Taiwanese Enterprise Launches LED Mosquito Repellent Lamp for Indoor Applications

Mosquito repellent lamp

An entomologist at the research on the physiological characteristics of mosquito mosquito (and many bugs, moths, etc.) found particularly sensitive to certain light and liking, particularly aversion to other light.According to this principle, the company researchers developed a mosquito will the special optical light source materials of disgust mosquitoes away.


Photon drive midge successful use of this principle, by using the special optical light source material, produce a large number of mosquito don't like light, so as to achieve the result that repel mosquitoes.Due to its production of mosquito repellent lamp is visible to repel mosquitoes, so the harm to human body and the environment without any pollution, is the most safe environmental protection high drive midge products at home and abroad.
At present most of people are still confused the concept of mosquito repellent lamp and mosquito lamp, this is due to the habit of people unconscious.Please note that the mosquito repellent lamp by professional manufacture special lampshade optical light source material, is luster in warm orange, filter ultraviolet and infrared, won't cause any harm to human body.And mosquito lamp is through mosquito kind of be fond of of ultraviolet light with high pressure in the electric shock mosquito class was close to death.Both belong to different product categories.

Working principle

People all know that mosquitoes are hide during the day, night out bite.That is to say the sun have mosquitoes in fear of ingredients.LED solar spectrum light spectrum and close to the sun, also should have the function of the drive midge.Cannot drive midge lamp, it is not the solar spectrum lamp.
Mosquitoes respond differently to different light waves: the people eye the most acceptable, eyestrain, at least to see also the chu 580-590 nm band of light waves, the mosquito has its inherent backlight biological features, it is afraid of the light,
Saw it in the opposite direction to escape;And more than 450 nm - 530 nm light, is a mosquito "visible, like see the light", the mosquito has its inherent phototaxis biological features, it see clearly under the light, and like living under the light.LED solar spectrum light waves are made part of the mosquitoes in the fear of the sun's light onto the solar spectrum in the light, so, under the LED solar spectrum light, the mosquito is very uncomfortable, it is not right towards the LED solar spectrum lighting, lighting window mosquitoes fly into indoor, hit the lights fled instead, indoor didn't escape is hiding, is too late to hide in the air flying slowly, slowly flying mosquitoes don't bite, that perhaps it is not surprising.
See light drive midge, don't have to worry about LED solar spectrum light "since can drive mosquito, whether harmful to man".Because mosquitoes is afraid of light for 580-590 nm, exactly is the most beneficial to human eyes, eyestrain, least best made of light, so people work during the day or the labor, the mosquito is hiding in the shadows, not mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes are malaria, light as the chief culprit of dengue fever and other infectious diseases.In order to reduce disease and rest well, people are now widely used all kinds of mosquito-repellent incense, electric mosquito-repellent incense and all kinds of aerosol mosquitocide, chemistry.
They are killing the mosquitoes, drive midge harm humans and pollute the environment at the same time.Someone points a night sleeping in the mosquito-repellent incense, the second day morning will appear dry throat, dizziness and other symptoms.And LED lamp is to use the solar spectrum in the sunlight is beneficial to the human eye and mosquito is afraid of light physical drive midge, implements the drive midge and harmless to human environmental targets.

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