Oriental Edison Lighting Extends LED Bulb Range

The use of LED light is gaining worldwide popularity. Many agencies have now come up to produce and supply high-grade of lighting bulbs that are based on LED technology. Oriental Edison Technology Limited is one such agency that comes with the expertise to manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of high-quality LED bulbs at competitive prices. Utilizing latest state of the art facilities, the specialized R&D team of this company always strives to improve the quality and performance of LED products under all circumstances. The agency devotes extreme attention to minute details to meet the distinct needs and requirements of global customers on a priority basis.
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Studio Italia Unveils New Products 2016

Studio Italia Design, designer and producer firm of modern lighting fixtures, based in Venice - Italy, has a pleasure to introduce new 2016 lamp:
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EarthTronics Introduces a New High Power 17W LED Bulb for 277 Volt Systems

EarthTronics now offers a PAR lamp solution for 277 volt applications. A new high power, 17-watt PAR38 EarthBulb LED floodlight replaces 120 watt incandescent floodlights for more than 85% energy savings and is capable of operating on 120 or 277 volt circuits. The floodlight features an advanced cooling system that provides for 25,000 hours of LED life. With the appearance of a halogen light source, its chipset provides 3000K white light with a high color rendering rating of more than 80. The lamp is also available in a 5000k version.
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Lighting Science Launches Shatter-Proof LED Bulb

LED innovation powerhouse Lighting Science is proud to release the Durabulb, a shatter-resistant lamp designed to withstand life’s inevitable bumps and drops without breaking, while still providing the high quality of light expected for all of today’s residential, commercial and industrial applications. The Durabulb artfully blends leading-edge LED design and contemporary styling with rugged, yet lightweight, construction that resists breaking or shattering due to impact, vibration and external stresses. This revolutionary new lamp also provides even, omni-directional illumination, making it the perfect lighting solution for rough service areas like factory settings, indoor construction sites and garages.
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Lunera Offers the 20,000 Lumen LED to Replace 400W HID Lamps

Lunera® announced its third generation family of High Intensity Discharge (HID) LED lamps.  The family includes the world’s first Line Driven HID LED lamp to replace traditional 400W Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps that deliver 20,000 fixture lumens. The new lamps, in 20,000, 15,000, 9,000 and 4,5000 lumen packages, are designed to deliver exceptional energy savings, access to rebates, installation convenience and high value in warehouses, factory floors, parking garages, auditoriums and other large public gathering spaces such as airport terminals.
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India’s EESL Warns Consumers about LED Bulb Frauds

India’s Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) issued a warning to consumers to be cautious about websites claiming to sell 9W LED bulbs for less than INR 1 (US $0.02), reported The Times of India.
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Philips Lighting Unveils LED Light Bulb Range with Multiple Light Settings

Philips Lighting, a global leader in lighting, has launched the new Philips SceneSwitch LED range – a unique range of light bulbs which provide multiple light settings, to meet the changing needs of homes and consumers. Many houses and flats have become multi-purpose spaces: somewhere to work, relax and entertain. The Philips SceneSwitch LED range caters for this need, allowing you to use your existing light switch to select the light scene best suited to a given task.
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Forest Lighting and YACG Sign LED Bulbs Distribution Partnership Agreement

Chinese LED package manufacturer MLS signed a strategic distribution partnership agreement with Taiwanese LED luminaire manufacturer YACG last Sunday at Denwell restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan.
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Gujarat in India Launches Affordable LED Lighting Scheme

India’s affordable LED lighting for all government initiative, Ujala Scheme, is now being rolled out in the country’s westernmost state Gujarat, according to a report from The Financial Express.
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Event alert! Wellmax products Will exhibit at the Incoming Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition/ Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition invitation from Wellmax

With over 2000 exhibitors from across the world, the 2016 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is coming! As part of Messe Frankfurt’s architecture and technology shows, it is expecting over hundred-thousand visitors this year at the China Import and Export Fair Complex this year. This is definitely one of the biggest lighting exhibitions in the world that you should not miss.
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India LED Manufacturer Syska Launches Smart Bulbs

Indian LED manufacturer Syska launched a colorful smart LED bulb in the local market at a price of INR 1,999 (US $30.96), reported Techradar.
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Cree Announces New LED Bulb with CRI 90 for Artwork and Delicate Illumination

Cree, Inc. announces the expansion of its award-winning LED bulb family with the introduction of the TW Series™ PAR30 Cree® LED Bulb, designed to deliver bright, high-quality and focused light exactly where you want it, making it the ideal choice in areas where directed or dramatic pools of light are desired. With the TW Series PAR30 Cree LED Bulb, family portraits, artwork, and decor will come to life in their truest forms beneath better light.
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Verbatim’s New LED Bulb Provides Omnidirectional Light for Indoor Spaces

