The US-China Dispute Makes 2019 a Challenging Year for Worldwide LED Manufacturers

2019 has just begun but this year seems to be a tough one for global LED manufacturers with continuous global market uncertainty caused by the US-China dispute. Osram, the German representative of the LED industry, unveiled its weak business performance of the first quarter of its fiscal 2019 with a 15 percent YoY revenue drop. The company noted that the revenue for coming quarters might remain “significantly low” due to the general political uncertainties. Taiwanese LED maker Everlight is not optimistic about 2019 either. Robert Yeh, the CEO of E...
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Three Chinese LED Manufacturers Revenue Performance for 1H16

Chinese LED manufacturers Nationstar, Opple Lighting and Ocean King all unveiled their latest earnings for first half of 2016.
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Taiwanese LED Manufacturers Attract Visitors with High Quality Luminaires at HK Int’l Lighting Fair 2015

Taiwanese manufacturers including Lextar, Prolight Opto, TONS Lighting, Aeon Lighting were proactively expanding trade with oversea lighting manufacturers at the four day Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) 2015, which took place at Hong Kong Convention Center from Oct. 27-30, 2015.
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Chinese LED Industry in Deep Waters, Only a Handful of LED Manufacturers to Remain

Was the company revenue performances only bad for the first half of 2015? Or has it been the case for three consecutive quarters? Only LED manufacturers know how they fared this year.“The (Chinese) LED industry is in deep waters, and only a few manufacturers will survive in the next few years,” said several industry insiders during recent interviews with LEDinside’s editorial team in China.
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Why are Chinese LED Manufacturers Acquiring Large Int’l Players Less Profitable Businesses?

Chinese LED enterprises are spending a fortune in acquiring foreign manufacturers in 2015. A couple of examples include Shenzhen Kaifa Technology (Kaifa) recent acquisition of U.S. LED manufacturer Bridgelux, Shanghai Felio Acoustics interest in Osram’s distribution channels, and Go Scale Capital’s acquisition of Philips Lumileds. Why has there been an increase in international mergers? What are manufacturers motives? Below is a summary of Chinese media Alighting’s prove into these issues.
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More LED Manufacturers Suspend Trade on China’s Bourse

Following China’s stock market nosedive in recent weeks, more domestic listed companies have chosen to suspend trade. More than 760 listed companies combined have suspended trade on the Shanghai and Shenzhen bourses as of July 7, which is roughly equivalent to 27% of the total companies listed on both bourses. More than 100 companies applied for trade suspension on July 6 alone.
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WhichLEDLight Bridges Gap between End Users and Manufacturers in UK

Founded in 2014, Which LED Light, is a website in UK that offers different brands LED bulb price comparison information to end consumers, designers, and installers. To ensure only good quality LED products are recommended on the website, only products that have been tested in International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) certified labs are offered on the UK-based company website. The company’s Commercial Director Rory Wilding recently spoke to LEDinside about the company’s business model and how interested manufacturers can submit their products for review.
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LED Manufacturers: Thailand Government Project Sector Still in Delay

The impact from Royal Thai Armed Forces coup that dissolved the former government headed by Yingluck Shinawatra and senate a year ago has affected the country’s economy well into 2015, notably the streetlight sector has been hurt the most, observed the majority of LED manufacturers interviewed at LED Expo Thailand 2015, which took place from May 21-25 at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangkok.
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TILS 2015 Overview: Manufacturers Strive for Balance Between Cost and Efficiency

Taiwan International Lighting Show 2015 organized by Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association (TLFEA) successfully concluded on March 28, 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan.
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LEDinside: ASEAN Rapid FTA and Economic Community Developments Pave Entry Point for Chinese LED Manufacturers

LED lighting developed rapidly in Southeast Asia thanks to its infrastructure construction, which was promoted by the development and impact from the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN), according to LEDinside, a research subsidiary of global research institute TrendForce. ASEAN is an inter-governmental international organization gathering countries in Southeast Asia. Established in 1967, ASEAN covers a population of approximately 618 million people, covering a land area of 4.48 million km², with abundant natural resources, and it is one of the world's fastest growing economic regions.
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What LED Vendors Can Learn From Bioluminescent Mushrooms

A Brazilian research group recently may have found out the reason behind why certain mushrooms glow in the dark, but what does this mean for LED manufacturers?
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Who is the Wealthiest Founder Among China’s Listed LED Manufacturers?

As an emerging industry, the LED market has received a lot of attention from investors, especially listed LED companies, according to a hc360.com report. The following wealth listing, is based on listed LED manufacturers market value, share value, and founder company shares.
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Majority of Listed Chinese LED Manufacturers Share Optimistic Market Outlook for 2015

Growing downstream demands contributed to the rebounding LED industry market, according to a Sina.com report. Twelve out of 15 listed Chinese LED manufacturers reported high growths in 2014, while only three companies reported sliding revenues.
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Taiwanese LED Manufacturers Innovative Products at Lighting Japan 2015

Taiwanese LED manufacturers have set certain records at this year Lighting Japan 2015, which took place at Tokyo Big Sight recently. There were LED component and lighting manufacturers that were attending the show for the first time, and returning manufacturers.
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Asian LED Manufacturers Part Ways Over Uncertain Market Conditions

LED is a fast changing industry. Asian manufacturers have taken their own paths to confront the tide of change. Japanese manufacturers are actively seeking collaboration opportunities with Taiwanese manufacturers, while Korean LED manufacturer Samsung has gradually exited the global LED market. Chinese manufacturers on the other hand are expanding production capacity on the back of government support.
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Innovative Products at EcoLightTech Asia 2014 (Part 2: International LED Manufacturers)

