Lumileds and Arrow Electronics Seal Global Distribution Agreement

Today Lumileds and Arrow Electronics announced a strategic agreement for the global distribution of Lumileds comprehensive portfolio of application optimized LEDs including high power, mid power, low power, CoB, color and UV LEDs as well as the infinitely configurable Matrix Platform. The agreement aligns with both companies’ dedication to providing customers with responsive, accelerated service and reliable, high performance solutions.
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Lumileds Wins Sapphire Award for LUXEON C Color Line

Lumileds, the global leader in light engine technology, has won the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Award in the Packaged LEDs and OLED Panels category for the LUXEON C Color Line. The award was presented at a special event associated with the Strategies in Light and The LED Show conferences in Santa Clara, California. The Sapphire Awards are designed to recognize LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) innovations that are driving technology forward and revolutionizing the lighting market.
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Lumileds Reveals New Mid Power LED for Harsh Environments

Today Lumileds introduces the LUXEON HR30 LED, a mid power device that withstands harsh chemical environments and is designed with robust packaging and industry-best materials to operate for over 100,000 hours of continuous operation. This LED addresses the tremendous need for dependable lighting that will operate in hazardous environments (such as chemical plants, power generation facilities and natatoriums) and be able to withstand extremes of temperature and operating current.
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Lumileds Launches LUXEON XR-3020 Module for Indoor Tube Lights and Industrial Lighting Designs

Lumileds introduces the LUXEON XR-3020, an ultra-slim module that serves as a building block for TLEDs or thin office and industrial fixtures. These slim (20 mm) products are available with 24 LEDs on a 280 mm thermally-conductive board (~1 ft) or 48 LEDs on a 560 mm board (~2 ft). The modules provide 1100 or 2200 lm, respectively, at 160 lm/W and 100 mA drive current per LED, with a board temperature of 45°C. LUXEON XR-3020 is the latest addition to the Matrix Platform family of infinitely configurable LED boards, linear flex strips and modules utilizing the industry’s most dependable LEDs.
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London-based Hospital Upgraded with LEDs from Lumileds

Due to their round-the-clock operation and high lumen output requirements, hospitals devote a great deal of their energy usage to lighting. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting can account for 44% of a hospital’s electricity bill – nearly double that of a commercial building’s. In this light, it is no surprise that hospitals in many parts of the world are updating their lighting systems to LEDs to reduce their operating costs.
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Lumileds LUXEON 2835 Line Delivers Upgraded Performance for Varied Lighting Applications

Today Lumileds introduces the perfect upgrade for an industry standard LED package, the LUXEON 2835 Line. LUXEON 2835 LEDs are available in five configurations of light output and string voltage and ESD protection to meet a variety of illumination application needs including retrofit lamps, downlights and troffers. “The LED retrofit bulb and other application segments are taking off right now. We decided to optimize for each application requirement via different offerings within the LUXEON 2835 Line,” explains Matthew Everett, Senior Director of Mid Power Products.
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Lumileds Mid Power March Set to Grab LED Chip Market Share

Leading LED manufacturer Lumileds has started off first quarter of 2016 with a strong mid power LED product portfolio range that is positioned to overtake market shares from competitors, said the company’s Vice President of Marketing and Product Management Rahul Bammi in an exclusive interview with LEDInside.
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Lumileds Releases LUXEON 3535L HE Plus for High Efficiency Troffer Applications

Today Lumileds launches LUXEON 3535L HE Plus, the instant upgrade to the highest efficacy, in a familiar 3535 form factor. This mid power part satisfies the need for efficacy approaching 200 lm/W at the LED level and 160 lm/W or greater at the luminaire level. “In one of the industry’s most popular formats, customers are requiring the highest efficiency with all of the fantastic features delivered by our LUXEON 3535L Line,” said Matthew Everett, Senior Director of LUXEON Mid Power Products.
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Lumileds to Unveil New Mid Power LED Breakthroughs in March

Lumileds kicks off Mid Power March, a month-long event to introduce a variety of mid power products that feature breakthrough performance and unmatched product reliability. “Since we first entered the mid power market in 2012, our focus has been to offer mid power LEDs with a performance edge over our competitors,” said Lumileds Senior VP of Sales & Marketing Emmanuel Dieppedalle. “Part of that edge has come from leveraging our leading high power technologies for the mid power market. Mid Power March is all about showcasing the many breakthroughs we’ve made and are making in application-optimized mid power LED development.”
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Lumileds Launches Next-Gen LUXEON CoB Core Range with Breakthrough in Efficacy

