MGC Lighting Appoints New Sales Executive

One of the UK’s leading international lighting suppliers, MGC Lighting, has created a new role within its international business team to help further its expansion into targeted global markets. The newly appointed Sales Executive, Jessica Munke, will assist with growing the company’s business in Germany and other parts of Europe, selling and supplying lighting products across a range of sectors including stage and studio, medical, LED and purification. Prior to joining MGC, Jessica worked in insurance where she gained invaluable customer relations expe...
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Dialight Unveils Stainless Steel ATEX/IECEx LED Linear Fitting

Dialight unveiled its new stainless steel linear LED fitting that is designed specifically to reduce maintenance needs in hazardous areas as a replacement for conventional Ex fluorescent fittings. Available in both 32W and 64W versions (2x18W and 2x36W fluorescent equivalents) and carrying IECEx/ATEX Zone 1 certification, the 316 grade stainless steel linear LED fitting is D Shock compliant to MOD specification BR8470 to Grades C and D. Highly durable and resistant to shock, vibration and corrosion, the fitting incorporates an exclusive and replaceable int...
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GaN Systems Sets up New UK Base Office Facility

GaN Systems Sets up New UK base office facility located in Reading, England. "GaN Systems new office facility comes in response to a strong pull from our growing base of European customer partners," says Geoff Haynes, the company's UK based VP Business Development. "The company has a strong focus on collaborating across the manufacturing value chains for global power electronics markets to accelerate the adoption, and drive the cost of manufacture of GaN components. That can only be achieved through a strong local technical presence." I...
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University of Dundee Works on Improving White LEDs’ Efficiency to 50-60%

The University of Dundee is leading a European-wide research project to work on improving white LEDs that would be much more efficient than existing light bulbs. The project is being funded through a £7.2m grant from the European Union's FP7 programme. Currently, LED lights are only about 25% efficient and the researchers are hoping to improve that to 50-60%. Professor Edik Rafailov, NEWLED project leader based in the School of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics at Dundee, said: "Common lightbulbs have a pretty low efficiency rating and e...
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Dialight Develops Next Generation 20-Year Power Supply for LED Lighting Fixtures

Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), announced its innovation program has developed an industry leading solid state power supply with an expected life of 20 years.  Dialight’s new power supply technology guarantees long-life performance even in the most demanding applications. “Dialight has once again set the bar with our latest power supply design, providing our customers with reliable and efficient illumination for up to two decades in the harshest environments around the world,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s Group Chief Executive. “Unexpected lightin...
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Open Technology : In the Game of Energy Efficiency It’s France 1, England 0

With the UK languishing in the ‘relegation zone’ of Europe’s renewable energy league table behind countries such as Spain, Greece and France, you might have hoped that the UK Government would at least have been motivated to beat the French to introducing a night-time ban on lighting. New measures will come into force throughout France from July, and apply to both internal and external lighting of buildings. Interior lighting in offices must be switched off one hour after staff leave the premises; lighting in shops windows and commercial premises must be of...
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Techsil Launch New Brochure for LED Assembly

Industrial adhesive and sealant supplier, Techsil, have recently launched a new brochure specifically for the LED industry. The brochure consolidates the materials that have been in demand from manufacturers in the field of LED assembly over recent months and presents them in an easy to find format. Chris Dilley, Sales Director, said "It's great to put this all together in one specific package for the LED industry. Our partnership approach with clients has helped to select products that achieve optical clarity and thermal conductivity; and protect components...
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LED Lighting Depot Launches Unique Savings Calculator and Exclusive Bulb Brand

LED Lighting Depot has entered the LED reseller marketplace with its own product range and a unique calculator that allows you shoppers to calculate the savings they will make over a product’s lifetime. The LED Lighting Depot site stocks Verbatim, Phillips and Toshiba brands, as well as the Lumaera brand – which is exclusively available through the retailer. Supplying a full range of domestic LEDs, from spotlights to downlights, and dimmable bulbs to outdoor and garden lights, LED Lighting Depot is also the only retailer in the marketplace to offe...
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Light Planet Commended at Rushlight Awards

LED specialist Light Planet has been commended in two categories at this years prestigious Rushlight Awards.   The Rushlight Awards recognise the leading clean technology developers in the UK and Ireland. Light Planet were commended in both the Energy Reduction Category and in the Environmental Management Group Award. Light Planet's entry focused on their innovative range of NeoBulb LED lights which are at the forefront of advanced lighting solutions; penetrating new markets and achieving significant energy savings for a wide range of industries. T...
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The Lighting Industry Association Announces Lighting Design Awards at Interiors UK 2013

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Micron LED Light Based Wireless Network Created by UK Researchers

Scientists from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland (United Kingdom) have begun to develop a new Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) technology that will use special micron-sized LED lights, such as those that could be used as part of home lighting or TV displays, to form part of a sophisticated wireless communications network (much like Wi-Fi is today). The principle, which revolves around manipulating the on/off flicker of LED lights to produce a digital network (a bit like Morse Code from a torch), is not new but most of the other teams are focusing on larger Li-Fi L...
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British Scientists Work on LEDs for Broadband Communications

