Scientists Develop Color Tunable GaN LED with Potential to Improve Micro LED Display Technology

An international research team demonstrated the possibility of tuning the color of a GaN LED by changing the time sequence at which the operation current is provided to the device. Scientists from Lehigh University, West Chester University, Osaka University and the University of Amsterdam have collaborated to develop a new technique of color tuning for GaN LED by controlling current injection to monitor the intensity ratios of emission atomic. The research, titled “Color-Tunablility in GaN LEDs Based on Atomic Emission Manipulation under Current In...
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Vertically Integrated GaN LEDs Proposed to Advance Micro LED Display

Researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology in the U.S. proposed a new designed vertical integration of GaN LED which enables improved efficiency of Micro LED displays. Matthew Hartensveld and Jing Zhang from Rochester Institute of Technology published a new study on IEEE Electron Device Letter describing how they managed to vertically integrated nanowire GaN field-effect transistors (FETs) and InGaN LEDs. The novel structure places the transistor below the LED which for controlling and dimming. (Image: Hartensveld and Zhang) Comb...
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Leading Semiconductor Manufacturer Qualifies AIXTRON System for High Performance GaN LED Production

AIXTRON SE, a worldwide leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry, announced today that OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has qualified the first of multiple AIX G5 C planetary systems for the manufacturing of GaN (gallium nitride) LEDs.
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Osram Qualifies Aixtron System for High Performance GaN LED Production

AIXTRON SE, a major provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry, announced that OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has qualified the first of multiple AIX G5 C planetary systems for the manufacturing of GaN (gallium nitride) LEDs. As market demand for high-quality optoelectronic semiconductors is increasing due to the continually growing number of applications in the illumination, sensing and visualization sectors including automotive, communication, display, health and food, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is expanding production capacities, e.g. at its Regensburg facility. In this context, the company makes also use of AIXTRON’s AIX G5 C planetary platform.
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Soraa Lighting Enhances Dining Experience At Hong Kong Restaurant

Soraa, the world leader in GaN on GaN LED technology, announced that its VIVID LED lamps have been installed at the Dynasty Restaurant at the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel in Hong Kong.
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LayTec and German University Collaborate on In-situ Photo-Luminescence of Growing III-Nitride LED Structures

In a collaboration between LayTec and Prof. Dirk Rueter´s group at University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West a breakthrough has been achieved regarding the real-time monitoring of InGaN/GaN quantum well emission wavelength during MOCVD growth. It is well known that room temperature wafer based photoluminescence (PL) measurements provide an excellent forecast of the emission wavelength and emission intensity of the later LED devices. Recently, a prototype in-situ PL system worked simulatnneously with a LayTec Pyro 400 in a commercial multi-wafer MOCVD reactor. The related paper [2] was rocketed immediately to the status of  “most downloaded Journal of Crystal Growth articles”  from Science Direct. This  work is supported under grant KF3242801NT3 by BMWi (German Federal Government).
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Former Speaker at LEDforum Receives Nobel Prize in Physics

Shuji Nakamura, a former speaker at LEDinside’s LEDforum and a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 2014, along with Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano on Tuesday in Sweden. Their breakthrough work in blue LED semi-conductors in the early 1990s put an end to a three-decade technology stalemate. Emergence of blue LEDs finally made white light achievable by combining blue, red and green LEDs.
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Changelight Chooses Veeco MOCVD Systems for Expansion into GaN LED Market

Veeco Instruments (Veeco) announced today that Xiamen Changelight Co. (Changelight) has selected the Company as its primary equipment provider as it enters the market to produce gallium nitride (GaN) based blue/green high brightness light emitting diodes (LEDs) for display and general lighting applications.
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Japanese Researchers Use Sputtering Method to form GaN LEDs on Glass Substrate

A team of researchers in Japan have developed a new technology for creating GaN LEDs on glass substrate, according to Japanese media source Nikkei Technology.
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Trifortune Orders AIXTRON System for GaN LEDs on Alternative Substrates

AIXTRON SE announced that Jiangsu Trifortune Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., China, has ordered an AIX G5 HT system to develop gallium nitride based high brightness light emitting diodes (HB-LEDs). The AIXTRON system will be equipped to handle 56x2-inch wafers per run and will be installed at Trifortune’s R&D center. The developed process will be transferred to mass production in the Jiangsu area upon successful completion of the research.
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SDK to Split off and Transfer GaN LED Business to TS Opto

Tokyo-based chemical manufacturer Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) has announced to split off and transfer its GaN LED epitaxial wafer and chip production business to its subsidiary TS Opto Co Ltd (which was founded at the end of September at SDK’s plant in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture),at its latest board meeting. SDK’s GaN LED business had net sales of JPY5322m in 2011. While existing sales activities will not be transferred to TS Opto, SDK itself will stop selling GaN LEDs as of the 1 December date for the business’ transfer ...
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Lextar Electronics Corp. qualified LayTec’s Pyro 400 for GaN LED production

LayTec announces that Lextar Electronics Corp., a major LED producer with headquarter in Hsinchu/Taiwan, has qualified LayTec´s GaN surface temperature measurement tool Pyro 400 for its GaN LED production. Mr. Johnson Wang, the department manager of “EPI Engineering/Manufacturing” who was responsible for the Pyro 400 product qualification process, stated, "With Pyro 400 we can now better control the later emission wavelength of the LED already during growth. The qualifications tests have proven that the surface temperature of the G...
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Japanese Researchers Make Breakthrough on Optogenetics for GaN LEDs and CMOS Sensors

Japanese Nara Institute of Science and Technology has made a breakthrough on integrated optical neural stimulation and observation device incorporating an LED and a CMOS image sensor, which will help researchers in the field of optogenetics, which involves the use of light to alter the behaviour of cells. Compared with a CMOS sensor, which is an approach that has been adopted by engineers at the University of Strathclyde, UK, it is possible to build a similar system with an avalanche photodiode array. According to lead-author Takashi Tokuda from Nara Institute...
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China's ULED receives six AIXTRON CRIUS® MOCVD systems for GaN LED production

AIXTRON announced an order for six 31x2-inch configuration CRIUS® deposition systems from new customer United LED Shan Dong Corporation (ULED). After successful installation and commissioning of the systems in ULED’s dedicated new production plant in the third quarter of 2010, they will be used for the production of GaN LEDs for back-lighting units (BLU) and general lighting applications.
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Exclusive interview with Professor Shuji Nakamura, inventor of the first high brightness gallium nitride (GaN) LED

The global LED industry is in a constant a flux, with breakthrough innovations in lighting design and technology. To gain more insight on future prospects of the LED industry, LEDinside recently conducted an exclusive interview with Professor Shuji Nakamura, inventor of the first high brightness gallium nitride (GaN) LED, a revolutionary source of light which won him the 2006 Millennium Technology Prize, the engineering equivalent of a Nobel Prize.
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Lighting Revolution Forecast by Leading British Scientist

New developments in gallium nitride (GaN) LEDs could lead to a revolution in lighting for the home and office in five years, says a leading UK materials scientist, Professor Colin Humphreys of Cambridge University.
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