New, Improved LED Screens at Stations in India

At the Western Railway in India, commuters will soon see new LED screens at suburban stations with improved clarity and with speakers attached. A sample LED screen has already been installed at Andheri station. If it works out, similar LED screens will be seen at other stations soon. Three years ago, LCD screens were installed at stations by SV Media Private Ltd, but they were removed afterwards. Last year, 90 LCD screens were installed near the booking office windows, but these are mute and rather small in size.
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Energy-saving LEDs Installed in Ancient Indian Museum

In India, colourful Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights have been fixed in almost the entire ivory and textile sections of the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, making the exhibits look more attractive as well as saving energy. The first LED lights were fixed in 2008 when 20 of the display cases were replaced, said Sudhanva Ranade, joint director of the museum.
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Nagpur, India to Install LED Signals at Busy Junctions

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are being installed in India’s Nagpur to replace incandescent lamps for major traffic signals, as part of the traffic improvement plan of the city.
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Samsung Launches the First LED TVs in India

Samsung launched the first LED technology-based TV in India last Wednesday.
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LED TVs to Be Witnessed in India Market

LED TV, the latest high-end technology product in TV market, is to be available in India within the next few months, as Samsung, LG, Panasonic and TCL all targeting to release their products in this market soon.
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Usha plans foray in LED lighting products segment

The Rs 220-crore Usha Shriram Ltd, plans to enter the LED lighting products segment. It proposes to import such lighting products from Europe and market them under its own brandname. Usha Shriram's mission is to position its LED portfolio in the consumer segment and launch them at more compelling rates than the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) range. LED lighting products are more energy efficient than CFL items.
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Phillips to set up LEDs manufacturing base in India

It’s reported that Philips has plans to manufacture LEDs lighting products in India in future. Philips, the largest player in the Indian lighting market, also intends to enhance the production capacity of its compact fluorescent light (CFL) plant based in Mohali (Punjab) by 50-60% by 2010.
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LED Firms Push towards Lighting Focus

It’s reported that India's US$1.5 billion lighting industry is growing 15% a year and bringing in new technologies. At the Light India International Exhibition and Conference early in 2008, the focus was on saving energy in lighting and the spotlight was on LEDs.
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