MLS Aims to Become a Lighting Brand and Will Reduce the Role of LED Packages in Its Business Portfolio

In a recent interview with a market research firm, China-based LED manufacturer MLS announced that it is fully committed to become a brand in finished lighting products and will be scaling back the role of LED packages in its business portfolio over the next few years. MLS currently owns two brand names: “MLS” and “LEDVANCE”. Its strategy going forward will be primarily about building up brand recognition and opening new sales channels. MLS said that it has been laying the groundwork for the transition during these recent years. ...
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Lawrence Lin Leaves LEDVANCE, Qinghuan Sun Appointed as the New CEO

Lawrence Lin, who took over the role of CEO in LEDVANCE in November 2018, has left the company, covered by EdisonReport and lightED. Qinghuan Sun, President of MLS, has been appointed as CEO and Managing Director of LEDVANCE since Lin left. Erol Kirilmaz, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, on the other hand, has become Managing Director in the United States and Canada on an interim basis. (Image: LEDVANCE) Lin had been appointed as CEO and Managing Director in 2018 after Jacob Tern, who took the role for only eight month...
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China Government Issues Subsidies to LED Companies

Chinese LED companies including chip makers Sanan Optoelectronics and HC Semitek and LED packager MLS reported that they have received subsidies from the government. (Image: Pixabay) Sanan Semiconductor, the subsidiary of Sanan Optoelectronics announced that it has received RMB 200 million (US$28.15 million) from local government based on the agreement of investment collaboration. The company was just granted RMB 143 million (US$ 20.13 million) last week for equipment purchase. The government of Yiwu, Zhejiang is issuing two subsidies to the second...
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MLS Plans to Integrate Forest Lighting and LEDVANCE

Forest Lighting has released a letter to its customers to share the update regarding MLS’s plan to integrate Forest Lighting and LEDVANCE. MLS is the global parent company of LEDVANCE and Forest Lighting and has decided to integrate these two businesses in the United States and Canada to maximize operation efficiency. According to the announcement of Forest Lighting, LEDVANCE will be responsible for operation management after integration. The purpose of the integration is to accelerate product development, reduce internal costs, and improve...
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Lawrence Lin Appointed CEO of LEDVANCE

The LEDVANCE Supervisory Board has appointed Lawrence Lin as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director of LEDVANCE. Lin, who most recently served as Chairman of the LEDVANCE Supervisory Board, will continue to drive the transition of LEDVANCE to become one of the global leaders in LED-based general lighting. Lin brings a successful track record and vast international management experience into his new position at LEDVANCE. In his latest role since 2015, as Executive General Manager at MLS, he was instrumental in...
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7 Chinese Companies That Might Be Interested in Bidding for GE Lighting

As GE lighting is still a strong brand in North America, it is expected a number of Chinese LED and lighting firms will scramble for the sale. In this regard, LEDinside looked into the Chinese lighting industry and found out a few firms that might be interested in buying GE’s assets.
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MLS Marches into Automotive Lighting Market

Major Chinese LED package supplier MLS teams up with Taiwanese auto lamp manufacturers to develop automotive lighting. Targets of its early stage development are aftermarkets of rear lamp and turn signal in Taiwan.
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LEDinside Announced the Top Ten LED Package Suppliers Worldwide, MLS Climbed to the Fourth

The LED packaging market has witnessed steady growth over the past year, says LEDinside, a division of TrendForce. According to LEDinside’s latest industry report, the annual revenue of global LED package market was US$15.975 billion in 2016, and reached US$18.035 billion in 2017. Based on the revenue of 2017, the top three LED package suppliers worldwide were Nichia, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, and Lumileds, while MLS from China climbed to fourth place thanks to its significant capacity expansion efforts.
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LEDVANCE Now Wholly Owned By MLS

LEDVANCE, one of the world's leading general lighting providers for professional users and end consumers, is now 100 percent owned by the leading Chinese LED lighting company MLS. MLS has taken over the full ownership of LEDVANCE by means of a share deal with the strategic investor IDG Capital and the financial investor Yiwu. As part of the deal, IDG Capital and Yiwu will become shareholders of MLS via a joint investment.
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LEDvance Positive towards Asian Lighting Market

