UV LED Mosquitoe Trap from SETi and Seoul Viosys Hits the Market

Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) and Seoul Viosys announce the availability of the violeds™ MOSCLEAN, a new mosquito trap that captures more than 10 times as many mosquitos than conventional traps on the market today. The MOSCLEAN attracts mosquitos by using ultra violet LEDs that emit light in a targeted range. Independent research studies proved the MOSCLEAN mosquito trap to be highly effective on Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitos, both of which have been recently linked to transferring the Zika virus. The MOSCLEAN is now available for purchase for $34.95 on www.amazon.com.
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SETi Extends Fresh Produce Shelf Life in China with UV LED Tech

U.S. UV LED manufacturer, Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.(SETi), is selling deep UV LEDs to the Chinese market to extend the life of fresh product on store shelves, reported Fresh Plaza recently.
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Seoul Viosys and SETi Partner Up in UV LED Decontamination in Space

World leading UV LED solution company, Seoul Viosys(CEO Jaejo Kim, www.seoulvisys.com) and leading U.S. based short-wavelength UV LED pioneer and manufacturer Sensor Electronics Technology Inc (CEO Emmanuel Lakios, www.s-et.com) signed an agreement for joint-commercialize and expand related sales of the Violeds technology which was reported used by NASA aboard the International Space Station.
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[Update] Seoul Viosys Acquisition of SETi Approved by U.S. DOD

Seoul Semiconductor affiliate’s acquisition proposal of Sensor Electronic Technology (SETi) has been approved by the U.S. Department of Defense, according to a report by The Korea Times.
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SETi Shipped the First SMD UVTOP LEDs from Its New High-Volume Manufacturing Line

UV LED maker Sensor Electronic Technology Inc (SETi) of Columbia, SC, USA has completed product qualification and shipped the first SMD-packaged UVTOP devices from its new high-volume manufacturing line. The milestone is the result of the first phase of SETi’s growth, begun in October 2011 with a $20m investment into a new dedicated volume production facility and an expansion of its Advanced Technology Center. The first LEDs delivered from the new line were UVC LEDs operating at 275nm for disinfection applications, giving customers access ...
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SETi and the USDA Document UV LEDs Extending Shelf life of Fresh Produce

Sensor Electronic Technology Inc reports that LEDs in the UVB spectral band can double the shelf life of refrigerated produce after a study based on strawberries that was conducted with the USDA. Sensor Electronic Technology Inc (SETi) has announced the results of a three-year research program, conducted with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), that prove ultraviolet (UV) LED lighting is an effective technique in extending the shelf life of produce. Strawberries in a refrigerator that were continuously lit with LEDs in the 280–315-nm U...
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SETi Receives ONR’s Contract to Purify Water with AlGaN LEDs

Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) has won $1.6 million contract from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to develop a self-contained portable water purification system for warfighters. The program aims to develop a portable unit that can provide a small team of warfighters with a self-sustainable source of potable water from any fresh water source. And SETi's UV LED technology for water quality monitoring and disinfection is incorporated into the system. Lately, stand-alone UV LED water disinfection efficacy has already been demonstrated at SETi...
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SETi Makes Breakthroughs on UV-C LED Efficiencies

Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc (SETi) has made a breakthrough on efficiencies of ultraviolet light (UV) LEDs operating in the germicidal UV-C range. Generally, the UV-C range peaks at around 254nm although the latest LEDs developed by SETi have been designed to emit at 278nm. Under the DARPA Compact Mid-Ultraviolet Technology (CMUVT) program and performed in collaboration with Army Research Laboratories (ARL), the firm's latest devices have an external quantum efficiency of 11% with a corresponding wall-plug efficiency of 8%. This l...
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UV LED Maker SETi Partners with Psoria‐Shield

Columbia based UV LED maker Sensor Electronic Technology Inc (SETi) has developed a strategic partnership with Psoria‐Shield Inc, the manufacturer of the world’s first deep-UV LED powered phototherapy system. Under the partnership,Psoria‐Shield’s flagship device, the Psoria‐Light, is the first phototherapy treatment product to be launched with SETi’s UVClean lamps. SETi’s UVClean LED array technology has been incorporated into the Psoria‐Light’s patent‐pending emitter, which enables a compact handset to deliv...
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SETI Makes a Milestone on the Lifetime of 280nm UV LEDs

Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) has made a milestone to overcome the short lifetime of 280nm UVLEDs with of over 10,000 hours on its UVTOP275 LEDs. The lifetime demonstration has been performed on a statistically valid group of LEDs from several batches which are representative of UVTOP275 products; the LEDs were packaged in TO-39 metal-glass packages with flat windows and emit at a wavelength of 280nm ±5nm at an average power of 0.8mW after burn-in. Lifetime analysis was performed to SETi standard procedure; driven with a current...
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Asahi Kasei Corporation, a leader in developing high-performance UVC LEDs, today announced the Klaran™ Reactor series, the only third-party tested and validated out-of-the-box water purification technology for original equipment manufact... READ MORE

Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) announces an expansion of the XLamp® High Current LED Array family with new CMT LEDs that extend Cree’s latest metal-based chip-on-board (COB) LED technology to the most prevalent COB form ... READ MORE