Taiwan LED Makers Operation Results Impacted by European Debt Crisis

Looking at Taiwan LED makers’ operation results, it turns out that the debt crisis will impact them to different degrees in the second half. Unity Opto Technology, had revenue of NT$785 million (US$26.2 million) in July, a 10% month-on-month (MoM) increase and a record monthly high. The company attributed the record monthly high to many positive factors including additional orders from customers for new products, increasing demand from LED backlighting modules, increasing shipments of LCD TVs and tablet PCs from Taiwan-based EMS (electronics manufact...
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Everlight, Lextar, Unity Opto Announces Mixed Revenue Results for July

Taiwan major LED companies Everlight, Lextar, Unity Opto Technology Co have released mixed results for July. Everlight’s revenue fall 4.83% Everlight’s filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange has shown that its revenue fall 4.83 percent to NT$1.42 billion (US$47.4 million) last month from June. The company attributed the decline to shorter working days, as employees went on annual leave. On an annual basis, last month’s sales grew 5.6 percent from NT$1.34 billion a year earlier. Accumulated revenue for the first seven months of the year totale...
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Taiwan Ratings Corp Downgraded Long-term Corporate Rating on Everlight

Everlight has received downgrade from “twA-” to “twBBB+” estimated by Taiwan Ratings Corp, which reflecting concerns about the balance sheet of the country’s biggest LED chip packager over the next one to two years amid negative market conditions. Taiwan Ratings said in a statement that, “The downgrade reflects our view of the heightened industry risk in the global LED sector and our belief that Everlight’s profitability is unlikely to recover to the previous high over the next one to two years, due to prolonged oversupply from w...
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Taiwan LED Manufactures Gets Increasing Orders from Mainland China

As Guangdong government has come out the policy to make LED transition within three years in public place, Taiwan LED manufacturers including Epistar, Unity Opto Technology have received increasing LED lighting orders from mainland China. Meanwhile, Taiwan companies such as Everlight and AcBel Polytech Inc. are actively building marketing channel in Guangdong. According to the policy issued by Guangdong government in May, the city will forced to promote new LED lighting installation in public place within three years. It’s considered to be the stronge...
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EVERLIGHT Announces New 3020S PLCC LED Series

The new 3020S PLCC LED series has two over drive capabilities, 30mA and 60mA which will cater to this growing demand for higher brightness PLCC packages can be over driven. The market has recently been consumed with demand for low power PLCC LEDs. Traditionally, light bar applications have been utilizing small 20mA PLCC packages that enable high lumen density and uniformity to emulate the appearance of fluorescent tubes. As the market improves so does the required specifications for fixtures in that market. Light tube manufacturers are searching for PLC...
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Taiwan LED Manufacturers to Compete in High-wattage LED Market

Taiwan LED manufacturers have got involved in the competition in high-wattage LED. Tsannkuen 3C has launched 10 W LED bulb at the price of NT$ 279 ,and Everlight has also released 8W LED bulb of NT$ 299. Delta cooperates with B&Q to promote 10.5 W LED bulbs to take the place of 60 W incandescent bulb. Tatung prepares to join the competition with its 10 W LED bulb, and China Electric Mfg. Corporation also intends to tap the market with 9W bulb. According to industry executives, 60 watt incandescent bulb occupies a major position in the tradit...
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Everlight Sold out 100,000 LED Lamps at 7-11 Stores

According to Everlight’s Chairman Y.F. Yeh, the company has stocked 100,000 LED lamps at 7-11 stores on May 16 and all of them were sold out at the price of NT$299 (US$10.3 at US$1: NT$29) per piece on the second day, The company’s bulbs produce 80 lumens per watt, and are 270 degree wide in beaming angle and dimmable. And Yeh believed that consumers are motivated to buy the bulbs by efficiency over price of the lamps. Yeh continued that light efficiency, color rendering, and dimmablility have now dominated consumers’ decision to procure the lamps o...
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LEDforum 2012 Guangzhou to Kick off on June 11

