OSRAM expands with new LED assembly plant in China

LED plant strengthens the company’s position in the lighting industry’s largest market OSRAM AG has signed a contract with the Wuxi New District Administrative Committee to build a new assembly plant in the Chinese province of Jiangsu. LED chips will be packaged in housings at the new backend facility starting in late 2013; with the Regensburg and Penang (frontend) plants exclusively continuing to make the actual LED chips. “The new assembly plant will improve our access to the world's largest single market in the lighting industry,” s...
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Chinese LED Chip Makers Drastically Modify Expansion Plan Due to Weak End-Market Demand

According to a survey conducted by LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, because of the subsidy policies enacted by local governments in 2010, Chinese LED chip makers planned to expand their capacity and increase the amount of MOCVD equipment to target at the prospects of the LED lighting market in 2011. However, affected by the uncertain end-market demand of the LED industry in 2011, the inventory levels of LED products continue to rise. Therefore, LED manufacturers have put their purchases of MOCVD equipment on hold.
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LEDinside: Weak Demand on TV Backlight Affected Taiwanese LED Manufacturers’ Peak Season Performance

According to LEDinside, the LED research division of TrendFroce, the total monthly revenue of Taiwanese LED companies listed on TWSE reached NTD 9.23 billion in June 2011 (MoM-6.17%, YoY-10.9%). The LED chip manufacturers’ monthly revenue has decreased by 6.1% to NTD 4.34 billion, compared with that of last year (MoM-6.2%; YoY-6.1%). Furthermore, the LED package manufacturers’ monthly revenue has sharply dropped by 14.8% to NTD 4.89 billion, compared with that of last year (MoM-6.1%,YoY-14.8%).
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LEDinside: Weak NB Demand and Chinese Mobile Phone Market Affected LED Makers' May Performance; Demand in LED Lighting and TV Backlight Expected to Boom in 3Q11

According to LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, the Taiwanese listed LED manufacturers’ revenues in May, 2011 reached NTD 9.96 billion (MoM+5.8%; YoY+8.3%). As for the upstream players of the LED industry, the revenues of Taiwan’s listed LED chip makers in May, 2011 increased 8.3% to NTD 4.63 billion, compared to the same time last year (MoM+5.8%; YoY+8.3%). As for the downstream players of the LED industry, the revenue of Taiwan’s listed LED package makers in May, 2011 dropped 0.8% to NTD 5.33 billion compared to ...
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