Ipad pro podria tener oled The Cupertino company is planning to launch a technological innovation for sale, like other products, now the great promise is the iPad Pro that includes OLED screens set for the following year. The change expected by Apple will also include many others in terms of features, prices and other aspects. Below you can read in detail everything related so far about Apple’s OLED iPad and the possible reasons for this change. APPLE’S COMMITMENT TO THE IPAD OLED As the weeks have progressed, the rumors ...
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Apple Divides VCSEL Chip Orders Among Three Suppliers

On May 3, 2023, it was reported that Apple had divided its VCSEL chip orders between three suppliers: Lumentum, II-VI, and Sony. Industry sources stated that the orders were more evenly distributed among the suppliers. VCSELs are vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers that are used to power various features on Apple devices, including Face ID, Memoji, Animoji, and Portrait mode selfies. Lumentum remains the largest producer of VCSELs for Apple, with 68% of the market in 2020. However, II-VI has also become a major supplier for Apple and has incr...
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Apple approves use of Sunic System’s OLED deposition machine

Change of position from insisting on Canon Tokki’s  Apple has recently approved the use of a Gen 8 OLED deposition machine developed by Sunic System, TheElec has learned. The iPhone maker had previously wanted the South Korean display panel makers to use a machine developed by Japan’s Canon Tokki. Sources said however Apple’s approval wasn’t an active approval but more of an “OK” for suppliers to pursue using Sunic System’s over those of Canon Tokki. OLED deposition machines are used to deposit the or...
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While Apple will reportedly provide users with a wide-range of familiar apps for their first XR Headset, there could be a few Impressive Firsts

Patently Apple first began to follow the trend of a possible future headset way back in late 2009, a granted patent dating back to 2007. That was 16 years ago. , well ahead of any rumor and guru forecast. Another granted patent filed in 2008 was published in 2014. Our archive category of Head Mounted Displays (HMD) now holds over 350 patents that we've covered. Apple's HMD project gained greater attention back in 2017 when Apple hired Jeff Norris, a former Missions Operations innovation lead at NASA joined Apple's headset device team led by Mike R...
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Apple analysts offer new details about 27-inch Studio Display with mini-LEDs and 120 Hz ProMotion support

According to new reports, Apple will not release a new 27-inch Studio Display with mini-LED backlights or 120 Hz ProMotion support anytime soon. Purportedly, Apple has cancelled the current model, but an analyst has revealed mass production plans centred around a new prototype. Ming-Chi Kuo and Ross Young have expanded upon rumours for a new Apple external monitor. According to earlier rumours, Apple has planned to launch a more premium alternative to the Studio Display last summer. Allegedly, the 27-inch monitor would combined mini-LEDs with 120 Hz ProM...
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Apple Reportedly to Announce AR/VR Headset in Spring and Starting Selling It in Autumn 2023

The dispute between Luo Yonghao—the founder of Chinese mobile device maker Smartisan—and one of his company’s investors has attracted much public attention, for which the entrepreneur only gave a brief reply without disclosing any news about starting a new business or developing new products.   That being said, Luo had previously announced a plan to develop AR/VR products and claimed that they would be the next-gen smartphone platform. Coincidently, Apple has been developing AR/VR products, which CEO Tim Cook also said will replace iPhones in ...
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Apple to Unveil AR/MR Device in Early 2023: Shipping Will Begin in 2Q23, Says Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

On June 7, TF International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said on Twitter that Apple plans to announce its AR/MR device in January 2023 and put off delivery to the second quarter. As the development of its AR/MR headset was interrupted by the lockdown in Shanghai, the iPhone maker did not reveal any AR/MR-related news at WWDC (the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) 2022. Kuo indicated that Apple plans to launch an EVT (engineer verification test) for its AR/MR headset in 2Q22 before delivering the DTK (developer tool kit) in the next 2 to 4 weeks....
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Apple’s Upcoming Watch Series Likely to Feature a Micro LED Display Integrating Optical Sensors

