WELLMAX: Achieve HCL with Intelligence and LED Panel with LED Bulb Technology

According to the latest price report of LEDinside, the average price of LED bulb worldwide is in a downtrend as a whole, even though the price in some regions heats up thanks to their robust economy.

Amid such a sluggish environment, many enterprises are confronted with severe challenge to survive, and some of them have even been phased out by the market. The LED Bulb Expert, WELLMAX, however, has held firmly its market share and achieved a revenue growth of 40% in 2018.

On the opening day of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE), LEDinside was honored to interview Eric Zhou, the vice president of WELLMAX and vice secretary of China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA), who was pleased to share the key factors of WELLMAX’s good performance and discuss the latest products, technical progress as well as the future development of the company.

Eric Zhou, the vice president of WELLMAX and vice secretary of CSA

At 2019 GILE, WELLMAX focused on its self-developed Bulbized Sunflower LED Panel and human-centric lighting product- Basic HCL series.

As demands for higher light quality increase, human-centric lighting or healthy lighting have become popular over the past two years, and this field has emerged as one of the hot niche markets. At GILE last year, many manufacturers have already launched smart lighting products and WELLMAX was no exception. It exhibited smart LED series equipped with iDAPT technology, which features simple design and convenient control, and does no harm to human eyes.

At 2019 GILE, WELLMAX launched Basic HCL product series which integrates dimming and color-temperature tunable functions. For this product series, WELLMAX realized human-centric (healthy) lighting by adopting intelligent technology. “Basic HCL product series can adjust brightness and color temperature according to human body’s need and simulate natural light of different times. As such, it can improve people’s physical and mental health by helping human body synchronize with the natural day-night-rhythm,” said Zhou.

Basic HCL Product Series

Bulbized Sunflower LED Panel was a featured product at GILE 2019. Technically speaking, this new LED panel uses direct-type emitting technology, enabling it to achieve ultra-high luminous efficacy. In addition, it also provides uniform luminance by virtue of the application of optical technology. As to the appearance, it uses a special design and materials, which contribute to a simple style and high-end texture. In terms of the structure, with a built-in power supply, the Bulbized Sunflower LED Panel is light and compact with thickness less than 25mm. Zhou explained that the birth of Sunflower LED panel, with LED chips spreading evenly on the plate like seeds on a sunflower, is a masterpiece that overthrows the division between panel and retrofit bulbs in usage. The product also demonstrates the development trend of LED lights.

Bulbized LED Panel - Sunflower

According to WELLMAX, Bulbized Sunflower LED Panel targets household applications with a fair price. With direct emitting technology, it is a product with higher cost effectiveness compared to those using side-in emitting technology. As the latter requires a light guide plate, it is more likely to bring about problems related to materials, which will lead to a rise in cost. Instead, the Bulbized Sunflower LED Panel can avoid such problems and save cost.

It is known that WELLMAX has been committed to developing LED bulb since its establishment in 1987, but it started to develop other lights this year.

“At present, LED bulbs and tubes still remain at the level of traditional lighting in spite of convenient usage, while WELLMAX wants to give full play to the specialties of LED. We took advantages of LED bulb technologies and successfully infused them into Sunflower LED panels R&D. This Bulbized LED panels feature high heat dissipation performance with lifespan up to five years. In the future, WELLMAX will integrate more functions, like sensing and functions related to intelligence, into the Bulbized Sunflower”, said Zhou.

He added that as the LED Bulb Expert, WELLMAX will cleave to the philosophy of LED bulb and integrate its strengths into researches and developments of other types of lights, such as down light and spotlight. WELLMAX is about to introduce more innovative products for its clients to diversify its portfolio. .

WELLMAX will also intensify its cooperative relationship with Samsung. It has been sharing the latest technology and application with Samsung since 2016. The company incorporates Samsung LED chips into all range of products, covering from the LED bulb to the panel light and others.

Zhou also pointed out that WELLMAX has been working on the new development trend of human-centric lighting with Samsung recently. They are well-placed to develop more innovative and mature HCL products with joint efforts.

(Author:LEDinside / Janice)

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