Using Mitsubishi Chemical’s proprietary Mirageball optical technology, Verbatim has launched an innovative range of dimmable Classic A retrofit LED bulbs that deliver class-leading uniform omnidirectional light without unsightly shadows or rings. Using a unique spherical lens created via a two-colour moulding process, the Mirageball Classic A LED lamps provides unparalleled smooth lighting perfect for floor lamps and wall sconces where a very even and wide angled light is necessary. Dimmable Mirageball bulbs offer a soft, warm ambience and a harmonious contrast that complements intimate lighting in use in the same space.
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Lighting Science Unveils New A19 LED Bulb

Lighting Science Group Corporation® (OTCQB:LSCG) continues to change the LED game with the introduction of our new A19 4-pack, delivering the superior LED experience customers expect from our innovative LED collection. Created with quality craftsmanship, our new A19 bulb is unmistakably lighter and more efficient than ever before. This LED lamp truly replicates the traditional look and feel of an incandescent A19, but performs better and at a fraction of the cost. It’s your best dimmable, Energy Star rated A19 value on the market.
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GuangZhou ChienSong Technology Releases Colorful Bulbs

GuangZhou ChienSong Technology recently got rid of the old and brought forth a new batch of LED bulbs. The colorful LED bulbs with a clean modern style meets many customers’ more fashionable preferences. ChienSong Technology made a bold break from the monotonous conventional bulb design, by spray painting the LED bulbs with vivid colors.    
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Revolution Lighting Becomes the Best U.S. Stock, LED Bulb Forms "Moat" Advantage

"Daily Economic News" made statistics for the top 25 U.S. Stocks, which shows obvious industry distribution characteristics: six of the 25 stocks belong to the pharmaceutical industry, five of the 25 U.S. Stocks belong to renewable energy industry, three are media stocks, the rest belong to bank, application software, real estate investment, Internet travel, paper supplies and other industries. RVLT: pioneer of LED Commercialization Who is the best U.S. Stock? The answer is Revolution Lighting (RVLT) in Charlotte; the stock has totally soared by ...
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Australia to Launch a LED Bulb Connected by Wi-Fi

It is reported that an Australian venture company called LIFX plans to launch a LED bulb connected by Wi-Fi in this year. This LED bulb connected by Wi-Fi can be controlled via smart phone applications; each bulb is a computer running open source Contiki operating system. A set of bulbs forms a wireless mesh network (wireless mesh network: the core guiding principle of Mesh is to allow all nodes in the network to send and receive signals), and connects with the Wi-Fi signal from outside world. The creative inspiration of "smart" bulb comes from a conv...
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GE Lighting Reveals New LED Bulb as Its Chief Innovation Manager Shares Glimpse of What’s Ahead

•    New LED reveal® bulb uses GE technology to avoid dull yellow rays while saving energy •    GE Lighting’s Chief Innovation Manager answers five questions about consumer LED lighting New reveal® LED light bulbs available this fall from GE Lighting promise to save energy while putting colors and patterns in a whole new light. GE’s new 60-watt standard incandescent replacement reveal LED light bulb is engineered to have the familiar size and shape of an incandescent bulb and deliver big energy savings...
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LED Price War Heats up as Osram Launches 10-euro Bulb

  Germany's Osram is launching a new LED light bulb that costs less than 10 euros ($13.10) to battle rivals, such as Cree and Samsung Electronics, for a share of the fast-growing market.   LED - known for lighting flat ,screen televisions and tablet PCs ,LED are increasingly replacing other lights in homes, stores and on streets because they use less energy and are more durable. But they cost much more than incandescent bulbs or compact fluorescent lights, putting off consumers from buying LED lighting for their homes.   A spokesman for O...
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TILS 2013: POWER PHOTON CO.,LTD. Direct Evaporation and Cooling, Lightest LED Bulb Design

The overall weight is just 200g; a 30W LED bulb that features omni-directional light equivalent to a 150W incandescent bulb C-0920 Direct Evaporative Cooled-LED Bulb A.    Direct evaporation and cooling, surmounting Heat Pipe and Vapor Chamber to offer the best efficacy for heat conduction and heat dissipation within the industry. B.    Eco-friendly and simple century-old glass bulb craftsmanship with patented inventions for appearance and function, offering the most economical materials as well as production cost compared to products...
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Cree® LED Bulb Breaks $10 Price Barrier

Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) introduces a game-changing series of LED bulbs at a retail price point that gives consumers a reason to switch to LED lighting. The long-lasting Cree LED bulbs showcase Cree's commitment to LED lighting innovation. The new bulbs shine as brightly as comparable incandescents while saving 84 percent of the energy compared to traditional bulbs. The Cree LED bulbs are backed by a 10-year limited warranty and available exclusively at The Home Depot®. "The Cree LED light bulb was designed to offer consumers a no-compr...
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Philips Starts a Long-anticipated LED Bulb Price War for less than $15

