2013 Review: EMC Production Expansion Could Mean Trouble for PCT

As 2013 comes to a close, LED lighting demands have sky rocketed. The industry has finally gotten past two years of harsh winters  to welcome a warm spring. While LED upstream manufactures have been busy with flip-chip technology, LED package manufacturers have not been idle either. Introducing EMC lead frames into package manufacturing process has become the main target for many manufacturers.

EMC lead frames have high thermal resistance, Ultraviolet (UV) resistance, high electric voltage conductivity, and resistance to yellowing. They offer a new choice for LED package manufacturers that are continuously looking for new ways to lower costs. Japanese manufacturer Nichia was the first to use EMC lead frame material and the company’s 757 series became a hot seller in 2013. Much praise from the market for the series’ high costs performance ignited the EMC production expansion trend.

As the pioneer in EMC development, Nichia has the highest monthly capacity of 800KK with Chinese LED package manufacturer Lightning Optoelectronic close behind producing 270KK a month. AOT has the highest production capacity among Taiwanese package manufactures with 120KK for a single month. Right behind is Gio Optoelectronics with 80KK a month and Everlight’s a 60KK a month. Manufacturers plan to continue expansion of EMC production in 2014. China based package manufacturers are also entering into the EMC market and will possibly become the emerging star in 2014.

EMC gets a leg up as LEDs switch to mid-power LEDs

Mid-power LED market value surpassed high-power LED for the first time in 2013 to create the right circumstances for EMC to emerge as the new star of mid-power LEDs. LED package manufacturers are now more proactive in expanding EMC production capacity. With prices dropping as demand volume increases, and the ability to support larger drive currents,  which has allowed EMC to beat both PPA market and ceramic substrate market in 2013.

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LED package manufacturers continue expanding EMC production capacity

EMC lead frames are unquestionably the shining star for LED package manufacturers in 2013. First to delve into this technology, Nichia has the largest production capacity. The decrease in price for EMC lead frames has made cross strait LED package manufacturers compete to enter into EMC production expansion. The market is focused on whether or not production capacity will be restructured in 2014.

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PCT not ready to give up market dominance

EMC‘s gaining popularity is putting pressure on PPA and PCT lead frames. PCT lead frame material improvements lead to increased driver power from 0.7W to 1W-1.2W. Aside from adding distance between PPA lead frames, PCT is  also entering  the 0.7W-1.2W market, previously dominated by EMC. Manufacturers who support PCT lead frames emphasize on its superior price performance. All eyes however are focused on whether or not PCT will have a chance to compete with EMC in 2014.

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Author: Pinchun Chou, Senior Editor, LEDinside, Translator: Leah Allen, Editor, LEDinside

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