Everlight Electronics Offers 'Smart Binning' for Shuen and Shwo High Power LED Series

Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. [TSE:2393], a leading player in the global LED industry, is now offering its customers a 3-step MacAdam Ellipse binning of all warm white color temperatures -- 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K CCT -- for the Shuen (C06) and Shwo (C19) high power lighting LED series. Everlight's 'Smart Binning' initiative is aimed at reducing the variation in chromaticity in lighting applications. In lighting applications, color consistency is a key determinant of a product's quality and appeal. This consistency is not only deter...
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Everlight Scrapped Unpaid Leave Plan

Last Friday , Everlight has shown its “deeply sorry” for the anxieties it had caused society because of the unpaid leave plan. And it has scrapped the plan . After the company has released its unpaid leave plan,some critics have highlighted the fact that Everlight Chairman Ye Yin-fu’s was recently able to donate NT$100 million to his alma mater, National Taipei University of Technology.They have also questioned the necessity of the furlough plan in light of the company’s profitability. Everlight posted pre-tax profit of NT$538 million for the ...
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Everlight Defeats Nichia in LED Patent Battle

Last Friday, Everlight announced that it had defeated Nichia in an administrative suit that it believes will give it an edge in other patent proceedings against the Japanese company. According to Everlight, Taiwan's Supreme Administrative Court upheld a High Administrative Court verdict which ruled that a patent asserted by Nichia related to LED component production technology was invalid. The court agreed with Everlight’s contention that Nichia was not the inventor of the patent and that Everlight had the right to apply the technology covered by the pat...
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Everlight Represents LED Products at eMEX exhibition, China 2011

Everlight is showing various LED components and LED lighting fixtures at eMEX Exhibition in Suzhou Exhibition Center, China, booth number 3J17 during Oct. 20th to 23th, 2011. This year Everlight represents variety energy saving LED components for mobile, automobile, signage, TFT backlight, infrared, sensor and lighting applications. In addition, the company also shows different lighting fixtures for lighting applications including outdoor area, commercial place, office, storage and home....
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Taiwan’s LED Specialists Call for Gov’t to Take Actions to Foster Taiwan’s LED Industry

Recently, as being concerned about Taiwan’s leading position may be replaced by South Korea and mainland China, LED specialists from Taiwan’s think tanks, academic institutions, trade organizations and private companies have urged the government to quickly pass laws to offer consumers subsidy for their procurements of LED lamps. South Korea unseated Taiwan in 2009 as the world’s No.2 LED supplier. According to Director General Y.J. Chan of Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratories of the government-backed Industrial Technology R...
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Everlight Sticks to LED Shipment Schedule Regardless of Nichia’s Patent Lawsuit

Despite of Nichia’s successive patent lawsuits, Everlight will ship its brand products to Japan as scheduled in 2012,according to Everlight’s chairman, Y.F. Ye. Back to early September, Nichia filed a charge against Everlight, alleging that its white LED lamps sold through Japanese retailer Chip On Stop also infringe its No. 4530944 patent. Following closely, Nichia has again claimed that Everlight’s white LED bulbs entering Japan through importer Tachibana Eletech of Japan infringes its No. 4530094 patent, and brought the charge before ...
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Mainland China’s Incandescent-ban Program Affects Taiwan’s LED Maufactures’ Actions

As Mainland China starts to implement a plan to phase out incandescent lamps in four to five years since October, Taiwan’s LED makers have taken actions to seize this opportunities. Epistar and Everlight have entered into alliance with Konka Group to open an epitaxy-wafer venture in the mainland. Everlight, is also promoting own-brand LED lighting in the mainland. LiteOn is setting up production lines in Changzhou, which integrate front-end, mid-end and back-end manufacturing capability. Genesis and Ledtech have separately signed agreementswith Potevio...
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Meet the Creators of High Brightness and Yellow LED | LEDforum 2011 Taipei