Today Lumileds introduces its third generation of Chip on Board (CoB) arrays, the LUXEON Core Range (Gen 3), extending its market leadership in the CoB space with a breakthrough in efficacy. With the LUXEON CoB Core Range (Gen 3), luminaire designers can enjoy 10% higher efficacy at constant flux compared to previous generations.
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Lumileds Launches New High Efficacy Module for Outdoor Applications

Today Lumileds introduces the new LUXEON XR-TX module, incorporating 12 LUXEON TX high-efficacy LEDs to produce 3300 lumens and 140 lm/W at nominal drive conditions*. In a convenient rigid form factor, the modules are designed to be readily combined with third party lens plates and drivers to rapidly design and bring to market LED streetlights, tunnel lights and high/low bay fixtures. “Our Matrix Platform products eliminate the sourcing of LEDs, components, and connectors, and drastically reduce the design efforts behind luminaire development,” explained Andrew Cohen, Product Manager of the Matrix Platform at Lumileds.
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Philips Q4 Revenue Performance Hurt by Termination of Lumileds Sale

Currency-comparable order intake up 15%, driven by North America, China and Western Europe Adjusted EBITA1) improved 50 basis points to 11.9% of sales and amounted to EUR 842 million EBITA amounted to EUR 263 million, or 3.7% of sales• Net loss of EUR 39 million, impacted by one-time charges including previously announced pension de-risking, compared to net income of EUR 134 million in Q4 2014 Free cash flow of EUR 740 million, compared to EUR 559 million in Q4 2014 Philips Lighting separation process on track
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U.S. Blocked Sales of Lumileds Shakes up LED Industry

Philips decision to sell Lumileds to Chinese financial group Go Scale Capital has taken a sharp turn. The business deal was abruptly halted by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), due to unknown concerns. Philips and Go Scale Capital has been forced to call off the deal, which has sent shockwaves throughout the market and caused new changes in manufacturers’ competition race.
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Undeterred by Failed Acquisition of Lumileds, GO Scale Capital Still on the Lookout for LED Investments

GO Scale Capital and Royal Philips announced that the parties have terminated their March 2015 agreement for GO Scale Capital to acquire 80.1% of Royal Philips' LED lighting components and automotive lighting business, Lumileds. After close to one year of best efforts by GO Scale Capital and Royal Philips to obtain approval from the Committee on Foreign Investment in United States (CFIUS), the parties have been unable to resolve CFIUS' unspecified concerns.         
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[Breaking News] Philips Terminates Sale of Lumileds to Go Scale Capital

Royal Philips announced that Philips and GO Scale Capital have terminated the agreement pursuant to which the consortium led by GO Scale Capital would acquire an 80.1% interest in Lumileds.
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Lumileds Latest Matrix Platform Solution Offers Expanded Outdoor Fixture Options

Using the industry-leading LUXEON M, LUXEON XR-M can be combined with standard lenses, lens plates and easily-mounted drivers to provide the industry’s simplest LED solution for streetlights and high/low bay fixtures yet.
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Lumileds: Lighting System Integration Trends Spur L1 Manufacturers Transformation to L2

Intense price competitions in the LED market over the last few years has caused manufacturers a lot of pain, but it is also the driving force of technology innovation. An emerging trend is the transition of L1 manufacturers migration into L2 manufacturing, projected Sean Zhou, Regional Marketing Director Asia, Lumileds at LEDforum 2015, held at Room 201, National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan.
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LEDinside: Impact from U.S. Regulators Block of Go Scale Capital Acquisition of Lumileds

Philips transfer of its LED component and automotive lighting business Lumileds to Go Scale Capital was abruptly halted by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) over national security concerns, reported The Economic Times on Monday.
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[Breaking News] U.S. Regulators Oppose Philips Sale of Lumileds

Philips plan to sell Lumileds to Chinese investment consortium led by Go Scale Capital for US $2.8 billion might “unravel following opposition from U.S. regulators,” reported Bloomberg on Monday.
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Lumileds Expands New Matrix Platform Product Portolio With 10m Long LED Strip Lights

Today Lumileds introduces the third member of the Matrix Platform family of integrated LED products, the LUXEON XF-3014 CV flexible LED strips. These 24V constant voltage LED strips distribute extremely uniform light across user-selectable lengths and require only a simple 24V constant voltage driver. Applications such as edge-lit lights, downlights, cove lighting and accent lighting benefit from the LED strips’ outstanding flux uniformity and color uniformity. The LUXEON XF-3014 CV strips are the industry’s first LED strips to achieve 2% light output attenuation over a 10 meter strip. “Our unmatched flux uniformity eliminates the possibility of spottiness or color variation from strip to strip and over long lengths,” said Andrew Cohen, Product Manager of the Matrix Platform family.
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Lumileds' New CoB LEDs Provides Greater Flux for Exterior Luminaires