As the foreign media reported, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced a patent application submitted by Apple on March 3, 2022, in which the process of integrating optical sensors into a Micro LED display is described. The document describes the process and purposes of integrating ambient light sensors, fingerprint sensors and finger vein readers into a Micro LED screen. Apple also mentions the possible applications of the optical-sensor-equipped screen along with their goals, including its applications to the health sector, RGB cameras, ...
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Apple Likely to Launch iPad with OLED Screen Made by Samsung in 2024

As the Korean media outlet TheElec reported, massive orders from Apple are necessary for Samsung Display to expand the production of its Gen 8.5 (2200mm×2500mm) IT OLED panels. A source familiar with the matter told TheElec that Samsung has been partnering with Ulvac from Japan to develop vertical disposition equipment for the Gen 8.5 IT OLED panel since last year. The equipment and fine metal mask (FMM)—which is used for precise disposition of organic materials on substrates—are indispensable for the commercialization of the said panel. ...
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Genesis photonics inc. files Patent Lawsuit Against Apple for infringement of 9 patents, involving iPad Pro11", 12.9", iPad Pro mini LED 12.9" and related products

The world's leading innovator of flip-chip LED products and technology, Genesis photonics Inc. (gpiled), In response to Apple’s infringement of the company’s patent rights, the company has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in Taiwan, requesting Apple to stop the infringement and compensate NT$210 million (indicating the minimum amount of all requests and will be submitted to the court Supplement the requested amount after investigating the quantity of infringing products) Genesis photonics Inc. (gpiled) Statement "We firmly believe ...
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Ming-Chi Kuo's Releases his latest Predictions on Apple's 2nd-Gen MR Headset, iPhone SE, Apple Watch and AirPods

Rumors from Ming-Chi Kuo   This morning Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a major report to clients covering Apple's second generation mixed reality headset, Apple Watch and AirPods and more.   On Apple's Mixed Reality Headset   On the topic of mixed reality headsets, Kuo states that Apple has already begun planning for their second-generation AR/MR headset, and the shipment schedule will likely be in 2H24. Improvements for the second generation include the lighter weight, form factor design, battery system, and ...
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Apple will Allegedly Announce AR headset with Sony’s Micro OLED Display Next Year

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the tech giant plans to announce its first AR headset with Sony’s 4K Micro OLED display in 4Q22. The AR headset will allegedly have computing power comparable to the Mac products, and can be directly operated without smartphone binding. Sony’s ECX339A Micro OLED Display As revealed by previous news and patent announcements, Apple has long focused on the research and development of AR technologies, while rumors about the company’s AR strategies and devices have never stopped spreading. Last...
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Summary of 34 Mini LED Notebooks/TVs/Monitors Available in the Market

Between 2020 and 2021, Mini LED backlight products have sprung up in consumer markets. Who has released Mini LED backlight products? What are their specifications? How much do they cost? In the tables below, LEDinside has collected and summarized information on Mini LED products that are currently available. *The information in the above tables is incomplete; please refer to the actual sales prices. According to TrendForce’s research, as Apple has launched new MacBook Pro products for the high-end markets, the shipment of notebooks with Mini L...
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Annual Shipment of Airpods Expected to Reach 85 Million Sets, with Component Suppliers Epistar, DOWA, II-VI/Finisar Set to Benefit, Says TrendForce

Oct. 20, 2021 ---- Apple’s latest AirPods 3 still feature an optical in-ear detection mechanism, according to TrendForce’s 2021 Infrared Sensing Market Trend - 3D Sensing, LiDAR, SWIR LED report. Through the integration of PPG (photoplethysmography) technology, the AirPods 3 contain an improved in-ear detection mechanism based on skin-detect sensors that are equipped with four SWIR (short-wave infrared) LED chips that have two different wavelengths, as well as two InGaAs photodiodes. Industry insiders indicate that the AirPods 3’s s...
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Apple Has Won A Patent For Flexible Interactive Materials That Provide Haptics For Wearable Devices, Clothing, Macbooks & More

Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent that relates to using various materials for providing input and output for an electronic device. More specifically, the present disclosure is directed to using piezoelectric material or electroactive polymers for receiving input and providing haptic output for wearable devices such as VR gloves, straps, watch bands, body suit or other clothing and electronic devices like glasses, an HMD, iPhone, rings, a MacBook and more.   Many traditional user input devices, such as keyboards, h...
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Here Are All of the Biggest Announcements From Apple’s September Keynote Event

