Everlight Responds to Chinese Court Verdict in Nichia's Favor

Everlight responds to Nichia's press release on November 7th regarding Chinese Patent Nos. ZL97196762.8 and ZL03159595.2 (YAG patents).
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Beijing First Intermediate People's Court Rules Nichia YAG Patents Valid

Japanese LED manufacturer Nichia announced recently , it had received the court verdict from the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court pertaining to the decision by the State Intellectual Property Office’s Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences that Nichia’s two YAG patents (ZL97196762.8, ZL03159595.2) were valid.
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Everlight Flash LED Breaks Into Japanese Smartphone Supply Chain

Dual-LED Flash is hoped to become a trend in smartphone application. Taiwan LED manufacturer Genesis Photonics and Everlight have both recently announced their entry into the Japanese smartphone supply chain.
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Everlight Showcases New Series of LED Products in 2013 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

Everlight Electronics CO., LTD. showcases varieties of new series of LED lighting components and fixtures at 2013 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition). This year, Everlight represents most updating series of high efficient LED lighting packages including High, Mid and Low Power LED and COB LED packages and certification listed including CE, UL or Energy Star LED retrofits and fixtures to show customers the ability of OEM/ODM and the one stop purchasing experience.
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Everlight to Host Zhaga Consortium this November

The Zhaga consortium, an international organization for industry standards for interchangeable LEDs, is once again coming to Taiwan. This time Everlight will be hosting the international conference
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Everlight Releases Ultra Mini ITR Photo Interrupter

Everlight Electronics Co., a leading player in the global LED and optoelectronics industry with three decades of experience, has introduced the latest member of its ITR series of photo interrupters for use in optical switches, digital cameras and printers, the ultra small outline slotted type ITR1205ST11A/TR. A slotted type opto interrupter detects an object when it enters the gap of the slotted switch and blocks the light path between the emitter and detector.
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ChangFang Hot on Everlight's Heels in Production Capacity

During a recent webinar, Shenzhen ChangFang Lighting Secretary of the Board Qinqin Wu expressed that the company’s LED packaging products and LED application products will continue to be the main business direction for the company and that in the future the company will have a fixed position as leader in the LED lighting field as an internationalized local brand.
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Everlight Q3 Q4 Performance Unaffected By Patent Dispute with Nichia

Taiwan LED packaging manufacture Everlight and Japanese LED manufacture Nichia’s patent war continues with both sides refusing to back down. The dispute however has not affected J.P. Morgan’s outlook for Everlight’s Q3 and Q4 operations. J.P. Morgan believes that recognized earnings for street light bids and German subsidiary WOFI’s recognized earnings for the second half of the year will be expected to increase around 10 percent for Q3. Revenue for Q4 is expected to continue rising.
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Nichia Fights Fire with Fire

The ongoing patent lawsuit between Taiwanese LED packaging manufacturer Everlight and Japanese LED manufacturer Nichia heats up. The two companies have filed lawsuits in Japan, Taiwan, Germany, the U.S. and China. General Manager of Legal Affairs and Intellectual Properties at Nichia, Katsuyuki Akutagawa attended a press conference in Taiwan on September 13th. He stated that Nichia will no longer be passive during this dispute but fight back against Everlight’s patent infringement.
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U.S. Court Rules in Favor of Everlight over Patent Lawsuit

The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan ruled in favor of Everlight today (September 13th) over patent infringement lawsuits filed against Nichia Corp regarding U.S. patent no. 6,653,215 LED metallization technology. Everlight also demands the courts declare Nichia patent nos. 5,998,925 and 7,531,960 void.
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EVERLIGHT Extends JU series of COB LEDs

Growing family of high-quality single light sources for directional lighting applications offers an outstanding cost/performance ratio of >400lm/$ EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.,has expanded its high performance JU series of chip-on-board (COB) LEDs to include 7, 10 and 15 W types in addition to the existing 4W version. COB LEDs are especially suited for directional applications that require a powerful single light source for effective illumination such as GU, MR and PAR retrofits, downlights and candelabras.   The JU series n...
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Everlight Once Again Win the lawsuit of Blue LED Patent Dispute

After The Japanese Patent Office (JPO) rendered Nichia’s patent JP2780691 invalid on November 12, 2012, Nichia decided to file for a Correction Trial at the JPO to conduct claim amendment. Subsequent to the trial procedure, the JPO upheld its previous decision to invalidate all claims of JP'691 again. Everlight applauds this decision. Everlight is pleased to say that both the civil and administrative actions brought by Nichia in 2011 obtained their final judgments that Nichia was defeated. Nichia hence turned to its hometown Japan to stir up patent ...
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Nichia to Lose 20% of Its Orders in the Second Half of 2013 for Competitors

According to the introduction from Taiwan-based LED manufacturers, Japan-based Nichia is the world's largest supplier of High Brightness LED, and it has occupied a leading market status in EMC-based LED chip packaging industry, but some LED packaging enterprises from Taiwan, China and South Korea have been competing for orders from LED lighting vendors, so that Nichia is expected to lose 20% of its orders in the second half of this year. Nichia received several patents regarding LED chip packaging based on EMC in 2007 and then offered an LED pack...
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Everlight Introduces 1W High Power Lighting Component Meeting the Needs of Residential Lighting