LEDforum 2012 Guangzhou is to kick off with industry heavyweights at the Chinese Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex, Area B, Room # 8 on June 11th. Organizer :       Co-organizer: Date : June 11, 2012 Time : 9 am – 5 pm Venue : Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex (Please enter directly from Area B) Overview This time, LEDforum 2012 will provide a perfect platform to interact with global LED market leaders from Osram, Philips Lumileds, Seoul Semiconductor, Henkel (China), Lextar, Aixtron, Veeco Instrume...
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Nichia Lodged an Appeal Against Everlight Case Ruled by Japan Patent Office

A patent dispute between Nichia and Everlight never come to an end. On June 4, Nichia’s counsels held a press conference in Taiwan to announce that the company has lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court of Japan against a Japan Patent Office’s ruling in favor of Everlight.   According to Everlight, Japan Patent Office rendered a decision on May 8 this year, holding that the patent JP3503139 is invalid. Everlight said the ruling includes invalidation of Claim 1, which is the main claim of the patent at issue. Nichia’s counsels pointed out ...
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Everlight Wins Top Supplier Award from Stoneridge

Everlight has received Top Supplier Award from Stoneridge, Inc. ,a global designer and manufacturer of highly engineered electrical and electronic components, modules and systems principally for the commercial vehicle, automotive and agricultural and off-highway vehicle markets. Stoneridge has named EVERLIGHT a winner in the category ‘supplier with 0 ppm for 2011’ (ppm = parts per million). The top honor was presented at the Stoneridge Annual Supplier Award on May 23, 2012....
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Everlight Cooperates with Tianmu SSL to Aim at Jiangsu’s LED Streetlight Market

Everlight has teamed up with Tianmu Solid State Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. to build a joint venture in mainland China for Jiangsu Province’s RMB6 billion procurement of LED streetlights. According to Tianmu Solid State Lighting of Jiangsu, an LED-lighting startup founded two years ago, the joint venture calls for total investment of US$200 million, with US$30 million already put into construction of first-phase production lines, which will start volume production in June. The joint venture plans to install 20,000 LED streetlights in the provi...
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Nichia : Patent Nullity Proceeding filed by Everlight

According to Japan LED maker Nichia's website, Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. ("Everlight") has filed patent nullity proceedings in Japan Patent Office against 19 patents held by Nichia Corporation ("Nichia"). Among such Nichia patents is the "YAG Patent", which is the Japanese Patent No. 2927279 ("279 Patent") and is directed to white LEDs by the combinations of blue LED and YAG phosphor. The JPO held on April 9, 2012, that the 279 Patent is valid over the Everlight's challenge. Nichia also sa...
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Nichia Announced Its Patents is Valid over Everlight's Challenge

Everlight has filed patent nullity proceedings in Japan Patent Office against 19 patents held by Nichia. Among such Nichia patents is the "YAG Patent", which is the Japanese Patent No. 2927279 ("279 Patent") and is directed to white LEDs by the combinations of blue LED and YAG phosphor. The JPO held on April 9, 2012, that the 279 Patent is valid over the Everlight's challenge. Two other patents, Japanese Patent Nos. 2778349 (electrode patent), and 2540791 (anneal patent), have been also found by the JPO as valid. As such, YAG ...
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Everlight’s LED Bulbs will be Sold on 3000 Channel Partners in Mainland China

Taiwan Everlight has intended to cooperate with distributors in mainland China. There will be 3000 channel partners to sell Everlight’s LED bulbs by the end of 2012. In addition, the Taiwanese company has scheduled to add 6000 channel partners in 2013, and it will adopt the same way in Hongkong. Everlight is considered as the most extensive LED lighting factory which sells its LED bulbs all around Taiwan.  After it stands firm in Taiwan market, Everlight has centered on building up distribution channels in mainland China....
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LEDforum 2012 Guangzhou to Hold on June, Don't Hesitate to Join in Global LED Cooperation

