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Ipad pro podria tener oled

The Cupertino company is planning to launch a technological innovation for sale, like other products, now the great promise is the iPad Pro that includes OLED screens set for the following year. The change expected by Apple will also include many others in terms of features, prices and other aspects. Below you can read in detail everything related so far about Apple’s OLED iPad and the possible reasons for this change.

As the weeks have progressed, the rumors also arrive to a large extent without the OLED iPad being the exception. Given this, many users are already questioning the reason why Apple is betting on the change to OLED after only a few years after it launched the first iPad Pro with mini-LED on the market. As discussed above, mini-LED has always been an option for OLED, even though it doesn’t have the best features.

Mini-LED display technology has thousands of LEDs that are too small to be located in some dimming zones. In this way, mini-LED screens can increase their brightness exponentially compared to OLEDs. However, shades of black are still in favor of OLED panels. The main reason is that the pixels produce the light, making it much easier to turn off if the pixels need to be black.

At the time, in the year 2021, the first 12.9-inch iPad Pro with mini-LED was the subject of criticism that called it only “blooming”. AND This was referring to the effect that arises once the black elements begin to backlight, although the light that arises begins to invade the black interface. This type of effect does not happen on OLED screens, since if the pixels need to be in absolute black, they just turn off completely.

Although, so far there is a big problem with OLEDs, because they burn. This happens because if there is a static image that is displayed for a long time, it causes a visible mark of said image to remain on the screen despite what you change what it shows.

By the time mini-LED technology is found in Apple’s iPad Pro and 12.9-inch MacBook Pro, they’re still of better quality than LCD panels. Meanwhile, insiders admit that OLED is still the most prominent option on the market. As worrisome as OLED burn-in can be, subliminal pixels are superior in image quality to mini-LED.


According to the most recent rumors, the Cupertino company could launch this new product until the first half of 2024 by adding OLED technology. The iPad Pro would be 11 and 12.9 inches, the lucky ones to get the panels. This new technology could reach all other iPads at some point.

Other Reliable Bloomberg Rumors, Analyst Ross Young they indicated that this would be the most accurate date according to the calendar. In the most current comments, Bloomberg reported that Apple plans to release an “iPad Pro refresh.” The design could be a totally different novelty and revamped for OLED screens in spring 2024.

OLED technology still has inconvenient details, at least Young points this out. However, Apple is betting yes or yes on the OLED to improve many of these details.

According to Young, Apple will use OLED displays as a “tandem stack.” Thus, they can increase the brightness, improve screen usage time and reduce energy by 30% compared to the usual OLED. There are other rumors that tell how the screens will add variable refresh rate.

The closest price is…
The cost that the iPad Pro Oled could have aims to be somewhat more expensive than other products. Due to the great advance that Apple would give to the OLED panel, the cost would rise more than what they already have compared to LCD and mini-LED.

There are reports that The Elec’s supply chain indicated that the asking price would be closer to $1,500. At least that would be for the 11-inch iPad Pro with OLED. Meanwhile the initial cost in the 12.9-inch version would be up to $1,800. This would be a significant change from current versions, surpassing by several hundred dollars.


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