Designers of high lumen streetlights, high bay fixtures and downlights are taking advantage of Lumileds latest addition to its successful LUXEON CoB Core Range portfolio, the LUXEON CoB 1216. These arrays provide a 40% greater flux than Lumileds existing CoBs in an identical mechanical footprint. “We continue to push our chip-on-board technology to higher efficiency, which is important in all applications but particularly in outdoor fixtures,” said Eric Senders, Product Line Director for CoB LEDs at Lumileds. “With the new line of arrays, customers are achieving 150 lm/W at nominal condition, which, combined with our lowest in the industry thermal resistance, leads to the most cost efficient systems.”
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Kingsun Opto Acquires a Stake in Lumileds

Kingsun Optoelectronic is to acquire Lumileds with capital collected partially from surplus capital of different LED lighting business and the company’s raised funds. Kingsun Optoelectronic plans to indirectly acquire 6.15% share of Lumileds, which was span off by Royal Philips, for US$ 100 million.
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Lumileds Unveils CSP Flip Chip LEDs for High Lumen Applications

Lumileds extends its CSP leadership, announcing LUXEON FlipChip White. Spearheading the adoption of CSP in LEDs, Lumileds has shipped over 500 million LED emitters to date across several applications. The company first introduced LUXEON FlipChip Royal Blue in February 2013, giving luminaire manufacturers complete design flexibility by starting with the LED die. In early 2015, Lumileds released the LUXEON FlipChip UV, and has now introduced LUXEON FlipChip White for the general illumination market. CSP technology eliminates the traditional submount to minimize package size, thus enabling manufacturers to directly attach the LED die to the PCB, allowing for overall system cost reductions. Lumileds CSP technology is optimized to deliver high efficacy at high current density, achieving industry-leading lumen density and lm/$. 
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Lumileds' Advanced Color LEDs Target Architectural and Entertainment Industry

Having ventured into the color LED market with its traffic light products in 1998, leading LED manufacturer Lumileds has come a long way with its color LED designs.
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Lumileds Unveils Advanced Single Focal Point Color LEDs

 Lumileds today announces a revolutionary approach to achieving flawless color mixing with its high power LUXEON C Color Line of LEDs. “We’ve solved the problems of beam halos and mismatched, unmixed color by designing our platform to offer multiple colors with a single focal length,” explained David Cosenza, Product Manager for the LUXEON C Colors Line. When secondary optics are applied, the consistent focal length maximizes optical efficiency and provides matching emission patterns, enabling sleek color mixing.
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Reuters Breaks Down Go Scale Capital’s Loan for Acquiring Lumileds

Reuters recently broke Go Scale Capital’s US $1.93 billion loan to acquire Lumileds and former Philips automotive lighting business. The loan will mostly be used to merge with the $2.8 billion financing to acquire 80% of Lumileds shares.
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Lumileds Adds LUXEON 3535L Color Line to Product Portfolio

Lumileds launches the LUXEON 3535L Color Line, giving  builders of emergency vehicle lights, signs, color tunable bulbs and architectural lamps access to high quality, single color mid power LEDs in Red, Red-Orange, Phosphor-Converted (PC) Amber, Lime, Green and Blue. “The tremendous success our customers have had with our high power color emitters convinced us that multiple markets could benefit from similar colors in the mid power performance range” said David Cosenza, Product Manager for the LUXEON 3535L Color Line.
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Lumileds Unveils LUXEON CoB Core Range

Bringing 10% higher efficacy and unmatched “punch” to its extensive range of chip-on-board LEDs, Lumileds delivers even better options for designers of spotlights and downlights.
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Lumileds Experiences Significant Growth in Automotive Lighting Sector

Adoption of LED automotive lights has grown over recent years, but traditional halogen and Xenon HID lights still dominate the headlight market, said the company CEO Pierre-Yves Lesaicherre during an exclusive interview with LEDinside at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE), China from June 9-12, 2015.
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Lumileds Stays Ahead of Competition with Advanced LED Technology Developments

San Jose-based LED chip manufacturer Lumileds has continued to thrive in the increasingly harsh cutthroat pricing LED market environment, by focusing on its LED technology development, introducing more cost effective CSP technology, and refining its mid-power and CoB market strategy, said the company CEO Pierre-Yves Lesaicherre during an exclusive interview with LEDinside at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE), China from June 9-12, 2015.
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