Samsung to Acquire QD Vision

Samsung Electronics is determined to step up its efforts in quantum dot technology by acquiring U.S.-based QD specialist QD Vision, reported The Korea Times.
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QD Vision Dismisses Nanosys’ Lawsuit as Meritless

QD Vision, a technology and market leader in the rapidly-growing quantum dot display market, has dismissed Nanosys’ recent legal action as an attempt to slow down the Company’s legitimate progress with an improper lawsuit.
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Sigma Designs and QD Vision Partner to Bring UHD Quantum Dot TVs to Market

Sigma Designs® (NASDAQ: SIGM), a leading provider of intelligent system-on-chip (SoC) solutions focused on Internet of Things ( IoT) , Smart TV and media connectivity  markets , and QD Vision, the global leader in quantum dot display technology, announced a strategic partnership to develop a cost-effective UHD TV platform with High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Rec. 2020 performance. The platform will be based on Sigma’s TV SoC and frame rate conversion (FRC) chips, and QD Vision’s Color IQ™ quantum dot (QD) technology.
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Raising Color Gamut with Quantum Dots

If LCD TVs start getting much more colorful — and energy-efficient — in the next few years, it will probably be thanks to MIT spinout QD Vision, a pioneer of quantum-dot television displays.
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TCL New 4K2K TVs Uses Quantum Dots to Achieve Full-Gamut Color

In an industry first, TCL today introduced a 55-inch full-gamut 4K UHD TV with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price at one-third the cost of comparable OLED color televisions. All consumers of entertainment, whether for gaming, movies or other programming, can now enhance their viewing experience with deeper, sharper and more natural color at an accessible price.
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QD Vision and ShineOn Announce Collaboration to Accelerate Integration of Color IQ Optics into LCD Applications

QD Vision and ShineOn Holding announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) a new partnership to provide integrated LED and Color IQ™ optical components that optimize total system performance in TV and monitor designs. This collaboration further facilitates the integration of QD Vision’s Color IQ optical components into customers’ existing LCD supply chains and makes the transition to full-gamut color even easier for the LCD manufacturer. The collaboration significantly reduces engineering design and color-tuning timelines, enabling rapid development of full-gamut displays.
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QD Vision Targets 4K UHD TV Market - LEDforum 2013

4K UHD TVs are unquestionably a market highlight this year. QD Vision and Sony have joined forces to work on QD technology to reach higher color rendering and a wider color spectrum by using high pressure technology to seal quantum dot and phosphor into glass tubes, paired with blue LED chips. Aside from Sony, the company is also discussing cooperation opportunities with other panel manufacturers, said John Ho, Advanced Development Manager, QD Vision.
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QD Vision Opens New Door in QLED

Lexington-based QD Vision, Inc., a spinoff of MIT, has developed Quantum LightTM Optic and the lamp is termed a quantum LED (QLED), to produce both lamps and downlighting fixtures that emulate the warm colors of an incandescent bulb but provide much greater light power and lamp life-time. The mechanism behind this extraordinary development is the redistribution of color by means of “quantum dots”. The ability to tune the color of a quantum dot offers a way to redistribute the harsh LED light by placing a specially designed layer of quantum dots in fron...
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OLED Inventor Ching Tang Joins QD Vision Science Advisory Board

Recently, Ching Tang, OLED inventor and a winner of the prestigious Wolf Prize in the field of chemistry, has joined QD Vision on the company’s scientific advisory board. As the Doris Johns Cherry Professor at the University of Rochester, Tang is credited with several key innovations that led to the commercialisation of OLED flat-panel display technology, including the discovery of the basic heterojunction device structure. Seth Coe-Sullivan, QD Vision founder and Chief Technology Officer, spoke highly of Tang, “Ching Tang is an extraordi...
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QD Vision Made a Breakthrough on QLED Technology

The quantum dot product company, QD Vision, has made a breakthrough on the efficiency and performance of its quantum dot LED (QLED) technology. QD Vision’s red, green and blue QLEDs now meet or exceed the 1953 NSTC color standard without using color filters or secondary effects. The exceptional color performance of QLEDs translates into a fundamental 30-40% luminous efficiency advantage over the best known OLED technology. QD Vision’s deep red QLEDs now offer greater efficacy at equivalent color than the best reported phosphorescent ...
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QD Vision Showcased World’s Highest Resolution QLED Dispaly

Lately, QD Vision has demonstrated the world’s highest resolution quantum dot-based active matrix display under a Phase II Small Business Innovative Research Program (SBIR) for the U.S. Army. With QD Vision’s QLED technology, the portable micro-display imaging system featured SVGA resolution (800 x 600 pixel count) and a 15.6 mm diagonal.
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QD Vision Developed Quantum Dot Technology

QD Vision, an MIT spinoff, has announced a display technology based on quantum dots, which can be easier to manufacture than OLEDs and it is even brighter and more energy-efficient. Quantum dots are nanometer-sized semiconducting crystals that can shine a bright, spectrally pure color when exposed to either light (photoluminescence) or electrical current (electroluminescence).
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QD Vision Teams up with LG Display to Develop New QLED-based Displays

QD Vision has signed an agreement with LG Display to jointly develop highly-efficient, high-performance active matrix displays based on electroluminescent quantum dot LED (QLED) nanotechnology.
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QD Vision Purchases Motorola’s Quantum Dot Related Patents

QD Vision, a USA company, has purchased a patent portfolio from Motorola pertaining to the use of quantum dot technology in display and lighting products. QD Vision is a developer of Quantum Light nanotechnology-based products for solid state lighting and displays. Included in the acquisition is U.S. Patent No. 5,442,254 of James E Jaskie.
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Nexxus Lighting and QD Vision Light up President Obama’s MIT Laboratory Tour

QD Vision's green-tech Quantum Light™ technology platform lit up President Obama’s recent tour of laboratories at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where low-power, long-life Array™ Lighting LED lamps from Nexxus Lighting, Inc. are utilizing breakthroughs in quantum dot technology from QD Vision, Inc. to emit high-quality warm LED light.
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QD Vision Wins Wall Street Journal 2009 Technology Innovation Award

QD Vision, developer of nanotechnology-based products for lighting and displays, announced it has won the prestigious Wall Street Journal 2009 Technology Innovation Award in the Materials and other Base Technology category.
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QD Vision Awarded U.S. Army SBIR Phase II Grant Totaling $775,000

QD Vision, developer of nanotechnology-based products for lighting and displays, yesterday announced it has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract by the U.S. Army as part of its Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD). Combined with new, additional funds for a Phase I option period, the award totals $775,000.
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Nexxus Lighting and QD Vision Introduce World's First Quantum Dot LED Lamp Line

Nexxus Lighting, Inc. (NASDAQ:NEXS) and QD Vision, Inc. today unveiled the world's first quantum dot lighting solution that combines the efficiency of LED lighting with the warm color of incandescent bulbs. The new lamp integrates a quantum dot optic with cool white LEDs to produce color-rich, true incandescent, warm white light which can provide over 80% energy savings and lasts up to 25 times longer than comparable halogen lighting alternatives.
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