LED Lighting Used in Worldwide Vertical Farms to Boost Local Food Supply

By deploying LED lighting, agricultural activities can be carried out in places with difficult environment conditions for providing food locally and diminishing the food miles. Vertical farms have been established worldwide with the aim of producing food with more efficiency and less resource waste. 
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Signify Helps Agro-Inwest to Expand its LED Horticultural Lighting Project

Signify, formerly known as Philips, announced the expansion of LED horticultural lighting installation with Agro-Inwest, Russia’s rapidly growing innovative company cultivating fresh vegetables. The greenhouses using LED lighting for growing tomatoes will reach the size of 68.5 hectares, equivalent to 100 soccer pitches. 
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Sterling Suffolk Chooses Plessey’s Hyperion 1750 LED Grow Light for Its New UK Tomato Greenhouse Project

Plessey, a developer LED technologies and manufacturer of solid-state lighting products, announces that Sterling Suffolk will install Plessey’s new Hyperion 1750 LED top light in its first greenhouse, which measures 54,400 m².
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Plessey Partners with Top Dutch Alstroemeria Grower for LED Grow Lights Following Successful Trial

Plessey announces a partnership with leading Dutch alstroemeria grower Together2Grow, following a successful trial of its LED grow lights combined with existing high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting in a hybrid installation.
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Plessey Helps Top Dutch Grower Boost Tomato Yield in trial of LED and HPS hybrid lighting

Plessey, a UK-based developer of LED technologies and manufacturer of solid-state lighting products, announces the results from a trial of its LED grow lights combined with existing high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting in a hybrid installation with a leading tomato grower in the Netherlands.
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Philips Lighting Begins World's Largest LED Horticultural Lighting Project

Philips Lighting announced that it will provide LLC Agro-Invest, Russia’s most innovative greenhouse produce company, with LED grow lights to support cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers in greenhouses covering an area of more than 25 hectares (equivalent in size to about 40 soccer pitches). The project, which is the largest LED horticultural lighting project ever undertaken, will enable year-round growing, help boost yields - especially in the winter - and will save 50 percent on energy costs compared to conventional high-pressure sodium lighting. The project also underlines a global trend for large-scale LED horticultural lighting implementations that can support demand for locally grown produce. 
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LED Horticultural Lighting Grows Up with GOLDENi

After years of research and in-the-field testing, Smart Grow Systems today announced the availability for the newest member of its commercial vertical farming system, the GOLDENi grow light series for propagation and flower. GOLDENi represents a breakthrough in LED grow light technology, surpassing all other horticultural grow lights – including currently available commercial LEDs, high pressure sodium (HPS) and high intensity discharge (HID) – in producing biomass of exceptional quality crops with substantially improved pound-per-light yields with the most efficient use of space and greatest reduction in power.
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Latest Spectral Science Research Revealed at LumiGrow Ontario Growers’ Council

LumiGrow, a smart horticultural lighting company, hosted an exclusive Growers’ Council at Harrow Research and Development Centre last month, to discuss results from the industry’s newest spectral science research findings.  Industry-leaders representing a broad range of vegetable, floriculture and cannabis producers, gathered to learn how to implement modern lighting strategies for their own production.
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World Largest LED Plant Grow Factory Built in Japan

Japanese Miriai Co. Ltd. Recently has built the world largest’s LED plant grow factory with LED lighting built-in to realize plants photosyhthesis. With a factory of  800 square meters, the LED plant grow factory now can produce 10,000 lettuces per day. 
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Showa Denko’s New Plant Cultivation Method Adopted in Okinawa

Showa Denko announces that its proprietary LED lighting equipment and high-speed plant growth technology (Shigyo MethodTM) have been adopted by Gushiken Co., Ltd., a major bread maker in Okinawa.  The company, led by President Hisao Gushiken, is headquartered in Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture.
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Tatung Eyes LED Plant Factories as New Growth Driver

LED plant factories have seen substantial development in Taiwan recently, according to Apple Daily. Taking advantage of the flourishing industry, Tatung on April 23, 2014, announced their intention on entering the LED growth light market with their hydroponic vegetable business “In Fresh.” Tatung anticipates “In Fresh” to act as a new growth driver for the company. 
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LED Horticultural Lighting the Next Big Trend

LEDs are no longer just for lighting. In recent years, LED technology has spread into the horticultural industry. Differing from traditional incandescent bulbs, LEDs are able to be designed to mimic sunlight and give off wavelengths necessary for plant growth. This allows for larger yield and year round harvesting. The past few years has seen a growing trend in horticultural lighting, which was evident at this year’s Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS) 2014. 
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