As June is coming near, LEDinside is ready to hold a grand and perfect LEDforum 2012 Guangzhou at the Chinese Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex, Area B, Room #8. Currently, global LED industry is in the process of changeful period. In Japan, nuclear power shortage has driven up demand for LED lamps after the March 11 earthquake. Also, benefiting from the ban imposed by certain countries against selling incandescent light bulb of high wattage in 2012, Europe has become one of the most fast-growing LED markets in the world besides Japan. Meanwhile, S...
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Everlight Beat Nichia on Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Decision rendered by the Japan Patent Office Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd. filed an invalidation action with the Japan Patent Office against Nichia Corporation’s YAG white light LED patent (patent No. JP3503139). Everlight has received the decision from the Japan Patent Office recently. The Japan Patent Office rendered a decision on May 8th, 2012, holding that the patent JP3503139 is invalid. The ruling includes the invalidation of Claim 1, which is the main claim of the patent at issue. Everlight believes that this decision is entirely rea...
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Taiwan LED Manufacturers Prepare for LED Bulbs Sales Boom in Electricity Rate Hikes

Taiwan LED manufacturers including Everlight, Delta Electronics, Nanya Photonics Inc. are paving for the way for LED lamp sales boom in Taiwan thanks to the upcoming implementation of electricity rate hikes. According to Everlight , it had sold out its first batch of NT$299 (US$10.3 at US$1: NT$29) LED light bulbs, numbered at 100,000 units, at 7-11 stores and is calling for urgent replenishment of another 100,000 bulbs. And the company has talked with President Chain Store Corp., which owns Taiwan’s 7-11 stores, over fresh build-up of the bulbs at t...
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Everlight's Subsidiary Zenaro Get Involved in Nichia’s Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Nichia has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Germany at the District Court Düsseldorf against Zenaro Lighting GmbH ("Zenaro"), which is a German LED lighting company mainly owned by Everlight, and the German distributor REGO-Lighting GmbH on April 27, 2012. In the lawsuit, Nichia is seeking permanent injunction, rendering account, damages, recall and destruction against an office light of Zenaro (product number: OL-Deluxe/QL2/P44/LF/D50/SR/M/CE/ZN) including white LED tubes (product number: SL-Cobra/T5 048DC/C/P10/L...
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Everlight Electronics Announces New C52 COB LED Series

Perfect light source for directional and decorative applications with low thermal resistance and high performance Adding to the performance and popularity of Everlight’s 6.4W and 8W Chip-on-Board (COB) LED series, one of the highest CRI and highest efficiency COBs on the market, Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. (TSE:2393) announces the brand new and smaller C52 COB LED series which is perfectly suitable for directional and decorative applications such as MR lamps and P35 bulbs at LIGHTFAIR International 2012 in Las Vegas/USA. For...
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Everlight Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Nichia in US Court

Everlight filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Nichia in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. The lawsuit seeks to enjoin Nichia from manufacturing, using, importing, offering for sale, or selling its infringing products in the United States. It also seeks monetary damages. In its complaint, Everlight is seeking enforcement of a patent covering LED metallization technology, U.S. Patent No. 6,653,215. Everlight is the exclusive U.S. licensee of the ‘215 Patent, which is owned by Emcore Corporation. Uses for Ni...
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Increasing Orders Boost Taiwan LED Stocks

Benefit from the government's recent announcement that it will hike electricity rates, Taiwan several major LED lighting firms, such as Everlight, Edison and Unity Opto, have received large orders from corporate customers who want to cut operating costs through wider use of energy-efficient lighting. Therefore, the increase in orders in LED lighting have even boosted demand for LED chips and will lead to full capacity utilization at upstream suppliers in the LED chain in the second quarter. According to Mirae Asset Management analyst Arch Shih, “We e...
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Everlight Introduces the Brand New Shwo D LED Lighting Series

Expanding Everlight's Lighting Series component portfolio, EVERLIGHT Electronics [TSE:2393], one of the world's leading companies in LED Lighting introduces a brand new high power, high brightness LED package, the "Shwo D" Series - our new powerful, bright and economic (superb $/lm) LED series in a compact ceramic package. The Shwo D series is a surface-mount high-power device featuring high brightness combined with a compact size (3.5x3.5x0.58mm) that is suitable for all kinds of lighting applications such as general illumination, flash, spot, signal, industr...
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LED Lighting Sales May Contributes 15% to Everlight’s Annual Revenue