It is reported that Everlight introduces 1W high power LED XI3535 lighting components with over 30 years of professional experience in research and development of LED component, this product is in line with the cost-effectiveness many customers are most concerned about, it can still reach a certain lumens and light effects under lower cost, and it is widely used in all kinds of general lighting, residential lighting, such as plate lights, spotlights, candle lights. Because of the special package design, Everlight XI3535 has better cost performance; under the drive of higher cu...
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LED Bankruptcy Wave: Chinese Companies “Trip”, Taiwanese Companies “Stuffed”

Chinese banks’ recent credit crunch has impacted the LED industry. More than 100 LED manufacturers have defaulted as a result in Eastern and Southern China this year. Taiwanese LED manufacturers have emerged as the beneficiaries of the industry restructuring, as foreign investors purchase stock from industry leaders Epistar and Everlight.
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Everlight and Unity Opto Suffer Decline of 10% in Revenue in June Over Last Month

According to the revenue reports in June each LED plant has announced, due to the impact of slower shipment in mainland China LED backlight market and inventory adjustment, Everlight, Unity Opto and Lextar have suffered decline in revenue over last month, Everlight and Unity Opto decreased 11.82%  and 14.47% respectively. The consolidated revenue of Everlight in June is 1.892 billion NTD, a monthly decline of 11.82%, an annual growth of 11.49%. Everlight noted that by the expiration of energy subsidy policies in Mainland China at the end of May, the slower s...
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Expiration of Energy Subsidies Takes Negative Impact on the Revenue of Everlight in June

The energy subsidy policy expired at the end of May in mainland China, resulting in the revenues of LED plants associated with the panel backlight in June are not as good as expected, for example, revenue of Everlight in June may decrease, Everlight started its five-day "Golden Week" holiday from July 4 when the demand has been weak. The appliance subsidies expired by the end of May in Mainland China, the mainland TV plants have achieved great shipments from early May, causing the revenue of Everlight in May hit a record single-month high, but to June, the...
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Everlight is the OEM of the World's Top Four Lighting Plants

Everlight with advanced LED lighting components technology, as well as the advantages of mass production, it has achieved great success in its own brand and the OEM business, it has developed Chinese mainland market with its own brand, but it still is OEM of the large lighting manufacturers around the world, and the revenue of Everlight's LED lighting is expected to be doubled in this year. The old stereotyped image that the orders of its own brand will exceed OEM orders, but the confusion Everlight facing in practice is not as serious as imaged, because Everlight...
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Everlight Purchases German Lighting Factory at Less than 10 Million Euros to Enter European Market

Everlight has been actively developing LED lighting, in addition to operating its own brand "EVERLIGHT", it's board of directors announced on June 25 that it will Purchase 100% stake of an European lighting company at not more than 10 million Euros (about NTD 390 million) to enter the European market. Everlight planned to purchase a German lighting factory, which is the first mergers and acquisitions Everlight conducted in European region, it aims to strengthen European lighting pathways and business development. Everlight created its own brand ...
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Everlight's LED Lamp Beads Receive Certifications of Four Major International Lighting Brands

Everlight announced on June 18 that its LED Lamp Beads receive certifications of four major international lighting brands, and it will enter the OEM system, it is expected that Everlight LED lighting will be doubled this year, the sales in June will continue to be higher. Everlight not only builds channels in Asia with its own brand, also it plays a important role in the LED lighting components OEM in Europe and America markets, Everlight has obtained certifications of international lighting manufacturers successively, it will supply the LED light source to E...
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LED Project Jointly Invested by Everlight and Ching Fu Group Locates in Yunxiao, Fujian

Recently, the LED project jointly invested by Everlight and Ching Fu Group with $ 160 million located in Yunxiao, Fujian.   The first phase of this project attracts the investment of $ 25 million, and it covers 100 acres of land, which mainly specializes in the R & D, production and sales of optoelectronic devices, new mechanical and electrical components, electronic equipment and others. Everlight is a global leader in the LED industry and a LED lighting applications business in Taiwan with the largest output. Ching Fu Group is one of the leading enterp...
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EVERLIGHT Presents New HIR LEDs for Proximity-Sensors and High-Tech Intelligence Touch Panel Applications

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., , introduces three new 850nm HIR (high efficiency infrared) LEDs featuring a high output power and narrow viewing angles which make them ideal for use in high-tech intelligence touch panel and proximity sensors. Two of them are top view SMD LEDs especially suited for proximity sensor applications. The HIR89-01C has a viewing angle of 30° and achieves a very high radiant intensity 55mW/sr at 70mA. The HIR91-01C/L297 with a 40° viewing angle reaches an intensity of 40mW/sr at 70mA. Wide viewing an...
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Another considerable amount of subsidy may be issued to LED industries; manufacturers from Europe, the US, China, and Taiwan aggressively invest in the plant lighting market-LEDinside’s exclusive report on LED based-plant factories (1)

