Nichia Reignites Patent War against Everlight with New Infringement Lawsuit

On April 10, 2014, Nichia Corporation has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Tokyo District Court to enjoin Tachibana Eletech Co., Ltd. and E&E Japan Co., Ltd.  from infringing Nichia’s patent (No. 3786114 and No. 3972943) and to claim damages for the infringement with regard to LED products (product number: 1254 series) after analyzing the LEDs purchased from Tachibana. 
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LED TV Shipments to Boost Everlight 2Q Revenue by Double Digits

Everlight’s LED TVs have been very successful lately, according to Infotimes. The company has received orders from new Japanese and Chinese TV clients this year and already began shipments in 1Q14. Mass production will officially start in 2Q14. 
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Taiwanese Manufacturers Focus on LED Technology at Light+Building 2014

Taiwan LED manufacturers were very active at this year’s Light+Building 2014 show that took place in Frankfurt, Germany last week. The main theme of Taiwanese manufacturers at the show was LED technology. Some major technology highlights included flip chip LED, Alternating Current (AC) Driver-on-Board (DoB) Chip-on-Board (COB) modules.
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LED Industry Flourished in March

Market listed companies have released their March revenue reports this week with the LED industry coming out on top, according to an article by Economic Daily News. LED manufacturers had unusually good performance in January and February, a traditionally slack season for the industry. The growth trend continued into the peak season where it picked up pace in March. Order visibility already extended to 3Q14. The second half of this year is anticipated to be smooth for the industry. 
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Lighting and Backlight Demands Propel Everlight 2013 Revenue Performance

Taiwanese LED package manufacturer Everlight has recently released the company’s fiscal year 2014 results. The company benefitted from lighting and backlighting demands in 2013 which drove up revenue. 
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LED Industry Technology Trends Showcased at TILS 2014

Taiwan International Lighting Show(TILS) 2014 opened its doors on March 20, 2014. This is the first year TILS has been held jointly with LED Taiwan. The show focused on the technology and future development for LED lighting manufacturers.
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Epistar, Everlight Utilization Rates Boom in March

The LED industry is entering into the traditionally slack second quarter. LED manufacturers have increased backlight orders in March as large international TV brand manufacturers launch new products this quarter. In addition to rising demands for LED lighting, LED manufacturer production utilization rates have also seen an increase in March. LED chip manufacturer Epistar and LED package manufacturer Everlight saw a rebound in production utilization this month. Operational performance is also anticipated to increase.
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Everlight Makes Move Towards EMC and Flip-chip Production

New LED technology and products continue to emerge as lighting demands rise and costs drop. The wave of EMCs, with advantages in Cost/ Performance (C/P), and new flip-chip trends anticipated to continue into 2014. LED package manufacturer Everlight began actively developing EMC products in 2013 and plans to expand production capacity in 2014. The company has also jumped onto the flip-chip technology bandwagon and is currently strategizing a flip-chip supply chain.
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LED Outdoor Lighting Replacement Trend to Drive Up Stock Prices

The LED outdoor lighting replacement trend is growing with over 600 cities in the U.S. already planning to switch old streetlights to LEDs, according to Commercial Times. New York plans to switch roughly 25,000 streetlights to LEDs by 2017, making it the largest undertaking in the North American market. Europe, China, and Japan are also initiating replacement projects. LEDinside estimates that compound annual growth rate will surpass 20 percent in 2014-2017, which will encourage lowered stock prices.
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Everlight Clarifies USPTO Decision Not Final and Plans to Appeal

In response to Nichia’s press release on February 20 related to the U.S. Patent No. 6,653,215, Everlight clarifies that the decision made by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is not final and still appealable. The decision itself has no effect on Everlight’s products.  Everlight will appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) against the USPTO’s decision.
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Everlight: China Levels Playing Field by Shifting LED Subsidies to Consumers