LEDforum, an annual and the largest LED conference in Taiwan, will again bring together the leading manufacturers, materials and component suppliers, technology innovators, and the lighting community. Analysts from LEDinside will share the latest reports on global LED market: both industry trends and market intelligence.
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Nichia Filed Two Patent Infringement Lawsuits against Everlight

Reportedly, Nichia has filed two patent infringement lawsuits against Everlight again in Tokyo District Court on October 4, 2011. Nichia filed two patent infringement lawsuits in Tokyo District Court to enjoin Tachibana Eletech Co., Ltd. from infringing Nichia's patent (No. 4530094, or "patent No. 094") and to claim damages for the infringement with regard to white LED products (product number: GT 3528 series and 61-238 series) manufactured by Everlight, and imported, sold, etc. by Tachibana....
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Taiwan Major LED Makers Benefit from Japan Order

Source has released that Taiwan’s major LED makers have benefited from the strong demand of LED lamps in Japan since the March 11 earthquake. For example, Lite-On Technology Corp., said in the second quarter of this year it landed as twice as many orders it had a quarter earlier. Lextar Electronics, currently depends on the Japanese market for over half of its sales. So far, LED lighting has accounted for 40% of the firm’s LED operation. However, Everlight is fighting against Nichia over LED patent issue.  ...
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Pinpoint the Key LED Market Strategies | LEDforum 2011 Taipei

On the 2nd day of LEDforum, LEDinside will conduct a panel discussion on the strategies to enhance product competitiveness in an oversupplied LED market. The discussion will be led by Vice President & General Director of Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Yi-Jen Chan, Ph.D., panelists includes Sean Zhou, Regional Marketing Director Asia from Philips Lumileds, Ilkan Cokgor, Ph.D., Vice President of Global Marketing from Everlight, Gary S. Sheu Ph.D., the President from Genesis Photonics Inc. and Vincent Cheng, the Associate Vice President of Lighting Business Division from Lextar Electronics. 
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Chip One Stop Acknowledged Nichia's White LED Products Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Reportedly, Chip One Stop, Inc. has come to an agreement with Nichia on the patent infringement litigation regarding Nichia's patent No. 4530094 ("patent No. 094") that had been pending in Tokyo District Court by settlement out of court. Chip One has acknowledged that the white LED products (product number: GT 3528 series) manufactured by Everlight and sold by Chip One falls within the scope of the claim of patent No. 094, and agreed to terminate the sale of all white LED products manufactured by Everlight and to respect Nichia's intellectual ...
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LED Lighting to Embrace a Bright Future over the Next Two Years

Accoding to Taiwan major LED manufacture Epistar and Everlight , LED Lighting is likely to play a key role over the next two years. Recently , J.Y. Fan, a vice president of Epistar, said at the SEMI Taiwan 2011, that the oversupply will compel LED makers to shift application emphasis to lighting, which is considered much more profitable as its market remains in the infant stage. Also, excessive supplies have driven down prices of LED devices, thereby reducing production costs of lighting products. Fan’s estimate revised previous thoughts that lighting...
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Taiwan Everlight Received Nichia’s Patent Infringement Lawsuit

It’s reported that Nichia has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against white LED products of Taiwan LED manufacturer Everlight On Aug. 31, 2011 . In Tokyo District Court, the Japanse company has filed a patent infringement lawsuit to enjoin Chip One Stop, Inc. from infringing Nichia's patent (No. 4530094, or "patent No. 094") with regard to white LED products (product number: GT 3528 series) manufactured by Everlight, and imported and sold by Chip One....
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Everlight Revenue Q3 Drops 10% but Q4 will Recover

According to Everlight’s official, the company expects its revenue in the third quarter to fall by 10 percent from the previous quarter amid lower demand, while returning to stronger growth in the fourth quarter on the back of a better lighting and small-size backlight business. The company’s financial data showed that consolidated revenue totaled NT$5.45 billion (US$187.79 million) in the second quarter, up 27.76 percent from the previous quarter, the company’s financial data showed. In contrast, the company’s net profit dropped 7.41 percent from the pr...
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Everlight and Epistar Call on Taiwan Government’s Incentives to Strengthen LED Industry’s Statue