LED lighting applied to plant factories is not a new concept. 2-3 years ago, international first-tier manufacturers Philips and OSRAM started to invest in plant factories that are equipped with LED lighting and excellent environmental control, and Japan has also been developing this business for quite some time. LEDinside indicated that since public and commercial LED lighting are becoming more mature, plant factories may become the next target of LED lighting manufacturers from Europe, the US, Japan, and Taiwan. Viewing the success of this business as a political achievement, the Chinese government has greatly encouraged LED manufacturers to invest in plant factories.
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EVERLIGHT Unveils Full Series of LED components at LED EXPO THAILAND 2013

To address the increasing demands from the developing market in Thailand, EVERLIGHT presents its full offering of LED lighting components, LED digital displays, Automotive LEDs and Infrared LEDs at this year’s LED EXPO THAILAND to offer customers multiple solutions with EVERLIGHT’s guiding concept of “The Right LED for the Right Application.” EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., showcases a new series of Mid-Power LED components for lighting solutions such as tube light and downlight...
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Taiwan LED Makers Target Automotive-application Market

Epistar, recently pulled aside the curtains to reveal a hint of its next big-time product late this year to boost revenue, with industry insiders guessing the new launch to be automotive LEDs. Other major LED companies in Taiwan, including Everlight, Lextar, Unity Opto Technology, Formosa Epitaxy, are all reportedly aggressively developing business in this lucrative field with low profile. Epistar's high-voltage LED successfully tapped into Philips' supply chain in 2012, and the company has been aggressively trying to widen the gap with its mainland Chines...
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Everlight Introduces 5630 Mid-Power LED Portfolio for Light Bar and Bulb Retrofits

Everlight's 5630 mid power LED offers Excellent cost-to-performance ratio due to high package manufacturing capacity Everlight's 62-217D is a standard 5630 package in a 0.5W (150mA) version for 40/60W bulb retrofits and a 0.2W (60mA) version that is suited for light bars. Both white top-view LEDs are compact and ultra-thin (5.6*3.0*0.65 mm LxWxH) and available across a complete ANSI CCT range of 2700K (warm white) to 6500K (cool white). These mid-power LEDs offer a CRI of min. 80Ra and a lumens output of 50lm (WW) and 55lm (CW). The cool...
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EVERLIGHT Showcases New LED Components at 2013 LED EXPO Mumbai

 EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. 【TSE:2393】 showcases new series Mid-Power LED components for lighting solutions such as tube light and streetlight applications in 2013 LED EXPO Mumbai, after successful exhibition experience in LED EXPO New Delhi. Moreover, EVERLIGHT has made an excellent example with the LED lamp and LED dot matrix display by fixed products - bus signage, in order to fulfil the booming demands of traffic infrastructures in India. EVERLIGHT brings up the concept of “The Right LED for the Right Application,” in order to provide the best performance and quality for different applications.
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Everlight Showcases the New Series of LED Retrofits for China Market in 2013 China Lighting Expo Beijing

 With the brand concept of “The Right LED Lighting Fixture in the Right Scene”, Everlight unveils different types of high standard LED lighting products in order to declare that “Everlight LED Lighting” to be the best LED lighting choice in China Market. Since launched the brand of “Everlight LED LIGHTING” in Taiwan 2011, “Everlight LED LIGHTING” sooner became the market leader with excellent product series and outstanding brand strategies. This year, Everlight established a subsidiary of Everlight LIGHTING (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. and officially entered the China LED lighting market ......
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Everlight Obtains 1,000 Granted Patents

Pursuit of excellence and innovation—establishment of strong patent portfolio As one of the world’s leading LED package manufacturers, Everlight now holds more than 1,600 patents and patent applications. Moreover, Everlight obtained its 1,000th granted patent in March this year. Everlight’s patent portfolio covers LED chips, phosphors, LED package design, LED luminaires, and many other diverse LED applications. Everlight believes that only with constant dedication in technical development, product innovation, and establishing a strong patent portfo...
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Lighting Japan 2013 Broadcast 3: Taiwanese manufacturers shine throughout the Japanese exposition, market acceptance of LED lighting products increases

Taiwanese manufacturers that set significant booths at Lighting Japan 2013 including Everlight, OPTOTECH, Genesis Photonics Inc., and Ledlink Optics, as well as exhibitors of the Taiwanese pavilion have all acquired numerous orders at this exposition.  Genesis Photonics Inc. announced that they have acquired an order of 100,000 of their patent candle light bulbs. LED chips produced by the company are applied to these bulbs that share several features of incandescent light bulbs, and mass production is expected to take place in the second half of 2013.......
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Nichia’s Tunable 757 receives rave reviews from industry leaders, including the coveted LpS Best Sustainability Technology Award. Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announced its game-changing single LES, tuna... READ MORE

Innovative tunable white, mid-power LED enables luminaire manufacturers to improve colour tuning, shrink optics and fixture profiles, while enabling new design options. Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announces i... READ MORE