British scientists are working on tiny LED lights that could deliver Wi-Fi-like internet communications, while simultaneously displaying information. At the same time, the technology will also provide illumination for homes, offices and a whole host of other locations. Over the next four years, with Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funding, a consortium of UK universities led by the University of Strathclyde will be developing this innovative technology to help unleash the full potential of 'Li-Fi'—the transmission of interne...
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Austrian Luminaire Maker XAL Opens UK Lighting Showroom

Austrian luminaire manufacturer XAL has set up a UK based lighting showroom for the first time. It is XAL’s tenth showroom globally. Located in Shoreditch, London, XAL’s showroom is split into themed rooms based on luminaires for public spaces, hotel spaces, high-end residential, retail and offices. The showroom has been carried out in collaboration with the Austrian practice Innocad Architektur ZT and the UK’s Space Group Architects. The luminaires on show include XAL’s Helios which is shortlisted in the interior category for the...
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British Company Therefore Brings LED-powered GravityLight to Developing Countries

British industrial design company Therefore have developed LED-powered GravityLight, to ensure the world’s developing countries have access to affordable and safe lighting. The GravityLight was designed by Therefore directors Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves. And it is designed to be suspended from a ceiling or wall in a home. Using a nine-kilogram bag of sand or rocks, a piece of rope can be pulled through a mechanism which generates electricity.  The LED light works on the gravitational pull from the lamp and once the bag of sand is pulled; a three s...
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ITL Unveils Key New Product for Wide Format Graphics Sector

UK UV technology developer Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) has introduced an LED variant to its heritage SubZero UV lamp range providing class leading high power output for an air-cooled system.   A dedicated curing system for wide format inkjet printers, the new Subzero LED (above) offers ground-breaking performance for air-cooled LED technology combined with the architectural pedigree, features and benefits of the UK-based company’s 2005 launched SubZero UV lamp range.   Key features align the brand’s reduced footprint, low weight ...
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Dialight Debuts New StreetSense® LED Roadway Sign Light

Dialight has unveiled its next-generation StreetSense® LED Roadway Sign Light for roadway and infrastructure signage. Offering unprecedented flexible mounting options and years of maintenance-free illumination backed by Dialight’s full-performance 5 year warranty, the new StreetSense fixtures are ideal for both new construction and retrofit from existing HID metal halide, high-pressure sodium and phased-out mercury vapor fixtures. The new StreetSense Roadway Sign Light is available in two versions. A 6,000-lumen, 70W unit used in multiples to illuminate...
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Londis Store to Cut Its Lighting Energy Consumption by 63% with MHA Lighting

Londis store improves shopper experience whilst saving over £17,000 AWARD-winning lighting manufacturer, MHA Lighting, is helping a Londis convenience storeslash its lighting energy bills by 63%. The projectat Hillnews, Darlington, will cutlighting energy bills by 63% and Co2 emissions by 63 tonnes. Greater Manchester-basedMHA Lighting replacedtraditional fluorescents throughout Hillsnews’shop floor, back office and post office areaswith a selection of their award-winning TiLite fittings. Hillsnews owner and Londis Retail partner,And...
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Dialight Surges on Lighting Segment Revenues

Dialight saw its share price soar 38p to 1,053 as it announced a contracts bonanza that has meant doubling the sales force to keep pace with demand. The company had reported strong revenue growth in the segment in November driven by adoption of LED based lighting products. Now Dialight reveals that lighting segment revenues have grown by over 70 per cent versus the full year of 2011 and by almost 80 per cent in comparison to the second half. The sales force has more than doubled over the prior year and is expected to continue to grow strongly. Lighting sales growth has ...
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MHA Lighting Helps Bournemouth Airport Save Costs on Car Park Lighting

Bournemouth Airport is revolutionising its car parks with British-made LED lighting which will slash its lighting energy costs by 72%, saving 65 tonnes of Co2 per annum. Switching to LEDlighting from award-winning MHA Lighting, forms part of the forward-thinking airport’s campaign to continue its carbon-neutral ground operations. MHA Lighting’s team of professionals created a powerful solution to replace 150 watt SON fittings (170watt with ballast) with their P30 fitting – which is just 67watts inclusive of ballast. The 209 lights were fitte...
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Light Planet Target Outdated Fluorescents with New Technology Partnership

LED specialist Light Planet has announced a deal that will see them become the sole UK distributor for a multi-functional range of LED fittings manufactured by Lumi-Harvest Industries (LUMIX)   Building on 20 years experience of manufacturing and selling conventional lighting, Lumix has developed a reputation for producing quality LED replacements for the inefficient and unpopular fluorescent fixtures that are common in many commercial buildings.   Priced to be competitive with standard light fittings, the Lumix range offers end users and contractors a ...
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Dialight Installs LED Fixtures for Offshore Heliports in Gulf Coast