Philips Electronics North America has kicked off a long-anticipated price war in home lighting, with a 10.5-watt LED bulb for just under $15 at Home Depot.  And by the end of the year, Philips expects to market a similar bulb for a little less than $10. At 10.5 watts, the LED lamps produce as much light as a traditional 60-watt incandescent bulb and a fraction of the heat. Philips rates the lifetime of the 10.5-watt LED lamps more than 18 years under normal household use.  That's less than the the 23-year-rating of the more expensive LED bulbs that ...
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LEDinside: LED light bulb retail price differed in January 2013, prices declined most significantly in the Japanese market

According to LEDinside, a research division of Trendforce, investigation on the latest LED light bulb retail price showed that global LED light bulb retail price remained volatile in January 2013. The retail price of 40W equiv. LED lamps increased by 4% to USD19.4. Fewer new products were introduced in each region, and fluctuation in the price of original products increased. The average price of 60W equiv. LED lamp fell by 4.3% to USD29.6. Prices declined most significantly in the Japanese market.
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LEDtronics Introduces Dimmable LED A19 Bulb for Omnidirectional Illumination

LEDtronics, Inc. announces the newest members in its series of high-brightness, energy-efficient LED replacements for A19-style light bulbs for home and commercial use. The DEC-A19F-13W-XIW-120AWD DécorLED™ Series comes with a softly diffused, precision domed lens that directs light in an omni-directional illumination pattern. The dimmable DEC-A19F LED bulb is available in warm white (3000 Kelvin). The A19-style LED bulbs offer long-term durability, low power consumption, environmental sustainability and money savings. It runs on ...
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Philips Provides Rebate Promotion on LED Running Lights

Philips Automotive Lighting North America is currently offering an exclusive cash back rebate offer on the purchase of Philips LED DayLight Daytime Running Lights. Customers who purchase the Philips LED DayLight 4 will get $15 while the LED DayLight 8 purchase will earn $25 after mail-in rebate. This promotion is valid at all Pep Boys stores and other automotive parts retailers.   Philips' LED DayLight 4 and LED DayLight 8 are the slimmest and most compact designs available on the market and feature high-powered Philips LUXEON LE...
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LEDs Set to Eclipse Fluorescents

LEDs set to eclipse fluorescents in lighting industry. Although priced at around 20 times more than the incandescents, LED lighting bulbs last much longer and use far less electricity, a savings that homeowners are beginning to recognize.   As retailers like Home Depot and Lowe's sell LED bulbs aggressively and manufacturers improve the technology, prices for them are falling steadily. In addition, because the light in LED bulbs comes from chips, companies have been able to develop software applications that let users control the bulbs, even change the color o...
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LEDs to Usurp Traditional Light Bulbs

LEDs would usurp traditional efficient light bulbs based on the prediction for LED market share, policies to phase out incandescent bulbs as well as overall environmental performance. Market share According to a US Department of Energy report forecast in 2012, LEDs will surge in the US lighting market, to a 36% share in 2020 and 74 per cent in 2030 , implying $30 billion in annual energy savings by 2030. The study, "Energy Savings Potential of Solid-State Lighting in General Illumination Applications", forecast rapid gains after 2014 as prices cont...
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Scientists Inspired by Fireflies to Develop Brighter LED Bulbs

Fireflies have been the source of inspiration for scientists and research groups working on developing better lighting devices for a sustainable future. Using this technology alone, a team of researchers at Syracuse University debuted zero-energy lights. Now an international team of scientists are using nature’s technology to develop LED light bulbs which produce more luminescence using the same amount of energy. In all types of fireflies, the bioluminescence is emitted through the cuticle of their exoskeleton, however, a part of the luminescence is reflected back...
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Researcher Discovered LED Bulbs Can Damage Paintings

Letizia Monico, a researcher at Antwerp University and Perugia University in Italy, has made in a doctoral thesis, turned out that light bulbs that emit a lot of blue light can damage paintings by art’s great masters. A few years ago researchers discovered that a chemical process made the chrome-yellow paint used by Vincent Van Gogh darker. Letizia Monico investigated the cause in her doctoral thesis. "That kind of yellow paint is very sensitive to green and blue. I would advise museums not to use LED bulbs any more as they emit at lot of blue light.”...
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A Glimpse to Philips Hue Lights

Philips Hue lights offer a glimpse into the future of the fully automated and centrally controlled hi-tech home. Installation is very simple, the E27 bulbs fit in most common fittings. Compared with certain other energy-saving and LED lights, the Hue bulbs are able to provide a warm glow. The Android and iOS applet you create your own profiles which can control up to 50 lights and can customise brightness and colour at a touch. It's not all sunshine however. When you use the normal wall switches in your home to turn off and on the light, they are reset each time rega...
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