Including the all-new Watch Series 7 and the highly-anticipated iPhone 13. Source: Apple Apple dropped several new products and released information on major updates to its existing devices at its Keynote event on Tuesday. The annual event began at 10 a.m. PT and included new iterations of the iPhone, iPad and Watch. A recording of the livestream is available to view on apple.com. Here are all of the biggest announcements from Tuesday’s major tech conference: 1. Apple is releasing the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro with the most advanced camera system e...
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Apple's iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 event is on September 14

by Malcolm Owen | Sep 07, 2021 Apple has confirmed it will be holding its annual September event as usual, with the September 14 "California Streaming" event expect to feature the launch of the "iPhone 13," among other products. As Apple has traditionally done each year, the company will be holding a fall event in September. In an announcement on Tuesday, Apple revealed that the event will take place on September 14 at 10 a.m. Pacific. The event is probably the first of multiple in the last few months of 2021, following Apple'...
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Opto Tech Provides 90% of Apple’s Smart Watch Sensors

Since the launch of the 1st-gen Apple Watch, Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook has often positioned the product as an all-around healthcare wearable device, which can be best proved by features including the earlier electrocardiography and blood oxygen measurement unveiled last year. With excellent know-how and product yield, the leading sensing component manufacturer Opto Tech hold 90% of Apple Watch’s sensor orders, thereby playing a crucial role in Cook’s healthcare wearable agenda. Insiders reveal that most wearable devices measure users’ heart r...
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Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple Is Developing Micro LED Display Technologies

To compete with South Korean companies holding a dominant position in the OLED display market, Apple is striving to establish its Mini LED industry chain. According to the latest report by Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst of Apple products, Apple’s mass production agenda for its Mini LED monitors comprises five stages. Stage 1: Changes in screen yield rates and shipping schedules will significantly affect the stock valuation of “primary suppliers”. Therefore, Apple’s suppliers will endeavor to improve product yield. Stage 2: T...
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Apple VR Headset May Monitor User's Pose Using Neural Networks

By Malcolm Owen | Jul 13, 2021-Appleinsider     Apple's VR or AR headset could move an avatar of the user based on monitoring the user's body movements, while its battery life could be lengthened by some clever data transmission techniques.   Apple is believed to be in development of a virtual reality or augmented reality headset, as well as AR smart glasses known as "Apple Glass." In entering a slowly growing field of human-computer interaction, Apple is also attempting to enginee...
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Apple Is Seeking Suppliers to Fulfill Its Demand for Mini LED Displays

As reported by foreign media MacRumors on June 30, Apple Inc. is endeavoring to meet the Mini LED display demand for its recently unveiled 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the to-be-released MacBook Pro products, prompting the tech company to find new suppliers to relieve its burden. In addition to the existing Taiwanese supplier TSMT, the tech giant is seeking suppliers that are able to mount electronic components onto the Mini-LED display PCB of the said 12.9-inch iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. Image source: Apple Inc. Despite the fact that TSMT remains t...
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Apple Reportedly Spending $200 Million to Improve Mini-LED Production for Upcoming 14-Inch and 16-Inch MacBook Pro

Apple is taking a significant step to improve the production of mini-LED displays for its upcoming redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, by investing $200 million in purchasing new equipment for four brand new mini-LED assembly lines, according to a paywalled report from DigiTimes, seen by MacRumors.   According to the report, Apple will spend $200 million on procuring additional SMT or surface mounting-technology equipment to create four brand new assembly lines dedicated to mini-LED production for its upcoming MacBook Pros. ...
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LG Electronics Moving to Sell iPhone at LG Best Shops in Korea

LG Electronics is in talks with Apple on selling the iPhone, the iPad and Apple Watch at LG Best Shops.  LG Electronics is negotiating with Apple on the sale of the iPhone, the iPad and Apple Watch at more than 400 LG Best Shops across the nation, according to IT tipster Tron on June 16. The shops can use the space and salespeople made available following LG Electronics’ withdrawal from the smartphone business by selling Apple products. The two companies are reportedly discussing the establishment of separate Apple corners within the sh...
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Apple Begins Selling New iPad Pro featuring M1 Chip in Taiwan, Expected to Drive Supply Chain Growth

