Saving 75% On Energy Costs With SLG Lighting

A new LED lighting installation service from UK lighting supplier SLG Lighting is helping businesses across the UK to slash their energy and lighting maintenance costs – and become eco-friendly at the same time.

Under SLG Lighting’s Energy Saving Programme, businesses and public sector organisations can reduce their electricity expenditure by up to 75%, which can help to repay the installation costs in fewer than two years.

With energy-efficient LED lighting, companies can also reduce their lighting replacement and maintenance costs, as LED lights have a much longer lifespan than traditional halogen or fluorescent lights. The typical lifespan of a fluorescent bulb averages at 7,000 hours whereas LED bulbs can provide around 30,000 hours of consistent lighting. Also, LED lights run at much lower wattages than fluorescent or halogen lights, resulting in immediate energy and cost savings.

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LED lights can also help businesses and other organisations to reduce their carbon footprints – changing just one 65w fluorescent bulb to a 25w LED bulb can reduce carbon emissions by 75%.

In some cases, using LED lighting can reduce the lighting percentage of an energy bill from 40% to as little as 6%, which means a typical annual saving of around £20,000 – savings that can be reinvested back into the business.

Case Studies

Under the Energy Saving Programme, SLG Lighting recently completed an LED lighting installation for Finsa, one of the largest MDF and chipboard manufacturers in Europe.

SLG Lighting replaced 75 CAT2 light fittings of 72 watts each with energy-efficient LED panels of 30 watts each. As a result, Finsa was able to save a massive 60% on its electricity expenditure.

Another successful LED installation took place at WirralCo, a leading UK printing company. The company had several lights in the roof at its printing facility, several of which were faulty, while others needed replacing on a frequent basis. This all added up to significant personnel and maintenance costs on an ongoing basis.

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The majority of fittings at WirralCo’s printing facility were fluorescent T8 tube luminaires and a small number of 400W high bay lights. SLG Lighting replaced these inefficient lights with 30-watt 600mmx600mm LED panels and then swapped out the high bays with a lower-wattage 150W LED version. As a result, the total lighting energy savings made by WirralCo were 60%.

According to WirralCo, the company is now saving an average of £300 per month on its energy costs, and maintenance costs have fallen dramatically. Describing the service from SLG Lighting, the company said: “SLG Lighting’s service and installation was excellent. They made the whole process very easy for us and we’re extremely happy with how our new LED lights are performing. The installation has saved us considerable amounts of money.”

About SLG Lighting and the Energy Saving Programme

SLG Lighting is a leading UK supplier and installer of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. Its Energy Saving Programme (ESP) is a complete end-to-end LED installation service with benefits including:

•        Dedicated account manager

•        Completely free site survey, analysis and review of lighting costs

•        Trained and certified installation team

•        Five-year warranty

SLG Lighting’s quote will include a comprehensive survey of existing lighting and current energy and maintenance costs, and the projected savings made by energy-efficient LED lighting.

For public sector organisations, interest-free loan funding is available from the government to cover the cost of the LED installation.

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