In part one of EcoLightTech Asia 2014 Innovative Product guide, LEDinside addressed smart or innovative products displayed by Thai LED manufacturers. Here we will take a look at the interactive and smart LED products international manufacturers were showcasing at the lighting show that took place in Bangkok, Thailand recently.
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LEDinside: As LED Lighting Penetration Surges, Dominant Players to Maintain Market Share

Nov 10, 2014 - LED components have been successfully introduced in light source products, according to the new report “2015 Global Lighting Market Outlook” by LEDinside, a division of the Taiwan-based market intelligence firm TrendForce. As the commercial lighting market expands, lighting tubes have become the most in-demand product with light bulbs second. Additionally, in the luminaire market, demand for ceiling lights high, but mostly in the home.
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Apple Turns to Taiwanese LED Suppliers for Smartwatch and iPhone Backlight

Taiwanese LED epiwafer manufacturers received backlight orders from Apple for iPhone products and the upcoming Apple Watch, according to a latest report by Chinese-language Liberty Times report.
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Long Road Ahead for Chinese LED Manufacturers IPO Applications

Chinese LED manufacturers IPO applications remain a lengthy tedious procedure.
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Taiwanese LED Manufacturers August Performance Unaffected by Recent Stock Slip

Taiwanese LED stocks plunged on Aug. 21, 2014 over rumors of Chinese government’s intention to raise LED tariffs. To clarify market rumors, LED manufacturers Lite-On, Everlight, Epistar and Unity Opto all stated they did not receive any notices regarding increased tariffs from Chinese authorities, and an uptick in tariffs would have limited impact since they all had LED factories in China. These Taiwanese LED manufacturers also emphasized delivering good revenue performances for August 2014.
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LED Manufacturers Target Smart Lighting Market Amid LED Bulb Price Declines in May 2014

The global 40W equiv. LED bulb Average Selling Price (ASP) declined 3.2 percent to US $14.20 in May, with price decreases most evident in China. Additionally, the ASP for 60W equiv. LED bulbs dipped slightly by 3.6 percent to US $19.50. With continual LED bulb ASP declines, manufacturers are looking to smart bulbs to break free from intense pricing competition, according to the latest LED bulb retail findings for May 2014 from LEDinside, a division of research organization Trendforce. 
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TrendForce: Manufacturers Maintain Conservative Outlook Towards Production Expansion Despite High LED Order Visibility

LED price for lighting applications have dropped around 3-7 percent in 2Q14. Similarly, backlight-use LED prices have also seen a decline, dipping around 5-10 percent, with direct-type TV backlight-use LEDs decreasing by 13 percent due to fierce market competition, according to the recent price report from LEDinside, the green energy research division of TrendForce.
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LED Manufacturers See Record High Revenue in April

April has been a good month for LED manufacturers this year, as companies benefit from strong market demand, according to Economic Daily News report. Manufacturers including Epistar, Edison Opto, and Unity Opto have all seen record high performances in April. Industry insiders anticipate the positive revenue performance will continue into May.  
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LED Manufacturers Urge Government to Scrap Nuclear Power as Alternative Energy Source

The debate over the construction of Taiwan’s fourth nuclear power plant has been heating up. Alternative energy manufacturers have been eager to voice their opinions, urging the government to reconsider nuclear power as an energy source for the country. 
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LED Manufacturers Going All Out to Profit from Abundant Opportunities 2014 Offers

Another year has come to a close. As 2014 kicks off, the LEDinside editorial team  has compiled the market expectations for this year.
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LED Manufacturers Automotive Show Guide

With the world’s largest Frankfurt Motor Show successfully concluding on Sept. 22, 2013, LED automotive lighting manufacturers that have missed out may be pondering where the next opportunity lies. There are nearly 200 automotive shows every year, but not all are suitable for LED automotive lighting manufacturers. It can be confusing for manufacturers to decide which shows are the best fit for their niche and targeted buyers. In this article, LEDinside gives an overview of what to expect and at three major automotive shows towards the end of 2013.
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HK Int’l Lighting Fair Focuses on Sophisticated LEDs

The world’s second largest lighting expo, the 15th edition Hong Kong International Lighting Fair which runs from Oct. 27-30, 2013 this year successfully kicked off at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on Sunday. The fair broke another all time high record by attracting 2,360 manufacturers from more than 38 countries and regions to attend the show.
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TrendForce: Taiwanese LED Manufacturers to Maintain Earnings in 4Q13

Some Taiwanese LED manufacturers were affected by decreased backlight shipments, which lead to a clear drop in September revenues, according to LEDinside, a green energy research subsidiary of Trendforce. Korean manufacturers still have plans to increase direct-type LED TV shipments, and with 2014 Chinese Lunar New Year holidays starting in January, fourth quarter revenue performance is hoped to benefit from increase in new product stockup, observed LEDinside.
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LED Manufacturers Under Pricing Pressure Rush into Package Free Chip

The LED industry after entering into the lighting era still continues to face pressure to lower prices. LED manufacturers have thus begun competitively pushing their way into package free chip development. Manufacturers like Philips Lumileds, Toshiba, TSMS Solid State Lighting, Epistar, and Formosa Epitaxy have already begun promoting package free chip products.
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Nichia to Lose 20% of Its Orders in the Second Half of 2013 for Competitors

According to the introduction from Taiwan-based LED manufacturers, Japan-based Nichia is the world's largest supplier of High Brightness LED, and it has occupied a leading market status in EMC-based LED chip packaging industry, but some LED packaging enterprises from Taiwan, China and South Korea have been competing for orders from LED lighting vendors, so that Nichia is expected to lose 20% of its orders in the second half of this year. Nichia received several patents regarding LED chip packaging based on EMC in 2007 and then offered an LED pack...
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