Seoul Viosys and SETi Partner Up in UV LED Decontamination in Space

- Violeds, Advanced sterilizing technology utilized by selective wavelength UV, utilized by NASA aboard the International Space station (ISS)
- UV light has industrial and residential applications from medical, polymer curing, household disinfecting and purification.
- Violeds, has no harmful byproducts or affects and is environmental friendly. The technology is expected to be expand in use in many aspects of human life

UVC application aboard the ISS is ideal for sterilizing. (Photo Courtesy of Seoul Viosys)

World leading UV LED solution company, Seoul Viosys(CEO Jaejo Kim, and leading )U.S. based short-wavelength UV LED pioneer and manufacturer Sensor Electronics Technology Inc (CEO Emmanuel Lakios, signed an agreement for joint-commercialize and expand related sales of the Violeds technology which was reported used by NASA aboard the International Space Station.

Violeds technology applied aboard the ISS utilizes a UVC wavelength, which is ideal for sterilizing. The technology facilitates various experimental and sterile environments in the sealed space station and ensures experiment validity and crewmember safety.

US NASA astronaut utilizes the microbiological test chamber, including the Violeds machine of SETi . (Photo Courtesy NASA, Microgravity Science Glove box)

Ultraviolet rays (UV) have been thought to be harmful to human bodies, this is true in high exposure, but UV it is essential to life as well. Vitamin D which is a necessity for good health is not supplied by food alone but requires the sun’s UV light for its production. Granted UV light can be harmful in cases of long and or high exposure; however, used in a responsible manner, it can be used in applications such as sterilizing bacteria, water and air purification, material hardening and sensor.

Even fluorescent lights emit small amounts UV rays, which does not have any known harmful effects. High density exposures such as direct flash of UV rays are regulated with the tolerance band in Europe and U.S. and it is recommended not to be exposed more than 30 min in 30 cm distance. If you know how to use UV ray in daily life, it is not harmful and provides quality of life.

Seoul Viosys was established in 2002, by the technology alliance with first Near UV developer in the world, Japanese company Nitride Semiconductor. Viosys with outstanding technology in Near UV has focused on Deep UV application for its potential for growth and invested on source technology and production capacity. Seoul Viosys has maintained technology alliance with US SETi, pioneer and world leading Deep UV developer and manufacture. The strategy to partner on UV technology in Deep UV has been in the form of an alliance with SETi for more than 10 years. Since 2005 VioSys has held an increasing equity investment in SETi. Seoul Viosys focused on both R&D and manufacturing can has several hundred related patents in UV and can produce over 1 Billion devices per year today.

Seoul Viosys finally has recently obtained the approval for management control of SETi, from US department of defense and foreign investment committee that triggered to decide to expand SETi’s capacity for mass production up to 3 times. Additionally, Seoul Viosys will expand related products utilized by Violeds and try to down the price by mass production.

Emmanuel Lakios, CEO of SETi, said, “SETi’s associated Violeds technology has lead UV LED industry and is proud to have been recognized by NASA and to be a supplier to them for the International Space,” also emphasizing, “Seoul Viosys Violeds is environmental friendly, we expected to be applicable to household appliances automotive air conditioning and many more applications, etc, which need sterilizing, but difficult to do so.”

Related to his remark, Jaejo Kim, CEO of Seoul Viosys, stressed, “Violeds technology applied to the use in the space station for disinfection is a very good example of “Creative Economy” where a novel technology will contribute to increased employment and to the growth of the national economy as well.”

Violeds is an advanced and clean technology realized by the collaboration of UV LED solution company Seoul Viosys and deep UV leader SETI to provide a clean and safe global environment. Not all LED are Violeds. It is incorrect to think of UVLED as a lighting bulb. The UV LED technology is distinguished from other LEDs in that it is not for lighting that the human eye sees but has properties that affect the nature of physics in polymers, biological both health benefits to humans and disinfection of harmful bacteria.

The technology can be applied to bio-technology equipment and medical diagnosis equipment as well as skin and other medical treatment

*What is UV ray?
UV is invisible ray shorter than visible ray (visible light) in the electromagnetic spectrum. UV (Ultra Violet) means it sits outside of violet. .

*Need for UV sterilizing
According to TIME and CBN, US leading Media, mobile phones, we use daily, have 10 times of bacteria than toilet seats. ABC News had reported that clothes can be contaminated by the bacteria in the laundry machine and Korean newspaper reported that face makeup products have 22 times more bacteria than shoe inserts, 1 handbag among 5 has more bacteria than toilets. It is not easy to get rid of bacteria in our daily lives. Mobile phone, laundry machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, air-conditioner, air-conditioning of automobile, cannot be sterilized by conventional cleaning with soap water or chemicals. For these products and many more UV technology can be applied as an environmental friendly, low electric consumption, and compact solution. Whether in the International Space Station or in the home, UV and specifically Violeds of Seoul Viosys and SETi pay a vital role  in disinfection and sterilization.

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