Summary of 34 Mini LED Notebooks/TVs/Monitors Available in the Market

Between 2020 and 2021, Mini LED backlight products have sprung up in consumer markets. Who has released Mini LED backlight products? What are their specifications? How much do they cost? In the tables below, LEDinside has collected and summarized information on Mini LED products that are currently available.

*The information in the above tables is incomplete; please refer to the actual sales prices.

According to TrendForce’s research, as Apple has launched new MacBook Pro products for the high-end markets, the shipment of notebooks with Mini LED backlights is forecast to reach 5 million in 2022, an annual growth rate of 213%.

As TrendForce’s research data indicates, in the TV markets, South Korean manufacturers have started to promote high-end Mini LED TVs, whereas Chinese suppliers have produced products with high price–performance ratios to boost shipments. In 2021, the global shipment of Mini LED TVs is likely to reach 2.6–3 million sets.

Concerning Mini LED monitors, TrendForce’s latest investigation revealed that the shipment of gaming LCDs (defined as displays with a refresh rate of ≥100Hz) hit 18.4 million sets in 2020 (annual growth rate=105%). Because gaming products per se are the focus of leading LCD and panel vendors, along with the thriving stay-at-home economy, their shipments will continue growing and are likely to jump to 25.9 million sets in 2021, a 41% YoY increase.

As Mini LED is taking off, manufacturers have begun to seek new selling points for their products by establishing more high-end production lines. Under such circumstances, Mini LED backlights have moved into the spotlight, showing the great potential of Mini LED-backlit displays.
In addition to the notebook, TV, and monitor markets, Mini LED is also entering the tablet and VR markets. For example, Apple unveiled the iPad Pro with Mini LED backlights in April this year. Later in October, Finland-based Varjo announced its first Mini LED VR headset, the Varjo Aero, featuring two Mini LED-backlit LCDs.

However, Mini LED backlights are still facing strong competitive pressure from OLED displays.

For instance, because OLED supplier Samsung has been striving to capture shares in the notebook market, the shipment of products with OLED monitors is estimated to reach between 250 and 270 units this year, with a penetration rate of 1.1%. In high-end markets, OLED notebooks directly compete with their Mini LED counterparts, consequently hindering non-Apple suppliers from choosing Mini LED.

Apple had not unveiled the new MacBook Pro until 4Q21. Therefore, TrendForce has revised down its estimation of the 2021 shipment of Mini LED-backlit notebooks from 2.4 million to 1.65 million units.

Indeed, development of Mini LED backlights by application is weaker than expected. Nevertheless, as we can see in the above tables, leading companies have started producing Mini LED backlight products in applications. Some players even expanded their business to two markets (either two of the notebook, TV, and monitor sectors), which have all demonstrated their determination to develop Mini LED backlight products.

Maybe someday in the future, our editorial team will find that it is impossible to list every Mini LED backlight product. If this happens, it would mean that the Mini LED backlight industry has truly won the future. (By Johnson from LEDinside)

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