MLS Scales up Investments in Chinese LED Company

MLS announced recently that it will be injecting up to RMB 1.5 billion (US $ 223.97 million) in a Chinese LED company, and has commissioned Allbright Law Office and Ruihua Certified Public Accountants to assist in legal and financial issues.
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MLS Strategies in LED Package and Outlook for U.S. Market

Compared to other manufacturers in the industry, MLS is optimistic about LED market developments and market potential with plans of scaling up LED package production this year from 50 billion PCS to 70 billion PCS, said MLS General Manager Lawrence Lin recently at a strategic partnership agreement signing ceremony with Taiwanese lighting manufacturer YACG at Denwell restaurant last Sunday.
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MLS Saw 9% YoY Growth in 1Q Revenue Following Slowing Gross Margin Drop

MLS released its 1Q16 earnings last week, reporting the company’s revenue of 9.15% year on year (YoY) growth at RMB 819 million (US $125.8 million).
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MLS Denies Rumors of Acquiring Epistar

Chinese LED maker MLS as a potential acquisition of Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Epistar has become the latest gossip in Taiwan’s LED industry. Following the market rumors, the LED chip maker’s shares have soared, giving the LED stock market a major boost. Market rumors claim Chinese manufacturers potential investments in Taiwanese companies have allowed local LED enterprises to reevaluate their market value. However, LEDinside interviews with local market research companies noted the chances of MLS acquiring Epistar was fairly low, and the Chinese company’s current focus was mostly directed towards bidding Osram’s lighting business.
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MLS Eyes IC Semiconductor Industry and Emerging Markets

Certain LED manufacturers have turned their attention to niche lighting market applications in the wake of declining LED profits, but MLS is ambitiously vying the IC semiconductor industry and emerging markets to boost its profitability in the future.
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MLS Aims to Do More than Expand Distribution Channels by Acquiring Osram's Lighting Business

In an exclusive interview with LEDinside, MLS General Manager Lawrence Lin discussed in-depth the company’s ongoing talks with German LED company Osram to acquire its lighting business at Taipei Building Show organized by Dollar International Industry earlier today.
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Osram Initiates Sales Process for Lamps Business

German lighting manufacturer Osram has initiated the sales process of its lamps business, which it intends to spin-off operations from the group by next April and legally by July, a Reuters report cited a company spokesman saying recently.
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[Breaking News] MLS Intends to Start Bid for Osram’s Lighting Business

Chinese LED manufacturer MLS, or also known as Forest Lighting announced recently it plans to optimize the integration of its business resources, and strengthen business competitiveness by entering the bid for Osram Licht lighting business.
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Price Wars Push Down MLS’s 3Q15 Net Profit by 80%

MLS announced its revenue for 3Q15 was down 8.62% year on year (YoY) to RMB 887 million (US $139.7 million). The company’s net income attributable to shareholders was plunged 79.32% YoY to RMB 17.19 million (US $2.7 million).
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MLS U.S. Branch Receives NSF Sanitation Certification for LED T8 Lamps

Forest Lighting, the USA division of global LED manufacturing leader MLS, announced it has received certification from The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF International) covering its T8 LED tube lamps. 
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MLS to Invest US$278 M in Kaistar Lighting

On Sep. 10, MLS announced that the company will spend RMB$ 180 million (US$ 278.2 million) to purchase stock in Kaistar Lighting with private fund, acquiring 10.91% of Kaistar’s shares.
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MLS Releases Inverted Driver LED Panel Light in India

MLS (Forest LED) has developed revolutionary LED lighting products which have been primarily designed and developed in response to the Indian consumer insights. The first and slimmest ever LED panel light by Forest LED, have been introduced to help the brand strengthen its foothold into the growing LED market in India.
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MLS Challenges Industry Niche Market Strategy

Raging price wars in the LED industry urged many manufacturers to veer away from low entry level products, and invest their resources in more profitable niche markets. Some of these markets include IR LED, UV LED, automotive lighting, grow lights, and smart lighting to name a few. The conventional wisdom is tapping into a blue sea market at an early stage would give enterprises a competitive edge in the market. But one top Chinese manufacturer MLS Co. LTD (or also known as Forest Lighting) is challenging this concept.
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MLS to Raise RMB2.3B for LED Business Investments

Forest Lighting (also know as MLS) plans to non-public issue stocks 6.1 million shares at RMB 38.11 (US$ 6) per share. The offering will raise about RMB 2.3 billion and will be used to fund several initiatives, including Xiaolan SMD LED packaging technical innovation project, phase one of Ji’an SMD LED packaging facility construction project and phase one of Xinyu LED application construction.
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MLS to Launch US $1.67 LED bulb in Thailand

MLS is planning to release a new LED bulb that will be retailed at about half the price of existing products, said the company’s Marketing and Sales General Manager Lawrence Lin at an interview at LED Expo Thailand 2015.
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India Lifts LED Bulb Bid Restrictions, Chinese Suppliers Pass Review