The Chinese government LED equipment subsidy policies lead to a global increase of more than 1,000 MOCVD equipment in 2011, which is the root to the industry’s oversupply situation, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report. Manufacturers have yet to fully install and utilize all the units purchased.
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Everlight 1Q14 Financial Performance Outshines Previous Season

Taiwanese LED manufacturers Jan. 2014 performances showed stellar results spurred by rising lighting and backlight demands. Taiwanese LED package manufacturer Everlight product growth momentum was evenly distributed in 1Q14, and there has been good backlight and lighting demands, said the company Chairman Robert Yeh. The company expects increased 1Q14 revenue growth compared to 4Q13.
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LED Industry Restructure Trend in Taiwan and China to Continue in 2014

Another wave of industry restructuring is expected to occur in Taiwan and China as LED lighting penetration rates continue to rise, according to Chinese-language Apple Daily report. LEDinside and Photonics Industry and Technology Development Association (PIDA) both projected the large enterprises expansion trends is well established. Second tier LED die manufacturers are an important observation index in Taiwan, while in China it is LED package manufacturers.
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Everlight Responds To Nichia's Press Release on Jan 27th

In response to Nichia Corporation’s (Nichia) press release regarding the order entered by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, Everlight notes that the order referenced in Nichia’s press release relates to discovery disputes and is not a substantive ruling on the merits of any of Everlight’s claims or defenses.  The orders are not related to the merits of patent infringement or validity and therefore have no effect on Everlight’s products.  Also, Everlight have produced relevant LED list and samples in compliance with the Court’s Order.
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LEDinside: Competition for LED Supply Chains Heats up in 2014

December total revenue for Taiwanese market listed LED manufacturers dipped 0.1% to NT $10.6 billion (US $350.7 million). Revenue for Taiwanese LED chip manufacturers reached NT $3.98 billion (+0.8% MoM) and NT %6.67 billion for Taiwanese package manufacturers, a slight decline of 0.9% MoM.
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Everlight’s Laboratory Obtains EPA Recognition

Everlight Electronics Co. proudly announces that its laboratory in Tucheng, Taipei received the highest standard recognition by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that works to protect human health and the environment. Simultaneously, EVERLIGHT’s laboratory was also qualified to use the ILAC-MRA mark on its laboratory reports, the signet for Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).
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Morgan Stanley Anticipates Everlight Operations to Double but Inventory still Needs Attention

LED lighting demand is a key player for Taiwan LED package manufacture growth in 2014, according to a recent report from Morgan Stanley. Everlight’s goal is to increase lighting revenue percentage to 30 percent in 2014. Morgan Stanley estimates that the company’s lighting operations will double, but that increase in product inventory still requires a lot of attention.
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Everlight Brands LED Luminaires through New Subsidiary at Lighting Japan 2014

Taiwanese LED manufacturer Everlight intent of further developing LED luminaires becomes more evident at Lighting Japan 2014, which took place from Jan. 15-17 at Tokyo Big Sight. In the far corner of prototype lighting at the lighting trade show, Everlight Group subsidiary Liang displayed a series of new LED luminaire prototypes. The new player on the LED market speaks about its origins and brand philosophy.
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Everlight Maintained Good Performance Despite Typical Slack Season

Taiwanese LED package manufacturer Everlight released their December consolidated revenue which reached NT $2.26 billion (US $75.2 million), a slight growth from November revenue of NT $2.259 billion) and yearly growth of 36.75 percent. Revenue for all of 4Q13 was NT $6.76 billion, a quarterly dip of 3.28 percent but yearly growth of 33.46 percent. Although typically a slack season, 4Q13 showed unusually good performance. Revenue for the entire year was NT $24.7 billion, yearly growth of 29.58 percent.
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Everlight Lighting Revenue to Surpass Backlighting in 2014