Early in March, the Chinese investment consortium- with IDG Capital,LED packaging manufacturer MLS CO., LTD. and Yiwu State-Owned Assets Operation Center as the members- completed the acquisition of LEDvance from Osram. Originally a general lighting business unit of Osram, LEDvance, with the support of its new owners, extended its product line from standardized and traditional light sources to advanced LED lamps and intelligent products for smart lighting.
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New Strategies Unveiled: LEDVANCE Ramps Up LED Lighting and Smart Lighting Offerings with Improved Price-Performance Ratio

The long-awaited sale of LEDVANCE, originally the general lighting lamps business of German lighting giant Osram, to the Chinese investment consortium, consisting of the strategic investor IDG Capital, MLS, and Yiwu State-Owned Assets Operation Center (Yiwu), was finally completed on March 3, 2017. At the LFI 2017 held in Philadelphia, LEDinside met with LEDVANCE’s CEO Jes Munk Hansen to talk about the recent deal and its strategic position in the lighting market.
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Global Value Lighting Establishes Extensive Sales Network in the American Market

With over 10 years of experience in the lighting industry, U.S. lighting company Lighting Science brings to market advanced LED lighting products, and annual shipments for LED light bulbs have reached 50 million units. It also provides retail private-label LED solutions. In addition, the group has a well-established sales network, with products sold within U.S. major retail stores like Home Depot.  
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Forest Lighting Offers Affordable LED Lighting Solutions for Commercial Smart Lighting & Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Forest lighting, the brand name belonging to Chinese lighting giant MLS, was established in 2014. Thanks to continuous marketing and public relations efforts, the brand has gradually gained popularity among North American retailers and wholesalers, and has expanded its reach to emerging markets like Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Russia. At LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) 2017, Jian Ni, COO of Forest Lighting in North America, shared with LEDinside the development strategies of the brand. 
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Global Value Lighting Best-in-Class Private-Label Lighting Business Launches at LIGHTFAIR

Global Value Lighting, the premier private-label LED lighting solutions provider with a comprehensive portfolio of over 200 products, is making its debut at LIGHTFAIR 2017. GVL is supported by their partner Lighting Science’s intellectual property portfolio including 400+ patents, and have the most competitive factory-direct pricing thanks to their recent joint venture with Chinese manufacturer MLS, one of the largest global LED manufacturers.
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Acquisition Synergies Expected to Help MLS and LEDVANCE Shine Brighter

Due to a major asset restructuring, from July 18, 2016, shares trade of MLS, China’s leading LED packaging manufacturer, remained suspended until May 2, 2017. MLS announced it would spend up to RMB 4 billion (around US$580 million) to acquire the whole ownership of Guangdong Mingxin Optoelectronic, which holds a 100% stake in LEDVANCE. By doing so, MLS would gain full control of LEDVANCE, originally Osram’s lamps and lighting unit. This partnership is expected to create synergies in manufacturing, distribution, R&D, and branding, offering both sides important competitive advantages in the post LED lighting era.
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Lighting Science Announces Transformative Joint Venture with MLS

Lighting Science®, a specialist in next-generation LED lighting solutions and a pioneer in providing retail private label LED solutions, has announced a joint venture with Chinese LED manufacturer and lighting company MLS Co., Ltd.
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Chinese Consortium Completes Acquisition of Osram's LEDVANCE

The sale of LEDVANCE by OSRAM to the Chinese investment consortium, consisting of the strategic investor IDG Capital, the LED packaging manufacturer MLS CO., LTD. (MLS) and Yiwu State-Owned Assets Operation Center (Yiwu), was successfully completed effective on March 3rd, 2017 and with economic effect as of March 1st, 2017. This follows the parties obtaining all necessary approvals from the relevant authorities.
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German Government Approved Osram’s Lamps Unit Sale to Chinese Buyers

It is reported by Reuters on 30th of Jan that a spokesman of lighting manufacturer Osram announced the company has been approved by the German government to sell its Lamps unit to an association of Chinese bidders for 400 million euros (USD 425 million).
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Osram's Sale of Ledvance Anticipated to Receive Green Light from German Government by 2Q17