Taiwan’s top two LED makers Everlight and Epistar are both concerned about the loss of Taiwan’s LED Industry No.2 rank. Both of the two makers,believe that Taiwan is likely to be unseated by South Korea this year based on the lack of government incentives to consumers of LED lamps. Y.F. Yeh, chairman of Everlight, pointed out that mainland China and South Korea are poised to surpass Taiwan in LED production as a result of government subsidy to LED-lighting consumers. He noted that Taiwan’s LED industry has developed for nearly ...
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Everlight May Make Profits with Its Developing Distribution Network

Despite LED lighting business is in deficit currently, Yeh, Chairman of Everlight, believes the company will make profits in 2 years. At present, the company is concentrating on ensuring distribution network, and it is expected to take 3-5 years to establish a basic distribution network .and it will be capable of setting up a foundation to compete on equally with Philips and Osram in 5 years....
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Taiwan`s Major LED Munafacturers Share Their Views on LED Lighting

Recently, Taiwan`s major LED munafacturers including Chairman Y.F. Yeh of Everlight, Chairman B.J. Lee of Epistar and Delta Electronics executives have show their views for the LED lighting industry at the Photonics Festival Taiwan 2011. According to Epistar`s Lee , the efficiency of LED lamps previously forecast to be achieved in 2015 will be reached in 2012, based on buyers from the world come to mostly purchase LED lamps at this show . For Everlight`s Yeh, he believes that the March 11 catastrophe reminds people of the importance of nuclear power ...
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Everlight to Show LED Products at Two Big Lighting Exhibitions

Everlight has shown its various LED products at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and has prepared to present Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall, Area M, booth number 812 and Area L, booth number 622(Jun.14~16, 2011). The company presents a new Chip-on-Board (COB) LED series to offer a solution that addresses important issues in general lighting replacement applications. Competing to previously dominating standard discrete low power, mid power, and high power LED components, Chip-on-Board LEDs are predicted to take on a...
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Epistar and Everlight Posted Lackluster Revenue Results in April

Taiwan`s major LED maker posted lukewarm revenue records last mounth, sliping 2.74% from a month earlier, to NT$1.69 billion (US$59.2 million at US$1: NT$28.6); Everlight scoring 0.3% less revenue with NT$1.42 billion (US$49.6 million); and Edison Opto reporting a 3.2% contraction to NT$249 million (US$8.7 million). Executives from Epistar estimated the company`s gross margin for April to stand above 25% while the company itself estimated its monthly gross margin to surge 30%. Industry executives estimated packager Everlight`s revenue for the second quarter ...
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LEDinside: LED Perspective from President & CEO of Everlight, Robert Yeh

  LEDinside: LED Perspective from President & CEO of Everlight, Robert Yeh Taiwan has built a strong LED landscape following the specialization model under the combined efforts of all LED makers. Everlight Electronics, the Taiwan-based leading LED package maker has not only successfully expand its product lines but also make remarkable achievements in the brand management and bidding markets. This is an honor for LEDinside to have invited Robert Yeh, President & CEO of Everlight to talk about the future development and strategies of Everlight.  
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Everlight’s CEO Expects LED lighting to Save Power

The issue of nuclear energy has been risen up after Japan disaster. Robert Yeh, C.E.O. of Everlight  has show his opinion at the seminar of “1st Economic&Trade between Shanghai and Taiwan”. He indicated instead of building more power plants or looked for the new technology of power created, we should consider “saving power” .For example, if we used LED lights instead of the conventional lights, we can save 5.8 constructions of Sansia Dams in China. It can reduce the waste of the natural resources as well as the emission of CO2. Every country ...
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Everlight Announced Its Sales Revenue of First Quarter

