LEDinside:LED Lighting Market to Reach US$30.5 Billion in 2016 and Professional Lighting Markets to See Explosive Growth

The scale of the LED lighting market is growing steadily, according to 2016 Global LED Lighting Market Trends Report by LEDinside, a division of TrendForce. LEDinside estimates that the scale of the LED lighting market will reach US$25.7 billion in 2015 and expand to US$30.5 billion in 2016. The penetration rate of LED lighting is also projected to climb from 31% in 2015 to 36% in 2016.
Joanne Wu, LEDinside assistant research manager, stated that sharp price declines have severely impacted the margins of replacement products such as LED light bulbs and light tubes. Consequently, lighting companies begin to shift their focus to professional lighting markets and hope that increases in government spending, especially in new public projects, will create new opportunities. Sectors with tremendous growth potentials include industrial lighting, commercial lighting and architectural lighting.
Prospects are bright for the U.S. and Indian lighting markets as applications diversify
Lighting companies have focused on professional lighting solutions in developed markets such as the U.S., Europe and Japan. They seek to capture certain market segments via product diversification and differentiation. In the emerging markets, rapid economic growth, favorable government policies, and mega urban projects are constantly generating new opportunities. Wu noted that the main growth centers in the global lighting market next year will be the U.S. and India.
Demand has been relatively strong in the U.S. lighting market this year, with growth residing in applications such as commercial/industrial lighting, horticultural lighting and marine lighting. Major U.S. lighting companies are proactively developing various LED lighting businesses and giving a greater share of their portfolios to LED lighting products. Demand growth for LED lighting products has been strong in the commercial/industrial applications, with the fastest growth found in troffers, panel lights, tunnel lights and high/low bay lights. New applications are also emerging, including smart lighting and light communication.
Another niche application in the U.S. market that is worthy of interest is horticultural lighting. Entrepreneurs and lighting system specialists are banking on the country’s bourgeoning legal marijuana trade as more states have changed their drug policies to allow growing marijuana plants for medicinal as well as for recreational purposes (e.g. Washington and Colorado).

Developments in the emerging markets such as India, Africa and Southeast Asia will be heavily influenced by government policies and the volume of project tenders in the market. The Indian government, for example, plans to purchase 200 million LED light bulbs by the end of 2016 and has issued tenders on LED streetlights retrofit projects. To meet bid requirements related to revenue, production capacity and manufacturing capability, international bidders are encouraged to enter joint ventures with local lighting companies. The Indian LED lighting market therefore is expected to remain hot through 2016.


2016 Lighting LED and Lighting Market v.s. 2016 LED Backlight Market Trend
2016 Lighting LED and Lighting Market
Lighting LED Market
  • Lighting LED Market Will Enter the Plateau Period During 2015 to 2020
  • Middle and Low Power LED Products Specifications Tending to be Concentrated, Competitive Opportunity to Emerge
  • Different LED Components for Various LED Lamps
  • 2835 and 3030 LEDs Are the Most Competitive in Lighting LED Field
2835 LED 
  • Fierce Competition in the Market Leading to Continuous Price Fall
3030 LED 
  • 3030 LEDs Remains Hot With Manufacturers Improving Performance By Introducing New Generations
  • OSRAM and CREE Ceramic-Substrate Product Upgrades, to Enhance Luminous Efficiency and Reduce Thermal Resistance
7070 LED 
  • 7070 LEDs Gradually Become Hot, Mainly Attacking 15-20W COB Market
  • Cree Launches Niche Products With High Light Intensity, Being Used in Automotive Lighting and Outdoor Lighting Market
  • Main COB Specifications in 2015
  • LED Manufacturers Introduce Higher Performance COB Products to Enhance the Added Value
  • COB LEDs With Low Thermal Resistance and High Luminous Intensity Still Have Advantages on Over 20W Market Field
  • DOB LED Market Demand is Small, Only Fitting For Lighting Project 
Global Lighting Market Trend
  • Global LED Lighting Market Trend
  • European Lighting Market Trend
  • North America Lighting Market Trend
  • Japanese Lighting Market Trend
  • Chinese Lighting Market Trend
  • Southeast Asia and Australia Lighting Market Trend
  • Middle East and Africa Lighting Market Trend
  • Latin America Lighting Market Trend
  • Emerging Market Lighting Industries Hold Great Potential
  • Gradually Expanding LED Lighting Market Size From 2015-2018 
  • Incandescent Bulb Phase Out Policies Ending, Halogen Phase Out Extended to 2018
  • 2014-2016 Global LED Lighting Market Forecast: By Region
  • 2014-2016 Global LED Lighting Market Forecast: By Product
  • 2015 Global LED Lighting Market: By Product v.s. By Region 
  • 2016 Global LED Lighting Market: By Product v.s. By Region 
Lighting Manufacturers Strategy
  • Top 20 Manufacturers in Lighting Revenue During 2014-2015
  • Top 20 Manufacturers in LED Lighting Revenue During 2014-2015
  • Lighting Manufacturers’ Strategies During 2015-2016
  • European Lighting Manufacturers’ Strategies
    • Philips Lighting
    • OSRAM Licht AG
    • Glamox
  • North American Lighting Manufacturers’ Strategies
    • GE Lighting
    • Acuity Brands
    • Hubbel
  • Japanese Lighting Manufacturers’ Strategies
    • Panasonic
    • Toshiba
    • Endo Lighting
  • Chinese lighting manufacturers’ strategies
    • OPPLE
    • MLS
    • Ocean's King Lighting
  • Top 10 Chinese Lighting Exporters in 1H15
2016 LED Backlight Market Trend
  • Mobile LED Market- Value & Volume
  • Trend 1:The Rise of Chinese Manufacturers to Alter Industry Supply Chain
  • Trend 2:Bigger Smartphones and High PPI
  • Trend 3:  Flash LED Shifts from Niche to Highly Competitive Market
  • Trend 4:  Thinner Smartphone to Drive the LED Specifications Changes
  • Technology 1: FLASH LED Roadmap
  • Technology 2: Retina Flash Technology to Substitute Front Flash LED
  • Technology 3: The Rise of OLED Technology to Eliminate Backlight LEDs
  • Tablet LED Market- Value & Volume
  • Trend 1: The Tablet PC Market Growth Momentum Slowdown
  • Trend 2: Tablet PC Equipping with Large Size Screen and Keypad to Seize Notebook Market
  • TV LED Market- Value & Volume
  • Global TV Market Forecast — Global Economy Weakness and TV Shipments Slowdown to Affect LED Backlight Demands
  • Trend 1: Direct-type LED TV Becomes Mainstream and Edge-type LED TV Come Back
  • Trend 2: The Rise of UHD TV to Drive Backlight LED Market
  • Trend 3: HDR Become the Focus of High-end TV
  • Trend 4: The Rise of Chinese TV Brands and Panel Manufacturers Push Relevant Market Demands
  • Technology 1:High CRI Solution
  • Technology 2:Flip chip Technology, Further Reducing the Cost of Solutions
  • Technology 3:The Second Generation Optical Lens to Manufacture Thinner Direct-type TV
  • Technology 4:Edge-type LED Roadmap
  • Technology 5:Direct-type Backlight LED Roadmap
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