LED Bulbs Feast from Global LED Companies in 2012


LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, conducted a survey showing that the retail price of worldwide LED bulb is decreasing slightly in July, 2012. For the first time, the bottom price of the commodity is below 10 USD in Britain, which would replace 40-watt incandescent lamp. Besides, the average price of the commodity which takes place of 60-watt incandescent lamp is also falling stably in all the world. More than that, at the moment LED bulb incline to be cost-effective and most famous manufacture are trying to keeping their high quality standards of products. This year a serise of LED bulb come to market, for now, the most important thing of LED bulb business is the technological competetion.



Cree delivers a new performance benchmark with the 170 lumens-per-watt (LPW) prototype LED light bulb. The innovations behind the high-performance 170 LPW LED bulb are enabling significantly higher efficacy and lower cost for Cree’s luminaire portfolio and demonstrate Cree’s continued commitment to accelerate the adoption of LED lighting by addressing initial cost and payback – key barriers to widespread LED lighting adoption.



GE Lighting illuminated a light-emitting diode replacement for the 100-watt incandescent light bulb—developed in its East Cleveland, Ohio, LED lab—that packages 27 watts of input power in a standard “A-19” bulb shape. The GE Energy Smart® 27-watt LED bulb incorporates proprietary synthetic jet technology that was enabled by GE’s collaboration with ecomaginationSM Challenge winner Nuventix, creator of LED cooling technologies for energy-efficient lighting.


Philips launched a 23-watt LED bulb as bright as a 100-watt incandescent lamp this fall. This 23-watt Philips LED bulb follows the introduction last month of its LPrize LED. The LPrize LED operates at 96 lumens per watt, compared with about 74 lumens per watt for the 100-watt equivalent EnduraLED. The CRI at 93, is substantially higher than the EnduraLEDs, too.  Its suggested retail price is $60 but Philips is offering a $10 rebate to make it available for $50. Utility rebates for buying efficient products can bring costs lower, too.


Osram will soon be lowering the cost barrier and will bring the first LED 40-watt replacement lamp with an RRP of under ten euros to the market. And in May, Osram Sylvania has intended to release its 100 W-replacement LED light bulb, joining its Sylvania Ultra series: a 20W, 1600 lumen light bulb with a warm, "incandescenty" color appearance of 2700 K. Osram Sylvania claims its LED light bulb boasts omni-directional output, though none of the manufacturers has produced data to quantify this to our knowledge (which it is possible to do).


Hitachi Appliances Inc has announced to develop world’s first E26-base wide-light-distribution-type LED light bulb, "LDA15D-G," which can emits the amount of light equivalent to that of a 100W incandescent light bulb (1,520lm). Compared with a 100W incandescent lamp, the power consumption and rated product life of the new bulb are about 1/6 and 40 times longer (40,000 hours), respectively. With a power consumption as low as 15.0W, the LED light bulb can replace a 60W or 40W incandescent lamp. With its protective function, the LDA15D-G automatically lowers its temperature (and brightness) when the temperature or humidity becomes high. Therefore, it can be used for closed appliances.


Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corp has added two daylight and incandescent-color cylindrical (T-type) LED light bulbs to its "E-core" series. According to the company, the brightnesses of the daylight products are 600lm, and 485lm for incandescent-color products, equivalent to the brightness of a 40W incandescent light bulb. Both of them have rated power consumption of 7.4W. It is the first time that the company has announced to release a T-type LED light bulb.

Ecomaa Lighting Inc. officially launched its own brand Ecomaa LED driver module Bulb series in this summer. Ecomaa new LED driver module Bulb 7.5W series has the brightness similar to a 40W incandescent lamp; there are 3000K and 6000K color temperature and 110 or 220 voltage choices, up to 550lm , together with 40,000 hours lifetime.


Lextar Electronics Corporation announces a new line of omni-directional dimmable LED A-bulbs for 40 watt to 75 watt incandescent replacement solution.  The wide angle of over 320 degrees is compatible with Energy Star light distribution, aiming at cliente in Japan, USA and Europe. Lextar’s next-generation energy saving LED A-bulbs include 40 watt, 60 watt and 75 watt incandescent replacement, providing wide beam angle of over 320-degree light distribution compatible with Energy Star.

More than that, TESS announces the hi-efficiency 20W 2000lm LED bulb. Intematix Corporation announced the availability of ChromaLit™ Contour.Lighting manufacturers can implement ChromaLit Contour to produce 60, 75 and 100 watt-equivalent omni-directional light in an LED system. Also, INSTEON® has created the INSTEON LED Bulb 8 Watt (60W), marking the world's first-to-market networked remote control dimmable LED light bulb.


Perspective from LEDinside
LEDinside considers that the key to popularize LED lighting are as follows - subsidy policies, industry standards, LED lighting cost reduction, supply chain integration and other factors. We will also see currently LED bulb market in the Europe and America is becoming much more positive and supportive. Once if LED bulb approaches the market, it means LED lighting field really enter a new era.
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