Smart Lighting: The Future of Light beyond Illumination

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is definitely pushing our technology to a new level. Now, we can combine LED lighting with sensing and data analyzing capabilities. All these bring the LED industry opportunities to connect with future technologies.</div> div#featurs-list-ver {  width: 906px;  margin: 0 auto; } div.features-top-banner {  background-image: url('//www.ledinside.com/sites/www.ledinside.com/theme/images/under-banner-shadow.jpg');   background-position: bottom;   background-repeat: no-repeat;  height: 215px; } td.features-lead-icon {  width: 150px;  height: 100px;  text-align: center;  background-color: #FDB0C5; } td.features-lead-text {  background-color: #CF456B;  color: #FFFFFF;  text-align: left; } td.features-lead-text ...</p>
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Demand for Smart Home Accelerates the Development of Smart Lighting

LED lighting industry has been developing towards smart lighting in recent years in order to avoid involving in price wars. In the era of IoT, lighting is no longer individual product, but a systematical solution. Manufacturers are trying to enhance the added value of lighting equipment by integrating functions like Internet of Things and ambient sensing. International manufacturers such as Philips, Osram, and Opple Lighting, a Chinese maker, have all invested heavily in smart lighting R&D to lay the foundation for future market.
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Three Chinese LED Manufacturers Revenue Performance for 1H16

Chinese LED manufacturers Nationstar, Opple Lighting and Ocean King all unveiled their latest earnings for first half of 2016.
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Opple Lighting Raises RMB 864M through its First IPO

Opple Lighting successfully closed its first IPO and raised RMB 864 million (US $130.26 million) after issuing 58 million shares, the company stated.
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CSRC Approves Opple Lighting’s IPO Application

After three long years, Opple Lighting’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) application was finally approved by China’s Securities Regulatory Committee (CSRC), and is closer to its goal of being listed on the Chinese bourse.
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Opple Lighting’s Nepali Distributor Supports Good Cause by Visiting Hospital and Rehab for Disabled Children

G. P. Trading Concern, national distributor of Opple LED lighting in Nepal, initiated a noble cause this April 2016. On behalf of the entire company, a group of 16 employees decided to visit Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children (HRDC), a leading hospital with specialization in orthopedic and reconstructive surgery, treatment of cerebral palsy and management of spine problems.
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Opple Lighting Sued By Electronic Manufacturer over Trademark Infringement

An electronic manufacturer in China recently sued Chinese LED luminaire manufacturer Opple Lighting for trademark infringement, according to a report from Fawan, a Chinese media specializing in legal news.
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Analyses of Opple Lighting’s Smashing Revenue Records on China’s Single’s Day

China’s ecommerce giants announced their breaking revenue results for Single’s Day on Nov. 12, 2015. The country’s online total revenue on the anti-Valentines day, commonly known as Single’s Day to locals, soared 52.7% to reach RMB 122.94 billion (US $19.29 billion), compared to last year’s RMB 80.5 billion according to data compiled by Syntun. Internet packages and deliveries climbed up 65.7% to reach RMB 678 million.
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OPPLE Lighting Unveils Branding Campaign to Boost Presence in Thailand Market

OPPLE Lighting, a leading lighting manufacturer based in Shanghai, China, recently launched a branding campaign extending point of sales with aggressive promotion in Bangkok, Thailand, with an aim to enhance the brand awareness, help the terminal stores improve their images and boost sales, and introduce OPPLE LED products to the consumers.
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Opple Lighting Expands Presence in India with Customized Products

Chinese LED luminaire manufacturer Opple Lighting has been expanding its presence in India’s retail market with customized ‘Made for India’ LED products in South India, according to a report by Indian media BusinessLine.
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Opple Lighting Forays into India

Outlines investment of INR 600 million (US $9.86 million) in next three years to set up operations, distribution and retail infrastructure, including exclusive brand stores in top 30 cities
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Opple Lighting Becomes First Major Chinese Lighting Brand to Enter India Market

Chinese LED lighting manufacturer Opple has announced plans of entering the India market with a wide range of low-priced LED bulbs, according to an article by The Economic Times. Opple will become the first major Chinese LED player to enter the local market.
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LEDinside: Philips, Opple and NVC Lighting Top List in China Lighting Market Brand Image Survey

Philips lighting products took top spot for brand image, according to the second round China lighting product manufacturer behavior survey jointly conducted by Trendforce’s research division LEDinside and consumer research specialist AVANTI in May 2014. Opple Lighting and NCV Lighting ranked top among Chinese manufacturers. The survey also revealed that LED lamp usage has increased to 40 percent from 24 percent in 2013. 
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Chinese Company Opple Lighting Strengthen Market Share in Middle East and North Africa

Chinese company Opple Lighting has launched a new range of LED products in Middle East and North Africa, and said it will help the company to get its due market share in the region. Addressing a Press conference late on Saturday, the company’s executives seek an up to 15 per cent share of the Middle East’s LED market and said Opple received a tremendous product feedback from the region in 2012.   “We have already surpassed our half-year revenue target this year as our products for home and commercial segments got encouraging response from the r...
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Violumas is proud to announce the addition of new VC3X3 COB Module configurations to its extensive, high power UV LED product lineup. The M3X3L9 module sets are available in UVB and UVC wavelengths (265nm, 275nm, 295nm, 310nm) and are comprise... READ MORE

Tokushima, Japan - 6 March 2024: Nichia, the world's largest LED manufacturer and inventor of the high-brightness blue and white LED, has started mass production of the new UV-B (308nm) and UV-A (330nm) LEDs in its popular 434 Series packa... READ MORE