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Samsung officially released 34-foot Cinema Screen in 2017, and the screen has been installed at Lotte Cinema World Tower in Korea. This is the world’s first LED digital display that enters movie theaters. Samsung’s goal is to raise its share to 10% in the cinema display market in 2020.

Samsung LED Cinema Screen features a fine pitch of 2.5mm. It is not a Micro LED display; however, the LED technology is able to provide HDR imaging. Its peak brightness (146fL) is nearly ten times higher than that of a regular movie projector (14fL). It has improved the uniformity of LEDs and reduced effects of distortion and interruption. In addition, it provides a 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,160) image quality. The overall specifications meet and even surpass the requirements of Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI). 

According to LEDinside’s analysis, the cinema market most emphasizes high refresh rate and high resolution. The average frame rate is about 24 fps. Fine pitch display can solve the problem that the image is presented in low refresh rate, and it can greatly improve the audio-visual enjoyment to even reach a 3D-like effect. In future, the naked-eye 3D technology is likely to bring more business opportunities to the display.

However, LED digital display may encounter problems such as poor heat dissipation, high power consumption and dead pixels. In response to cinemas’ demand for real-time maintenance and replacement, the display must feature the front plug-and-play technology.

On the other hand, Sony’s Crystal Micro LED display received a lot of market attention. It has several edges- wide viewing angle, high contrast, better image quality, and is able to integrate seamlessly with other identical modules, especially needed at locations such as showrooms, museums, and cinemas. LEDinside’s research points out that traditional display and LCD makers have prioritized the development of Micro LED displays and have planned to enter Micro LED display market by cooperation and alliance. It is believed that Micro LED display will enter the high-end niche market in the next three years when advanced technology becomes mature.

Author Joanne / LEDinside

2018 Global LED Digital Display and Micro LED Display Market Outlook
Release Date: 15 November 2017
Format: PDF
Language: Chinese / English

Chapter I. Display Market Trend and Analysis

 Display Product Market Introduction
 Current Mainstream Technology For Ultra Large Display
 2017-2021 Global LED Display Market Scale Analysis
 2016-2017 (F) LED Display Player Market Share Analysis
 LED Fine Pitch Display Market Trend
 Display Product Demand Analysis in Broadcast Market
 Display Product Demand Analysis in Control Room Market
 Display Product Demand Analysis in Commercial Market
 Display Product Demand Analysis in Public and Retail Market
 2017-2021 Global Fine Pitch Display Market by Application
 2017-2021 Global Fine Pitch Display Market by Pitch
 2016-2017 (F) Fine Pitch Display Market by Region
 2016-2017 (F) Fine Pitch Display Player Market Share Analysis
 Fine Pitch Display Players and Business Model Analysis

Chapter II. Micro LED Display Technology Trend

 SONY CRYSTAL Micro LED Display Lead Market Trend
 SONY CRYSTAL Micro LED Display Specification
 Micro LED Display Advantages
 Micro LED Display and Fine Pitch LED Display- Product Analysis
 Micro LED Display and Fine Pitch LED Display- Cost Analysis
 Micro LED and Fine Pitch LED Display- Sales Price
 Micro LED Display Market Forecast
 Three Technologies Analysis in Micro LED Display

 2.1 LED Chip Solution

 LED Manufacturing Analysis- Micro LED Display and LED Display
 LED Specification- Micro LED Display
 Micro LED Display Product Concept and Design
 LED Technology Challenge Analysis For Micro LED Display

 2.2 Driver IC Solution

 Key Factors in Driver IC For Micro LED Display
 Driver IC Solution- Active Drive and Passive Drive
 PWM Technology on Change of Color
 Scanning And Frame Rate
 Drive IC- Micro LED Display and LED Display
 Driver IC Technology Challenge Analysis For Micro LED Display
 Integrated Driver IC Technology Challenge Analysis

 2.3 Backplane Solution

 Key Factors in PCB For Micro LED Display
 PCB Manufacturing Process
 PCB Manufacturing Process Analysis
 PCB Yet to Meet Requirement on Micro LED Display
 PCB Manufacturing Analysis- Micro LED Display and LED Display
 PCB Technology Challenge Analysis For Micro LED Display
 Glass Backplane Raise Flatness of Micro LED Display
 Display Players and LCD Players Step in Micro LED Display

Chapter III Other Display Niche Market Trend

 3.1 Cinema and Home Theater Market Trend

 Cinema Market Requirements
 Opportunity and Challenge for LED Display in Cinema Market
 Samsung Popularizing LED Screen for Movies around the World
 Light Sources in Cinema Market Analysis

 3.2 Innovative Display Market Trend

 Innovative Display Current Market and Trend

Chapter IV Display Manufacturer Strategy

 20 Display Manufacturer Strategy
 Leyard, Absen, Unilumin, Liantronics, Ledman, AOTO Electronics, Qiangliled, SANSI, Hoozoe Optoelectronic, Cedar Electronics, Daktronics, Barco, Christie, SilconCore, Samsung, LG, SONY, Mitsubishi Electric, Delta, and OPTOTECH
 Company Revenue, Product Strategy and Specification (Regular / Fine Pitch), Product Positioning and Market Segmentation Strategy, and Player Progress Analysis

Chapter V. LED Manufacturer Business Strategies

 5.1 2017-2020 Display LED Market Value and Volume Analysis

 2017-2021 Global Fine Pitch Display Market by Application
 LED Fine Pitch Display Market Trend
 2017-2021 Display LED Market Value Analysis
 2017-2021 Display LED Market Volume Analysis
 Finch Pitch Display Price Survey by Size

 5.2 Display LED Product Specifications and Price Trend

 Digital Display LED Specifications Analysis
 2017-2020 Mainstream Pitch on Fine-Pitch Display Trend
 Fine Pitch Display Cost Analysis
 2017-2018 Digital Display LED Price Trend

 5.3 Display LED Capacity and Supply Chain Analysis

 Fine Pitch LED Display Supply Chain
 Fine Pitch Market Supply Chain and LED Capacity Analysis- LED Package and Display Players
 LED Display Market Supply Chain- Chip and Package
 2016 Digital Display LED Manufacturers Revenue Ranking
 2016 Digital Display LED Chip Manufacturers Revenue Ranking

 5.4 Display LED Technology

 Fine Pitch Display Product Strength
 Technology I. COB Fine Pitch LED Product
 Second Technique: QD Phosphor Reaches RGB Technique
 Technology III. SONY Micro LED Display

Chapter VI Display Driver IC Market Scale and Player Strategy

 2017-2020 Display Driver IC Market Scale
 2016 Display Driver IC Manufacturer Revenue Ranking
 2017-2020 Display Driver IC Market Shipment
 2017 Display Driver IC Manufacturer Shipment Ranking
 Company Profile: Macroblock, CHIPONE, Sumacro Technologies (Suzhou), Sunmoon, LEDSIC Technology/Silan, My-Semi
 Revenue, Product Base, Monthly Shipment, Main Customers, Fine Pitch Display Product Development, Prospective on the Advanced Technologies such as Micro LED Display, and Cinema Market

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