Multiple Applications Will Broaden Business Opportunities For the Infrared Industry, Expects LEDinside

According to 2018 Infrared Sensing Application Market Report by LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, multiple applications will broaden business opportunities for the infrared industry. LEDinside targets on the ten major application markets, such as surveillance security, mobile biometric system (iris / facial / fingerprint), digital healthcare (pulse oximetry), gaming notebook, touch panel, NIR spectroscopy, AR / VR/ eye tracking, car sensor, LiDAR and drones, proximity sensor, etc., to analyze the market scale, opportunities and challenges, product specification and supply chain, and provides wide scope and comprehensive outlook of the infrared application market.

Infrared LED Market Development Trend

LEDinside expects that infrared LED market (exclude optical sensors market) reached USD 439 million in 2017, USD 505 million in 2018. In 2021, it is expected to increase to USD 697 million. The major driving forces include surveillance security, iris / facial recognition, and touch panel etc.

Social Security Market Demand Boost Infrared LED Market Needs

Owing to the high demand of social security, the demand of surveillance security market grows steadily, especially high power infrared LED market. The LED penetration rates of surveillance security in developed countries are above 40%, especially 55-60% in America. Therefore, surveillance security manufacturers positively extend toward emerging markets, such as China, Southeast Asia and India. For China, there is a “Skynet” network. They install a lot of surveillance cameras in Tibet and Xinjiang. This makes the growth rate of global surveillance security market in 2017 reach 15%.

Mobile Recognition and Payment

One of the increasing market demand for IR LED is iris and facial recognition. Iris recognition has been continuously implemented in Samsung mobile series. Also, from 2018, Qualcomm will create the new camera technology based on Android ecosystem, and the company will bring computer vision and iris recognition into more cell phones. Plus, facial recognition is also implemented in car sensor to raise driver attention assistance. Therefore, the market demand consistently increases.

Digital Healthcare

Pulse and oximetry sensors have been fully implemented in smart watch and smart wristband products, and have been generally implemented in head mounted devices for exercise training, home care, and automotive driver monitoring market application.
The FDA invited nine companies such as APPLE, Fitbit and Samsung to participate in the Pre-Cert for Software Pilot Program. The feature is that manufacturers can interact with end users directly to provide more convenient user interface and content, making the development of digital healthcare market become stable. Meanwhile, insurance companies will also use pulse and oximetry sensor to make up their big data on the medical database. The major trend of digital healthcare in the future is to co-develop with medical institutions and insurance companies.

Infrared Laser Market Development Trend

With rising infrared laser technology, emerging application markets, and increasing market acceptance, infrared laser has been generally implemented in the application markets, such as surveillance security, mobile biometric system (facial recognition), car sensor, LiDAR and drones, proximity sensor, etc. LEDinside analyzes two potential markets, including mobile devices 3D sensing and LiDAR application market.

3D Sensing Market in Mobile Devices

Many smartphone companies have been developing 3D sensing embedded devices since Apple launched iPhone X featuring 3D sensor. LEDinside anticipates that the value of global infrared laser projector market for mobile 3D sensing is estimated to reach USD 246 million in 2017, and is forecast to grow to around USD 1.953 billion in 2020. Infrared laser projector has three major components, including infrared laser (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser or Edge-Emitting Laser), WLO (Wafer Level Optics), and DOE (Diffractive Optical Elements). Current costs of infrared laser projector are around US$3.5 to 6, but is estimated to decrease in the future as the technology advances and supply chain strategy improves, boosting the market demand as the result.

LEDinside points out that algorithm, emission pattern and patent will be the three key elements for 3D sensing development in the future. Smartphone brands are now deploying in the market and seeking for cooperation within the supply chain. But obstacles still remain for future development of 3D sensing market, including obtaining algorithm patents, developing third-party application, and increasing the performance-price ratio. According to LEDinside survey, iPhone 9 series (Named Temporarily) in 2018 might probably all equip with 3D sensing technology for Face ID, which bring imagine for the infrared sensing industry.

LiDAR Laser Market

LiDAR laser market value is expected to reach USD 154 million in 2020. The main driving forces include automotive LiDAR (passenger / truck), intelligent transport system, drone, measurement, sweeping robot, etc.

LiDAR in Automotive Market Development

ADAS is to offer the driver the current condition of vehicle, driving environment and advance warning of possible danger or accident, which aims to allow the driver to take early measures before the accident occurred. Car sensors include millimeter-wave radar, ultrasonic radar, LiDAR and CCD / CMOS image sensors. Amongst those, LiDAR has advantages in long-distance detection and depth resolution. However, LEDinside indicates that there are four main technical challenges for the development of LiDAR in automotive market. In the future, some improvements have to be made such as sensing range, angular sensing resolution, field of view and computational challenges. Others include the decrease of product size and cost. In addition, there are challenges during harsh environments such as snow, rain, dust, dirt or collision. With improving technology and brands promotion, LiDAR has been implemented in drones, sweeping robots, and measurement markets.