Based on the bright perspective of LED market, Everlight will boost LED lighting sales to account for 15% of its annual revenue in 2012, up from 9% in 2011. The company considers that thanks to the rising demands for lighting and backlight, the LED industry will increasingly rally quarter by quarter this year. According to the company’s business general manager, B.Y. Liu, capacity utilization at the company’s factories has recovered to around 70%. The company has snatched over 50% of Taiwan’s market for 8W LED light bulbs since it rolled out the ...
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Everlight Predicts Global Recovery in LED Demand Likely Contribute to Its Revenue

Everlight predicts that rising demand for LED TVs worldwide and LED lighting would likely bring new life to the troubled LED industry in 2012 and lift the company’s factory utilization. According to company spokesman Liu Pang-yen stated during a teleconference, with the industrial recovery, Everlight’s factory utilization would rise gradually over the next few quarters from the current 60 percent to about 70 percent. In his opinion, LED TV and LED lighting would be the two major drivers for the whole LED industry this year. As Liu citing some m...
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Everlight Won Big Harvest in 2011 Revenue

Everlight has won a big harvest with its 2011 after-tax net income of NT$1.3 billion (US$43.5 million at US$1:NT$30), or NT$3.14 per share. According to the company, in the fourth quarter of 2011, it received pretax earnings of NT$138 million (US$4.6 million), operating income of NT$208 million (US$6.9 million), and gross profitNT$760 million (US$25 million) on revenue of NT$3.96 billion (US$132 million). And the company has decided to pay shareholders cash dividend of NT2.5 per share from 2011 earnings. Based on the harvest, it is recognized as one of t...
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Everlight Shows Good Attitude on Cross-Strait LED Cooperation

Recently, Chairman Y.F. Yeh of Everlight in an interview with the mainland’s Xinhua News Agency, noted that a cooperation between Taiwan’s and mainland China’s LED industries would create new opportunities for them in the LED-lighting sector, which he projects will provide lucrative business. According to Yeh, LED lighting could save around 85%, or 26 billion kilowatt hours, of the total 30 billion kilowatt hours of electricity that Taiwan’s lighting consumes a year. Other electricity consumption sources increase the total consumption in Ta...
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Everlight's New Low/Mid Power LED Family Provides Total Solution for Lighting Applications

Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., a leading player in the global LED industry, announces a series of Low/Mid Power LEDs* especially suited for use in solid state lighting. The new Low/Mid Power LED family has the ability to provide customers a total solution for lighting applications. General Lighting is an interesting and broad market segment. For any individual segment of lighting there are multiple categories and sub categories with different requirements and functionalities. Outdoor lighting encompasses street lighting, tunnel lighting, parking lot lighting, la...
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Everlight Estimates LED Bulb to Drop to US$10 in 2nd Half of 2012

According to Y.F. Yeh, Everlight ‘s Chairman, the price point for LED light bulbs will drop to the US$10 “sweet spot” in the second half of 2012. He estimated brisk demands for LED light bulbs at the sweet spot of price point will definitely drive up the company’s revenue in 2012. However, LED market will remain hazy in the first quarter this year before turning brightwhen the US$10 spot comes in sight in the second half. So far, the company has ventured into the LED lighting fixture sector after setting up Everlight Solid State Ligh...
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Taiwan LED Industry Ready to Revive in 2012

As 2012 comes, Taiwan LED industry looks forward to a Healthy Year in 2012,and some manufactures have started to revive. Huga Optotech ended unpaid furlough practice when New Year comes, signaling that Taiwan’s LED industry is getting out of its worst days. Its Taiwan’s only publicly held LED maker to have its employees take unpaid leaves in October, 2011, to cope with slumping market for backlights. Huga Optotech’s president, C.N. Huang, pointed out that the firm decided to end the practice in late December in anticipation that market would pic...
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Everlight Announced Its Prediction for LED Industry in 2012

Recently, Everlight’s spokesman, P.Y. Liu, has announced the company’s prediction for LED Industry in 2012. According to him, the company will see revenue climb quarter by quarter after hitting the bottom in the first quarter of 2012. He noted that the company’s monthly revenue in the fourth quarter of 2011 will change only moderately and revenue for January, 2012, will slip from a month earlier because of the Chinese-New-Year holidays. Liu pointed out that inventories at the company’s customers are getting close to a minimum after quarters ...
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