After winning the elections last year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to invest in the country’s electricity, rail and other infrastructures to improve India’s economic performance, reported Chinese media Cali-Light.com.
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MLS to Launch Premium LED Lighting Brand ‘FOREST LED’ at India LED Expo

Providing a distinct aesthetic advantage, LEDs are allowing designers to reinvent lamps and light itself in ways that once seemed impossible. The innumerable benefits of LED lights in terms of energy-efficiency, environment-friendliness, cost-saving, zero UV emissions and design flexibility opens new opportunities for architects & interior designers, urban, town and smart city planners, project management consultants, building contractors and Lighting engineers. The technological potential of LEDs is only beginning to be realized and with the right blend can provide designers and town planners the flexibility to adjust and adapt the ambiance of indoor, outdoor, commercial and residential spaces with minimal energy consumption.
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MLS Meets 2014 Net Profit Goals, Releases SMD LED Production Capacity

China-based LED company MLS recently announced the company had met its 2014 revenue target of RMB 4 billion, or 39.25% growth compared to the same period in 2013.
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MLS Market Value Exceeds RMB 20 Billion

Chinese LED manufacturer MLS has become China’s second most valuable listed LED company within a week. The company’s shares have soared on the Chinese bourse for five consecutive days since Feb. 27, 2015 bringing its total market value to RMB 20.15 billion (US $3.21 billion).
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MLS Strong Revenue Performance Attracts IPO Investors to Pitch In

Most new stocks on the market rarely achieve skyrocketing growth rates, but investors that have betted on MLS shares are probably thrilled at the moment.
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MLS Chairman Poised to Become Billionaire After IPO

Following leading Chinese LED package manufacturer MLS’s recent IPO announcement, a Bloomberg report estimated the company’s Chairman Sun Qinghuan will be joining the billionaire club after the IPO.
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MLS To Raise RMB 960 Million in Shenzhen IPO

China’s leading LED package manufacturer MLS, which has earned a reputation as “price slasher” in the LED industry, recently announced it will be raising RMB 960 million (US $ 153.87 million) through a Shenzhen IPO to expand its production capacity and increase liquidity, according to a Chinese Business News reports. MLS actions indicates the LED industry is entering another industry restructure phase.
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MLS Replaces Lite-On as Second Largest Cross-Strait LED Manufacturer

Spurred by government policies and market demands, China’s LED package and module manufacturers have shown exponential growth in the past few years, according to a CNA report.
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MLS LED Package Business to Overtake Nichia

MLS has started to sell its products through Korean distributor Optoleds in Korea, according to a report by ETNews. MLS has become one of the first Chinese LED package manufacturers to be ranked among global top 10 LED manufacturers. A research organization estimated based on current development speed, MLS will be able to surpass top ranking Japanese LED manufacturer Nichia.
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MLS Builds Global LED Lighting Manufacturing Base to Embrace LED Golden Age

The age of LED lighting is here. LED lighting has overtaken the lighting industry in recent years, and become a beacon of hope for the lighting industry. This is the result of collaborated efforts from the top to downstream manufacturer, the industry supply chain, and now it’s the time to embrace the “golden age” of LED lighting, said Chinese LED packaging manufacturer MLS General Manager Ji-Liang Lin while attending LEDforum 2014 held in Taipei, Taiwan on Oct. 24, 2014.
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MLS Lighting Flexes Its Muscles at LEDforum

     The LED industry is shifting. With competition increasing, falling prices, and continued developing in technology, LEDs are quickly surpassing incandescent and other forms of lighting, securing a stronghold in the industry. Among the many manufacturers in the lighting industry rushing to secure a position for themselves, MLS Lighting is one that has come out on top this year.
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Chinese LED Manufacturers San’an and MLS to Speak at LEDforum

LEDforum 2013 Taipei will be hosted by LEDinside on October 16th-17th, 2013. Aside from inviting International and local Taiwanese big named manufacturers to the conference, China LED wafer manufacturer San’an and LED packaging manufacturer MLS Lighting will also be in attendance. With the recent rise in Chinese LED companies becoming supply chains, after securing its top position in the Chinese market, San’an has aggressively sought out partnership with Taiwanese and downstream manufacturers branching out its domain. MLC likewise has obtained a fair portion of market shares through aggressive price competition. During the conference, San’an will discuss the technology development of the LED wafer and MLS Lighting will focus on commercial lighting. This will be the first time for both manufacturers to participate in LEDforum.
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MLS Celebrates The Largest LED Manufacturer 16th Anniversary

The largest LED manufacturer in the world is celebrating their 16th anniversary on 5TH MAR. MLS was established in 1997 and become the largest LED manufacturer in the world in 2013 with capacity of 15 billion peaces LEDs per month. Located in 300,000 square meters workshop with 10,000 employees in Xiao Lan, Zhong Shan, China where is called “city of lighting”. Besides, MLS was making the first UL approved T8 tube in China in 2007, until today, MLS is heading to be the global home base of LED light source manufacture. As LED lighting...
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