2013 Review: LED Driver IC to Maintain Strong Demands in 2014

The global LED driver IC market saw old manufacturers expanding, and new manufacturers dividing market share in 2013. Due to strong demands for LED bulbs and LED tubes, many manufacturers are competing in AC to DC and DC to DC sectors of the LED IC driver market. Many new and old products have been released on the market.
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2013 Review: The Dark Side of Blue LEDs

With LED lighting demands rapidly growing, questions regarding safety and whether blue light found in LEDs can affect health are being discussed now more than ever. Affects on health that are the heart of discussion within the industry include whether long term exposure can affect the release of melatonin and if looking directly at blue light can lead to degeneration of retinal tissue.
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2013 Review: EMC Production Expansion Could Mean Trouble for PCT

As 2013 comes to a close, LED lighting demands have sky rocketed. The industry has finally gotten past two years of harsh winters  to welcome a warm spring. While LED upstream manufactures have been busy with flip-chip technology, LED package manufacturers have not been idle either. Introducing EMC lead frames into package manufacturing process has become the main target for many manufacturers.
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