Recently, Everlight has announced its sales revenue of first quarter. Its pretax profits is NT$538 million, or NT$1.28 per share, more than double the earnings of NT$262 million posted a quarter earlier. Thanks to the decline in LED prices helping to boost downstream packagers’ gross profit rates generally, the gross profit rate improved to 25% from 20%. The firm expects a double-digit revenue growth, with the gross profit rate to keep trending upward to between 25% and 28%. However, its sales revenue for the first quarter declined 4.28% from a quarter earlier t...
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Everlight’s LED product Won Third Place in the 2011 Product of the Year Optoelectronics Category

It’s said that Everlight’s 3W Shuen LED series has received third place in the 2011 Product of the Year optoelectronics category judged by readers of Elektronik magazine, one of Germany’s premier electronics publications.   Elektronik annually nominates more than 100 products in 10 separate electronics categories.  The publication’s readers then choose their preferred products and cast their votes for Product of the Year. With innovative slim package, high luminosity and high power, Everlight’s 3W Shuen LED device finally def...
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Japan Earthquake Has No Noticeable Impact on Everlight’s Supply Chain

Everlight has released a statement that, the devastating earthquake in Japan so far does not have noticeable impact on its supply chain. Its global sales continue to operate normally. Going forward, it willclosely monitor the situation with suppliers to ensure a stable demand fulfillment.  ...
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Everlight, Epistar and China Electronics Corp. Jointly Build China's Biggest Integrated LED Factory

Aiming at tapping mainland China LED lighting market further, Everlight is reported to pour US$10.8 million to acquire approximately 9% ownership in an LED venture co-held by Epistar and China Electronics Corp. (CEC). Among the partners, CEC holds a 44% stakes in the venture, outnumbering Epistar`s 40% ownership. The venture is designated to supply CEC all of the chips it makes. And according to Epistar executives, besides the venture, Epistar will be another chip supplier of CEC.The venture will contract Everlight to package its chips for CEC back...
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Everlight Electronics Announces High Voltage LED Series for Retrofit Lighting Applications

New ultra-compact HiVo LED family improves overall efficiency of LED Integral Lamps Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.[TSE:2393] launches a range of High Voltage LEDs especially suited for use in solid state lighting integral lamps, aka retrofit lamps. Everlight's new HiVo series comprises a 1W, 2W and 4W solution. The single chip LED provides a luminous flux of 80 / 100 lm at 48-55VDC in a color temperature of 3000 / 5700 K. The 2W product with two LED chips connected in series achieves 140 lm for 2700 K at 95-111VDC. The 4 chip LED w...
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World First! Everlight Has Launched Carbon Footprint Declaration for LED Products

Based on SGS, an international certificate organization, and according to the PAS2050 standard verification, Everlight Electronics has finished a world first Carbon Footprint Declaration for LED products Global Warming has influenced our environment deeply. How to control the emission of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) has been a serious problem for every country in the world. In order to give our customers excellent eco LED products, Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. [TSE:2393] take the leads in the world's first 3rd party verified Carbon Footprint Declaration ...
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Everlight Teamed up with International LED makers to Develop Mainland China’s LED Grow Light Market

It’s reported that Taiwan LED maker Everlight has teamed up with 10-some international iconic manufacturers, including Philips, Mitsubishi Chemical, Panasonic (China) Corp., and the Oulin Group to sign an agreement on the development of LED grow light systems addressing mainland China market. These companies will focus on light-source, control, and nutrient liquid technologies for the systems. Mainland China is pushing for plant-factory development as part of its plan to transform its agricultural industry. The mainland`s Chinese Academy of Agricultural S...
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Wellypower、 Everlight and Lite-On reported December 2010 revenues

LED chip packaging company Wellypower Optronics announced its consolidated revenues for December 2010 hit a record high of NT$820 million (US$28.16 million), and the company got revenues of NT$8.9 billion in the whole years, up 25.4% on year. In December, Wellypower’s LED products sales had a 55.62% share in the total revenues, while CCFL sales was at NT$319 million (38.93%) and lighting products was at NT$44.67 million (5.45%). 4Q10 revenues were NT$2.39 billion, which better than market expectations.
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