LED Filament Bulbs a New Meme for LED Lighting Projects and Tenders-Show Report LED Expo Thailand 2016

Many products being showcased at LED Expo Thailand 2016 that took place from April 19-22, 2016 in Bangkok attracted more attention than others. Filament LED bulb is one of the most popular items, though it has only been introduced to the market a few years ago. Be it Taiwanese manufacturers, Chinese luminaire makers, Thai manufacturers and foreign companies   such as Philips, the launch of filament LEDs washed over Thailand’s lighting market. Aside from local labels that had entered the well-known local channel, HomePro, buyers are mainly distributors, contractors and tenders.
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LED Lighting is in the Rapid Development Stage with Penetration from 15% to 60%

General lighting is an industry with the same great market capacity as smart phone, and it is in the process of rapid growth. In view of general lighting market structure, energy-saving lamps accounting for almost the same proportion with incandescent lamps, about 40%, but the application of incandescent is downward, as the further implementation of global ban on the sale of incandescent lamps, the proportion of energy-saving lamps and LED lighting devices will increase. LED lighting takes up 2% -3% of the all lighting products installed. However, according to the global data in ...
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Philips to Strengthen Strategy for Korean LED Lighting Market

Senior executives of Philips Lighting Division recently expressed in a new LED lighting conference that Philips will strengthen strategy for Korean LED lighting market. South Korean government held a positive attitude towards the replacement of LED lighting, LED lighting accounted for only 7% in 2008, it is estimated that the proportion will be up to 50% in 2015 and it will reach 75% in 2020. Philips said that it will strengthen partnership with South Korea LED lighting related manufacturers. Nearly two months ago, it began looking for a suitable program; the...
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TrendForce: LED lighting product price fall below average price, manufacturers aggressively seize market channels

According to LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, due to the oversupply of LED chips and other key raw materials, LED lighting product price has dropped to a more reasonable level. LEDinside’s statistics showed that in the Chinese market, 7W bulb price was between 45RMB-55RMB (10USD per Klm ), showing a price decline of more than 40% within one year. Knowing that the price-performance of LED lighting products has been accepted in the Chinese market, many LED lighting companies have started to do brand management and seize market channels. Traditional lighting manufacturers with brand resources and market channel advantages have also increased the LED lighting product lines in order to compete with new comers.
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Affected by the European debt crisis, Chinese LED lighting manufacturers shift business to domestic and emerging markets

LEDinside (a research division of TrendForce) indicated in their “Chinese lighting market report-2013” that the rise of the domestic LED market has brought great business opportunities. After the European debt crisis, the export-oriented Chinese LED lighting industry shifted their business to emerging markets. Exports to Russia, for example, has already accounted for 2.8% of China’s total exports. The Chinese domestic LED lighting market has also become the major focus of manufacturers. Government bidding project support is a significant influencing factor; because the Chinese LED lighting market is deeply affected by the policy, an in-depth understanding of China’s policy for LED lighting would help understand the mechanism of the Chinese market. 
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LEDinside:China’s LED Lighting Market Demand Value May Reach $US 10 Billion in 2015; LED Lighting Sales from Online and Physical Channels to Gradually Increase

According to the “Chinese Lighting Market Report (2013 version)” released by LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, the Chinese government successfully passed a series of domestic policies in 2012 that serve to not only stimulate LED lighting demand, but also to strengthen the entire business momentum within the LED lighting market. A few of the key policies worth noting include the proposed spending of 2.2 billion RMB on the promotion of CFL and LED lights. Bans on the sales of 100 Watt-and-above incandescent light bulbs, along with those of halogen lamps whose efficiency levels fall below required standards, took effect on October 1st, 2012.
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LEDinside: High-Brightness LED Market Value in 2011 Estimated at USD 9 Billion; LED TV Backlight Market Value Dropped By 18% from 2010

According to LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, the global market value of high-brightness LED in 2011 is estimated to total USD 9 billion instead of USD 10.6 billion as previously expected, with a mere annual increase of 8%. Contributing factors include: backlight market’s weak demand, drastic plummeting LED’s average selling price, which resulted in over supply in the LED market.
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LEDinside: With Slowly Rising LED Backlight Demand, April Revenue Remains Flat Growth; Yet a High Season Not as High as Expected May Follow Again Due to the Unclear Visibility of End-Product Sales

Based on the statistics of LEDinside, the research division of TrendForce, the revenue of Taiwan listed LED manufacturers in April 2011 has reached NTD 9.62 billion (MoM +3.39%, YoY+6.6%). As can be seen from the chip makers’ revenue, the revenue of listed LED chip makers has increased to NTD 4.37 billion with 8.5% rise compared with last April  (MoM+1.8%; YoY+8.5%). On the other hand, the revenue of listed LED package makers has increased to NTD 5.25 billion, up 5% on yearly base (MoM+2.9%,YoY+5%). Generally speaking, LED backlight sales steadily increased and April revenue remained flat growth. 
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LEDinside: Affected by Inventory Adjustment, LED Price Quotation of 1Q11 Continues to Decrease, and the extent of the price decrease in 2Q11 is expected to shrink.

Based on the survey of LEDinside, the LED research division under TrendForce, LEDinside indicated that the speed of LED market demand recovery in the first quarter of 2011 is lower than expected. Affected by inventory adjustment of the large-sized panel display market and the LED lighting market, LED manufacturers are facing the pressure of price reduction.
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