Dialight has secured an order from a major oil & gas supplier in the Gulf Coast with a value totalling US$500,000. The order is for the installation of LED fixtures on 15 offshore heliports in the Gulf of Mexico.  The lighting systems were provided in conjunction with solar panels through Dialight's strategic partner, Tetra West Technology, a Houston-based company specialising in offshore oil & gas applications. The order consists of more than 1,300 solar powered LED lighting fixtures, allowing the offshore heliports to operate their required lighting...
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EBU: Color Correction Costs Outweigh Savings for LED Lights

The EBU has warned that the post-production color correction costs required for video shot under LED lighting could outweigh the power savings compared with traditional tungsten lights. This is a setback for the LED movement, which thought it had cast tungsten lighting into history as a result of not just of the greatly reduced energy consumption but also other advantages, notably lower maintenance and heat production. Enthusiasm for studio LEDs With LED technology, about 80 percent of the electrical energy is converted into light, compared with 20 percent or less f...
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Dialight Completes First Phase of US$1M Project for PRASA

Dialight has completed shipment of the initial phase of a major multi-phase project for the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA). This initial phase of the order, to provide LED lighting fixtures for a major waste water treatment facility in Puerto Rico, represents a value of over US$150,000. The total project value is worth approximately US$1 million for six PRASA water treatment facilities and delivery is due to be completed in 2013.   The project consists of hazardous and non-hazardous LED lighting fixtures, including high bay, low bay,...
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PPL Generation Upgrades to Dialight’s LED High Intensity Strobe

As part of its ongoing commitment to improving operational efficiency and reducing environmental impact, PPL Generation continually strives to reduce costs and lower internal energy consumption by implementing high-efficiency, modern technologies throughout its facilities. At its 1,700-megawatt Martins Creek Power Plant north of Easton, Pa., the company recently replaced the antiquated Xenon obstruction lighting system on the facility’s two exhaust stacks with state-of-the-art 270,000 candela LED High-Intensity Strobe systems from Dialight. The retrofit will...
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RoHS Compliant from Lighting Industry Association Laboratories

RoHS (Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances)   From January 2013 RoHS compliance becomes a requirement of a producer’s self-certification  of  their overall CE (European Community Conformity) Mark. The LIA Laboratories are here to assist. It offers XRF testing to suit customers’ needs, from a single material sample through to a complete finished product. As well as initial type testing can offer an on-going product evaluation service to ensure continued compliance and manufacturer due diligence....
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Our Fascination with Fluorescents and the end of the Affair?

Earlier this week, news emerged from the US that researchers have developed a new type of lighting that could replace fluorescent bulbs. The new source is reportedly more efficient, produces a better quality of light and is flicker free. Whilst the concept of light from polymers is certainly intriguing, I was somewhat taken aback by the attention the story received. After all, we already have viable alternatives for the fluorescent tube that does all of the above. So why are we under the impression that we don’t? To understand the context we need to look back. The UK ...
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Dialight Secures US$400,000 LED Lighting Order from US Solar Thermal Plant

Dialight has secured an order to provide in excess of 1,000 LED lighting fixtures, with a total contract value of approximately US$400,000, for installation at a 250 megawatt (MW) solar thermal power plant in California, US.   The order consists of 1,050 LED Linear fixtures and 30 High Bay fixtures, for use across the power plant, which is made up of two independent 125 MW facilities. The order was placed following an extensive payback analysis and 100% of the plant’s lighting is now provided by Dialight LED fixtures.      Roy Bur...
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Scott Safety cutting its lighting consumption by 81%

SCOTT Safety, a leading provider of life safetyprotection products and services, is now also leading the way in reducing energy consumption. With the help of award-winning lighting manufacturer MHA Lighting, Scott Safety, a Tyco Company, is set to cut its lighting energy consumption by 81%at its Skelmersdale site. With thousands of people depending on Scott Safety products to protect them in high risk environments, it was imperative that light output, light quality and uniformity were high quality so as to aid precision working. With its award-winning low ...
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Award-winning LED provides the perfect ALTernative to traditional halogens

Aeon Lighting Technologies (ALT) has won the 2012 Good Design Award with its Asteria MR16 that offers a highly efficient replacement for the traditional halogen lamps that are common in retail and office environments. Organised by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), the prestigious Good Design Awards have been given to outstanding designs for more than 50 years. The judges remarked that ALT’s MR16 has high-quality craftsmanship in both product appearance and overall design. The 7W LED is able to achieve considerable energy savings as a...
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Luxonic Launches New Slimlux LED

Luxonic Lighting, one of the UK leaders in LED luminaire systems, has introduced Slimlux LED, a range of recessed and suspended luminaires to provide continuous lines of light. Slimlux LED incorporates high-output white versions to accompany the established RGB colour change modules. Luxonic Lighting’s Slimlux LED is designed to give a homogenous-lit appearance over virtually any length based on a 300mm module, at outputs equivalent to and exceeding T5 high efficiency lamps. Where different requirements exist, such as different length modules or lumen...
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Tokushima, Japan – 17 June 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the addition of the Direct Mountable Chip Series (Part Number: NVSWE21A-V1) to the portfol... READ MORE

DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cree LED, an SGH company (Nasdaq: SGH), announced today the launch of XLamp® Element G LEDs, delivering a new product class with unmatched light output and efficiency for LEDs of this size. The... READ MORE