Taiwan based LED package manufacturer Everlight had successful lighting revenue growth in 2013 due to gradually maturing LED lighting applications. Although, 4Q is typically a slack season for the LED industry, the company’s revenue this quarter were 30 percent higher than 4Q last year making up 25 percent of the company’s overall revenue, similar to the revenue proportion from backlighting. Everlight’s lighting revenue is anticipated to surpass backlighting for the first time, due to market growth in 2014 LED lighting.
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Everlight Showcases LED Components at LED EXPO New Delhi 2013

Everlight Electronics CO., LTD., a leading player in the global LED industry, in order to serve more India customers, EVERLIGHT dedicates on cooperating with India local branch office. EVERLIGHT is taking the third time LED EXPO New Delhi participation to showcase lots of important lighting, signage and infrared components and is sincerely welcome you to experience EVERLIGHT one stop total solution at the show.
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Everlight 4Q Performance to Increase Despite Slack Season

LED package manufacturer Everlight announced on December 10th that the company revenue increased slightly during the traditionally slack season in 4Q, with November revenue reaching NT $2.26 billion (US $76 million).
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[Update] Nichia Expands LED Patent Litigation Against Everlight in U.S.

Nichia Corp. of Japan announced that it has filed a new complaint in its multinational patent infringement dispute against Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.of Taiwan. In an amended complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas on November 22, Nichia accuses Everlight, Everlight’s subsidiaries Everlight Americas, Inc. (“Everlight Americas”) and Zenaro Lighting, Inc. (“Zenaro”), and Zenaro’s distributor Zitroz LLC of infringing four Nichia patents regarding light-emitting diodes (“LEDs”).  
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Everlight 4Q Revenue Dips Slightly, 1Q14 to Surpass 1Q13

Although 4Q is traditionally a low season for the LED industry, Taiwanese LED package manufacturer Everlight has benefitted from rising lighting demand. Europe and U.S. Christmas holiday sales opportunities will increase lighting industry performance, said Everlight chairman Yeh Yin-fu.
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Everlight Responds to Nichia’s Amendment Complaint

Everlight responds to Nichia's amendment complaint concerning the U.S. patent litigation.
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Nichia Adds to Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Everlight in the United States

On November 22, 2013, Nichia Corporation filed an amended complaint in its on-going patent infringement lawsuit against Taiwanese LED manufacturer Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. and Everlight’s U.S. subsidiary Everlight Americas, Inc. (collectively “Everlight”), originally filed on September 11, 2013, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.
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UBS Gives Outlook for Everlight and Epistar 2014 Market Performance

The LED market for 2014 will see continued growth for the general lighting market and supply shortage of LED chips due to increasing demands from the LED lighting market, according to a recent report from UBS. In the report, the financial service company provides their outlook for Everlight and Epistar 2014 operation performance.
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Street Light Bids to Cause Everlight 4Q Revenue Dip

Taiwan package manufacturer Everlight released their 3Q financial data on November 13th 2013. Benefitting from street light recognized bids and recognized revenue from German subsidiary, the company’s 3Q revenue reached NT $6.99 billion (US $ 236 million), growth of 17.74 percent from 2Q. Gross profit reached NT $486 million, an increase of 21.23 percent from Q2. Earnings per share was NT$ 1.18 for 3Q13.
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Everlight 4Q13 Revenue to Dip Slightly

Taiwan LED package company Everlight consolidated revenue for October reached NT $2.24 billion (US $ 76 million), a drop of 7.22 percent from September but an increase of 31.26 compared to October last year. Due to 2Q merger and acquisition of German light fixture manufacturer WOFI, September amount recognized reached a peak causing October to drop slightly leading to a slide in revenue from September to October.
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Everlight Introduces Smallest RGB LED Package Product

Taiwanese LED package manufacturer Everlight announced the launch of a brand new RGB LED package product. The full color 1-035 SMB package product is the world's smallest at only 0.5mm x 0.5mm (0505) in size and can be applied in high resolution LED TVs.
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