To grab a share in the stay-at-home market, Apple Inc. released the new iPad Pro featuring the company’s M1 chip on its official website in Taiwan today, which may benefit its suppliers including Foxconn (OEM), Catcher (phone case provider), as well as numerous upstream and downstream suppliers of Mini LEDs. By actually ordering an iPad Pro on Apple’s Taiwan website, the Central News Agency discovered that the 11-inch model and 12.9-inch model with a Mini LED display are estimated to be delivered between June 10 and June 12, meaning that buyers...
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Apple Releases the 2020 Top 200 Supplier List with 6 Newcomers from Taiwan and 12 from China

Apple Inc. has published its 2021 Supplier Responsibility Report and its top 200 suppliers in 2020. The list includes six newcomers from Taiwan (i.e., Auras, Concraft, GIS, Global Lighting Technologies, LOTES, and TXC), with another six being excluded (i.e., Cheng Loong, FuYang Technology, Jan Jia Optoelectronics, Darfon Electronics, Merry Electronics, and Intramedia). By contrast, the list adds 12 Chinese entrants, indicating that Apple has been subtly changing its supply chain portfolio. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in the beginning of the repo...
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Shipment for Apple’s New iPad Pro Rumored to Have Delayed to July Due to Unresolved Mini LED Yield Rate

Apple announced the new iPad Pro in April, and the 12.9” iPad Pro is also adopted with Mini LED, though rumors are now circulating on how the yield rate of Mini LED has deferred the delivery of the 12.9” iPad Pro to the end of July, whereas the 11” iPad Pro is still scheduled for delivery between the end of May and early June as indicated on the official website. Bloomberg reports that the new iPad Pro will be officially available within a week or so, yet those who pre-ordered the 12.9” variation may have to wait until July to get their h...
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Shipment of Apple's Mini LED iPad Pro Expected to Reach Five Million Units in 2021 Thanks to Improved Display Technology, Says TrendForce

During Apple’s Spring Loaded event, the Cupertino company announced the upcoming release of its latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro models featuring Mini LED display technology. According to TrendForce’s latest investigations, demand for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro has already been relatively high in the niche markets. Thus, given the thorough improvement in specs as well as the very slight price hike of merely $100 over the previous generation, TrendForce is not only revising up its shipment forecast for the 2021 version of the 12-inch iPad Pro from four million units to f...
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What to expect at Apple's April 2021 event

Apple is expected to announce new products at the Spring Loaded event on 20 April 2021. Here's what to expect, from iPads to Apple TV. Apple has announced details of its first event of 2021. The company will host the "Spring Loaded" event on 20 April at 6pm BST, 10am PDT. We will discuss everything you need to know about the Apple spring event below, including when it will start in your region, what Apple will launch, and how you can watch it. When is the Apple spring event? Apple's virtual personal assistant, Siri, spoiled the surpris...
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Ofilm Confirms the Terminated Business Relationship with Apple

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Apple in Talks to Buy Self-Driving Sensors, Key Step in Car Plan

  Apple Inc. is in discussions with multiple suppliers of self-driving car sensors known as lidar, according to people familiar with the matter, a key milestone toward development of its first passenger vehicle. The Cupertino, California-based technology giant is in active talks with a number of potential suppliers for these laser-based sensors that allow a car’s computer to “see” its surroundings, said the people, who asked not to be identified due to the private nature of the discussions. The company has been working on a driverless vehicle project for s...
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Cree LED announced today that three of its recent product releases have been recognized with BrightStar Awards by LEDs Magazine. The XLamp® Element G LEDs and XLamp® Pro9™ LEDs were recognized in the “LED Light Sources&rdqu... READ MORE

New TARA2000-AUT-SAFE family includes unique interlock loop method for completely safeguarding ultra-fast detection of faults that can compromise eye safety Interlock method reduces bill of materials resulting in lower system cost 940nm emitte... READ MORE