight replacement project, and replaced existing compact fluorescent lights (CFL) and high pressure sodium vapor (HPSV) lamps with LED bulbs, reported Times of India.
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Indian City Hyderabad Plans for Switch to LED Streetlights before Ugadi

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) in India intends to roll out a massive streetlight replacement project ahead of the annual holiday Ugadi, which takes place on March 29 this year, reported The Hans India.
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Finance Committe Meet to Discuss Controversial Jalandhar LED Streetlight Installations in India

Members of the Finance and Contracts Committee (F&CC) at Jalandhar in India gathered recently to discuss a 65,000 high pressure sodium streetlight replacement project with LEDs that will cost an estimated INR 2.74 billion (US $40.39 million), reported The Tribune.
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Massachusetts Announces US $11.4 M for Municipal LED Streetlight Conversion

The Baker-Polito Administration today announced US $11.4 million in grant funding opportunities to help cities and towns across Massachusetts convert traditional streetlights to LED technology through the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) Rapid LED Streetlight Conversion Program. DOER has partnered with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), the Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company (MMWEC), Energy New England (ENE), and four Municipal Light Plant (MLP) communities to administer the grant funding to municipalities that currently own their traditional streetlights and expedite streetlight conversions.
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Detroit Completes Citywide LED Streetlight Upgrade

The relighting of Detroit – a city that just three years ago was in chronic darkness – has been completed on time and under budget.
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Beijing Installs Graphene Streetlights

China’s capital Beijing has installed 28 streetlights enhanced with advanced graphene material technology in Tongzhou District, which can slash energy consumption by 20% to 30% compared to current lamps on the market, reported China Daily.
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NIPSCO Rolls Out LED Streetlight Project Across Northern Indiana

NIPSCO announced plans to convert existing street lights to LED)technology through its LED Street Light Program. NIPSCO-owned street lights will be changed at no additional cost to participating communities. This program is the first of its kind in Indiana.
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Meriden in Connecticut Replaces Streetlights with LEDs

Situated in Connecticut, U.S, and home to a population of 60,000 people, Meriden will be replacing its sodium bulb streetlights with LEDs through a citywide upgrade, reported myrecordjournal.
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Sunderland in UK Initiates Large Streetlight Project

More than 23,000 sodium streetlights will be replaced with LEDs in a large streetlight project rolled out in Sunderland city in UK. 
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Kolkota in India Launches Solar Lighting Project in Slums, Southern Indian City to Roll out Large Street Light Project

The Indian government is launching a large scale lighting project valuing INR 10 billion (US $150 million) subsidies to provide affordable solar lights to families living in poverty in Kolkata, India, reported The Economic Times.
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Connecticut Town Installs Wi-Fi Enabled LED Streetlights

Plainville, a town located in Connecticut, U.S. is installing hundreds of LED streetlights with some featuring advanced connectivity technology, reported NBC Universal.
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Pune in Western India to Roll out Large LED Streetlight Upgrade

Pune, a city located in western Indian state of Maharashtra, will be replacing 70,000 streetlights with LEDs, reported Times of India.
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Hawaii Goes Ahead with LED Streetlight Conversion

Honolulu, a city in Hawaii, U.S., abruptly scheduled a plan to convert Oahu’s streetlights to LEDs about nine months ago but the lighting installation was delayed, due to contract issues, reported Hawaii News Now.
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China Electric Wins LED Streetlight Projects in Taiwan Totaling NT $400M in 2016

China Electric, a leading Taiwanese LED luminaire manufacturer and owner of lighting brand TOA, announced it won the bid for three large scale LED streetlight projects in Taiwan this year totaling NT $400 million (US $12.84 million).
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Bolton Council in UK Streetlight Refit Project on Schedule

More than half of Bolton’s street lamps have now switched over to new LED lighting - and work is on target to finish in 2018. Replacement work continues throughout the borough and almost 15,000 lights in 2,463 streets have been upgraded, since the rollout began in April last year. Approximately 26,000 lights on residential streets and main roads are being replaced with lower carbon LED lanterns.
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Researcher: Light Pollution Impacts on Seasons

University of Exeter completed a study that dates over 13 years, recording the budding. Researchers cross-referenced the data collected by volunteers. Meanwhile, night-time satellite images are also studied to understand the light pollution level in different areas, reported Dainly Mail.
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West Berkshire Close to Completing GBP 7M LED Streetlight Upgrade

The West Berkshire Council in UK is close to completing a GBP 7.24 million (US $10.43 million) LED streetlight upgrade project in the next few weeks.
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UMass to Receive LED Upgrade from Eversource

Walking through the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus at night is getting brighter thanks to an ongoing, campus-wide installation of 800 LED street and parking lot lights. The effort is part of a three-year partnership between Eversource and UMass Amherst which began in 2014. The combined electricity savings from the partnership of approximately 9 million kilowatt-hours is the greenhouse gas equivalent of taking about 1,300 vehicles off the road.
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LED Streetlight Project Developments in Varanasi and Ambattur in India

Indian government incentives and policies has resulted in the large number of LED streetlight projects in the country, with many new developments each week. Varanasi is still behind schedule when it comes to streetlight upgrades, while Ambattur is starting to introduce smart LED streetlights.
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Amerlux Completes LED Retrofit Lighting Project in Downtown LA

Amerlux recently supplied its Avista LED light engines as part of a major retrofit project in the downtown Los Angeles  area in California, U.S. Since the late 1920s, GE lamps were used to provide light for the streets of downtown LA during its modern revitalization. The Bureau of Street Lighting reported that more than half of its streetlights have already been retrofitted to LED, including 600 fixtures with Amerlux Avista light engines. This retrofit project saves the taxpayers of Los Angeles almost 80% in energy costs and provides better color rendering for enhanced visibility, safety and security throughout the community.
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City of Waterloo in Canada Evaluates Smart LED Streetlight Upgrade

Authorities of City of Waterloo in Canada will upgrade its current LED streetlights to smart LED streetlights adding features of analyzing traffic conditions, detecting snowfall and connecting to gas and water utility meters, reported Waterloo Chronicle.
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West Jordan in Utah to Replace 5,000 Streetlights with LEDs

The City of West Jordan in Utah, U.S., is replacing approximately 5,000 traditional streetlights with LED (light emitting diode) lights, which provide improved illumination at a reduced operating cost – and shrink the city’s carbon footprint. 
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Western Sydney Council Celebrates Finished LED Streetlight Installation

The biggest LED street light replacement project in NSW, Light Years Ahead, has come to an end with the last light installed in March.
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City of Binghamton Releases Carbon Emission Reduction Results from LED Streetlight Upgrade

City of Binghamton Mayor Richard David, announced the annual environmental impact benefits of converting the 7,000 streetlights in the U.S. city to LED technology.
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Sohar Port and Freezone in Oman Upgrades to LED Streetlights

The Sohar Port and Freezone located in Middle East nation Oman, announced that it will be installing LED streetlight systems within premises of the port and freezone, reported Times of Oman.
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