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LEDinside 2018 Infrared Sensing Application Market Report
Release Date: 01 January 2018
Format: PDF
Pages: 230 pages
Language: English

Infrared LED and Infrared Laser Market Overview

Infrared LED and Infrared Laser Market Scale

Infrared LED Market Scale

Infrared Laser Market Scale

IR Laser Market Technology

Market Opportunities- Surveillance Security

Market Opportunities- Biometric Systems

 Biometric Systems and its Pros and Cons
 Fingerprint Recognition
 Iris Recognition
 Facial Recognition
 2017- 2020 Biometric Systems Trend in Mobile Application

Market Opportunities- Iris Recognition

 Iris Recognition Instructions and Design Concepts
 Pros and Cons of Iris Recognition
 List on Mobile Brand Using Iris Recognition
 IR LED Specifications in Iris Recognition Market
 Potential Iris Recognition Supply Chain

Market Opportunities- Facial Recognition

 Facial Recognition Instructions and Design Concepts
 Intel RealSense 3D Camera Module for Facial Recognition
 OSRAM OS Facial Recognition Product Series
 IR LED Specification in Iris and Facial Recognition
 Potential Supply Chain of Facial Recognition Used in Laptop
 2018-2021 IR LED Application in Iris and Facial Recognition

Market Opportunities- 3D Sensing Market

 Extensive Application of 3D Sensing
 3D Sensing Technology Analysis
 Structured Light Technology
 Time of Flight Technology
 Time of Flight Technology and Market Applications
 3D Sensing Technology- Strategic Alliance and Player Status

Market Opportunities- Mobile 3D Sensing Market

 APPLE True Depth Camera to Boost 3D Sensing Technology
 APPLE True Depth Camera Light Source Specifications Analysis
 APPLE True Depth Camera Cost and Supply Chain Analysis
 APPLE True Depth Camera Product Structure Analysis
 APPLE True Depth Camera- IR Laser Projector Analysis
 Qualcomm Works with Himax to Develop Mobile 3D Sensing
 2017-2020 Mobile 3D Sensing Will Expand at a CAGR of 209%
 2017-2020 IR Laser Projector Market Value For Mobile 3D Sensing
 Mobile Brands Strategic Alliances in Mobile 3D Sensing
 Mobile 3D Sensing Supply Chain and Strategic Alliance
 Key Factor Analysis for Mobile 3D Sensing Market Development

Market Opportunities- Digital Healthcare

Market Opportunities- Proximity Sensor

Market Opportunities- Gaming Notebook Market

Market Opportunities- Optical Touch Panel

Market Opportunities- Food Inspection

Market Opportunities- Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Market

Market Opportunities- Virtual Reality

Market Opportunities- Augmented Reality

Market Opportunities- Personal and Commercial Drone Industry

Market Opportunities- Automotive 

 Infrared Sensor in Automotive Market– Applications
 Infrared Sensor in Automotive Market- Take OSRAM as Example

Market Opportunities- Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

 Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) – Levels Diagram
 2015-2021 Market Scale By Level
 Car Maker ADAS Roadmap
 Eight Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Sensor Analysis
 Car Sensor- Executive Program and Process
 Car Sensor- Millimeter Wave Radar Technology Analysis
 Car Sensor- LiDAR Technology Analysis
 Car Sensor- Application Analysis
 Scanning LiDAR Execute Process
 Scanning LiDAR Specification Analysis
 Scanning LiDAR Manufacturer Analysis
 Flash LiDAR Execute Process
 Flash LiDAR Specification Analysis
 Flash LiDAR Manufacturer Analysis
 LiDAR Product Specification Overview
 LiDAR Laser Product Requirement
 Automotive LiDAR Market Restriction Factors
 Automotive LiDAR Market Supply Chain Analysis
 Low-Cost LiDAR Products will Enter Drone and Robot Markets
 LiDAR Market Opportunity in Drone Application
 LiDAR Market Opportunity in Sweeping Robot Application
 2017-2020 LiDAR Laser Market Value

Market Opportunities- Driver Monitoring and Warning

 Car Sensor- Instant Driver Monitoring to Avoid Accident
 Driver Monitoring and Warning System Becomes the Developing Focus of Major Car Makers
 Physical Detection for Drivers and Alerting Technologies Taking Audi As Example
 Automotive Sensing Market Supply Chain Analysis
 2017-2025 Infrared Share in Interior Automotive Market

IR LED / IR Laser Major Players and Target Market Analysis

 Major IR LED Manufacturers Movement and Target Market

 Major IR Laser Manufacturers Movement and Capacity Plan


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