MLS Builds Global LED Lighting Manufacturing Base to Embrace LED Golden Age

The age of LED lighting is here. LED lighting has overtaken the lighting industry in recent years, and become a beacon of hope for the lighting industry. This is the result of collaborated efforts from the top to downstream manufacturer, the industry supply chain, and now it’s the time to embrace the “golden age” of LED lighting, said Chinese LED packaging manufacturer MLS General Manager Ji-Liang Lin while attending LEDforum 2014 held in Taipei, Taiwan on Oct. 24, 2014.

MLS General Manager Ji-Liang Lin speaking at LEDforum 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan on Oct. 24,2014. (LEDinside)

LED lighting demand rapidly growing, market penetration doubles in US

Global lighting market value reached US $160 billion in 2014, with Asia Pacific showing the highestgrowth, according to statistics compiled by China Association of Lighting Industry. Due to the US economy’s more optimistic outlook, LED market penetration doubled in 2014, said Lin. For example MLS revenue in North America for 2014 increased 10 times compared to last year, and expects revenue in 2015 to further double or even triple compared to 2014.

LED lighting product export volume has been rising and China’s domestic market is undergoing expeditious growth in recent years. In contrast, the phase out of incandescent lamps worldwide has led to markedly decrease in the annual production of incandescent lamps. Production of Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) that had high global market shares in the past has also rapidly declined.

Visible LED Package Shares 2013. (Source: IHS)

MLS has highest global LED package capacity, developing LED lighting brands

MLS’s vision is to build a global LED manufacturing base, and was ranked by global research institute IHS as one of the top 10 members of the “Packaged LED Market Shares” in terms of revenue for 2013. MLS has a LED component production capacity of 20 billion units per month in 2014 and the growth rate is persistently expanding with over 1 billion units per month, expected to reach monthly production capacity of 30 billion units next year. MLS has the highest growing rate among the top 10 global LED packaging manufacturer, said Lin.

Entering the lighting era, MLS understands LED light source costs in luminaire is decreasing, while structural costs and driver costs are increasing. That’s why starting a few years ago MLS has been planning to in-house produce LED lighting related hardware, plastics and drivers. Currently, the company’s LED tube and bulb monthly production capacity is over 15 million unit and continues to grow.

Additionally, MLS is eying new business opportunities from changes in the industry, not only does the company produce LED components, it’s also shifting developments towards LED lighting. The company is establishing lighting brand, and is actively participating or hosting events in China, Taiwan, South East Asia, Middle East and North America. After three years of hard work, MLS now has more than 20, 000 retail shops in China, and will continue to work with upstream and downstream partners to develop the market to excel in LED package components and LED lighting sectors.

(Author: Angela Yang, Reporting Editor, LEDinsidehttp://Translator: Lik-Chin Low Editor, LEDinside)

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