Osram is close to receiving approval from the German government to go ahead with the sales of its general lighting business LEDVANCE to a Chinese investment consortium headed by IDG Capital Partners (IDG), reported DrivingVisionNews.com.
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MLS Scales up Investments in Aucksun Opto to Strengthen LED Chip Supply

MLS (also known as Forest Lighting) announced Tuesday, the company will be pumping in another RMB 500 million (US $71.95 million) in a subsidiary of Chinese LED chip manufacturer Aucksun Opto to expand in the upstream LED sector.
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Indian Online Boycott of Chinese Products Not the Cause of Declining Bulb Exports

Did a boycott of Chinese products on India social media websites cause the sharp decline of LED bulb imports? A movement launched on Indian social media platforms during the annual lighting festival Diwali on Oct. 31, 2016 resulted in a 30% to 50% revenue decline of energy efficient lights and LED bulbs in Mumbai.
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LEDVANCE Acquisition Documents Reviewed by German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy

Osram recently announced the latest developments about the acquisition transaction of its LED general lighting business sales to a Chinese investment  consortium headed by IDG Capital.
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German Government Puts Chinese Consortium Acquisition of Osram’s LEDVANCE on Hold

The German government has temporarily halted Chinese consortium headed by strategic investor IDG Capital Partners (IDG) to acquire Osram’s general lighting business LEDVANCE, and have put the deal under review, Reuters cited German magazine WirtschaftsWoche recent report.
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MLS Nominates LED Veteran Guoqing Tang as Independent Director

MLS board recently nominated Guoqing Tang, a seasoned professional in China’s LED industry, as one of the company’s independent director.
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MLS Signs RMB 5.5B LED Plant Construction Deal with Yiwu Industrial Park Committee

MLS and Yiwu Industrial Park Committee in China signed a LED agreement on Tuesday morning, reported China Yiwu Website.
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Leyard Halts Trade on China Bourse, MLS Delays Trade Resumption

Chinese LED manufacturers Leyard and MLS are both suspending trade on the Chinese bourse as the two companies undergo major investment and asset restructures.
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Mixed Responses Towards Osram and MLS Newly Founded Partnership

Osram announced after one year of carefully selecting bidders that it would sell its general LED lighting business LEDVANCE to MLS for EUR 40 million (US $44.7 million), about three days ago. Chinese press have compared the deal to a marriage between couples, where MLS paid a hefty dowry to win over the German lighting giant’s general lighting division.
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OSRAM and MLS to Carve Out Their Positions in LED Lighting Market with LEDVANCE Deal, Says LEDinside

German-based lighting manufacturer OSRAM has agreed to sell its lamp business unit LEDVANCE to a Chinese consortium that is led by IDG Capital Partners and includes LED manufacturer MLS and Yiwu State-Owned Assets Operation Center. The sale was announced on July 26 and represents a landmark deal in which Chinese LED manufacturer successfully acquires an oversea target with the help of an international investment group. “The sale of LEDVANCE shows major international lighting companies are exiting the LED lighting business due to its unprofitable outlook,” said Roger Chu, research director of LEDinside, a division of TrendForce. “On the other hand, Chinese LED lighting companies have an overall cost advantage and are assisted by the government, so they can take this opportunity to expand their market shares.” 
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Who Is the Real Acquisitor of Ledvance?

Osram announced Wednesday that a Chinese investment consortium headed by IDG that comprised of  MLS, and Yiwu State-Owned Assets Operation Center (Yiwu) acquired the German manufacturer’s general lighting business Ledvance for EUR 400 million (US $439.58 million).
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MLS to Implement Dual Brand Strategy after Chinese Consortium’s Acquisition of LEDVANCE

Osram announced Tuesday the sale of its general lighting lamp business, LEDVANCE, to a Chinese investment consortium headed by strategic investor IDG for EUR 400 million (US $439.58 million), Chinese leading LED package manufacturer MLS was named among a key member of the consortium, as well as financial investor Yiwu.
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