India International Airport Lounge Touched up with LEDs

As part of the Corporate Aviation Terminal at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA), the CIP lounge provides world-class facilities and personalized services for exclusive travelers.  
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India LED Market Enters Exponential Growth Phase

India’s LED industry is undergoing dramatic changes, and is entering an exponential growth phase as more manufacturers jump in, said Deepak Loomba, Managing Director and CEO of De Core Nanosemiconductors during a New Critical Territory in Global Lighting Marketing forum last Thursday at TILS 2015, Taipei, Taiwan.
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LED Lights Can Help India Save $7 B Annually, Says Power Minister

By replacing inefficient incandescent bulbs with LEDs, India could save up to $7 billion per year, said the country’s Power Minister Piyush Goyal recently.
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Indian State Power Department to Provide LED Bulbs at Nominal Rates

India’s Uttar Pradesh State power department will be rolling out a plan to supply LED bulbs to household consumers at nominal cost throughout Varansi and Sangam city in April and May respectively.
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Indian LED Manufacturers Urge for Tax Reforms

Several Indian LED manufacturers have asked the country’s government to consider implementing tax reforms to make it easier for companies to conduct business across different India states, reported The Hindu.
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India LED Market to Grow 30% in the Next 5 Years

India’s LED lighting market is currently at a nascent stage. Though the LED market is already growing at a robust pace over the last 2-3 years, the country offers huge growth potential, especially over the next 5-10 years. Increasing adoption of LED lighting is being witnessed across commercial and residential sectors, government projects, upcoming smart building projects, etc. According to a recently published report by TechSci Research “India LED Lighting Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020”, the country’s LED lighting market is projected to register a growth of over 32% during 2015-20.
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NTL Lemnis Launches the Complete Retail Range of “Pharox” LED Luminaires Across India

NTL Lemnis, the Indo – Dutch LED lighting major, launched its complete range of LED products for the retail market. NTL Lemnis is showcasing over 250 products that offer end to end LED lighting solutions to address the burgeoning needs of the retail segment.
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India Agartala to Embrace LED Lights

Agartala has completed the first phase of its 35,000 streetlight retrofit project last Thursday, according to a report of The Free Press Journal.
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India New Delhi Saves 33 M Units from LED Lights

Domestic users in the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) can contribute to 33 million units saving annually if they adopt the use of LEDs, according to a report from The Hindu.
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India Launches National LED-Based Lighting Program

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday announced “Prakash Path – way to light” campaign to call for a national energy conservation revolution, according to reports from several Indian news agencies.
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Mumbai to Halt LED Project as Question Arise on Tendering Procedures

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai’s (BMC) plan to upgrade LED streetlights in India capital Mumbai ran into trouble as former mayor Sunil Prabhu and the opposition parties questioned the tender procedure, according to a report of The Indian Express.
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India Jaipur to Install 70,000 LED Lights soon

India Jaipur Municipal Corporation (JMC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ESCO Company to upgrade 70,000 or one third of its 197,000 traditional road lights to LED lights, according to a report from the Hindustan Times.
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Indian Consumer Electronics Manufacturer BPL to Expand LED Product Portfolio

Indian consumer electronics manufacturer BPL plans to expand its LED product portfolio, after starting in the industry with solar LED lanterns a year ago, according to a report by The Economic Times.
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India’s Power Ministry Tackles Energy Crisis with LED Light Bulbs

India’s power ministry’s proposed solution to the country’s energy crisis is simple: upgrade to LED light bulbs.
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Emerging Market Trends in 2014

More manufacturers are turning to emerging markets that hold high growth potential as maturing U.S., Europe and Japanese markets become saturated. Emerging markets including India, Thailand, and Russia hold many business opportunities for LED manufacturers, due to their high reliance on LED chips, components and package imports.
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India Launches LED Streetlights Upgrade Project in New Delhi

The India’s Union Ministry of Power launches a pilot project to upgrade traditional streetlights into energy-saving LED streetlights as part of the effort to turn New Delhi into a smart city, according to a report of Indian media Niti Central.
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India Andhra Pradesh State Distributes 820,000 LED Bulbs at US$ 0.16 Price

India Andhra Pradesh state government implements DSM (Demand Side Management) based efficient lighting program (DELP) for domestic households in hope to save energy to the tune of 500 MW daily, according to a Business Standard report.
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India Kerala to Install LED Streetlights in 68 Municipalities

The Kerala state government plans to upgrade its traditional streetlights to LED streetlights in 68 municipalities, said Urban Affairs Minister Manjalamkuzhi Ali in the Assembly earlier on Monday according to a news report from The New Indian Express.
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Panasonic Opens Second LED Lighting Experience Center in India

Continuing with its focus on providing the best of innovation and technology, India's leading electrical solutions provider - Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd (A Panasonic Group Company), today inaugurated its second LED lighting experience centre in Bangalore, after Mumbai.
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Indian Power Ministry to Sell LED Bulbs to Households for Less Than US $1

India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) announced selling LED bulbs to households at very low prices, according to a report by The Economic Times.
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Asian Cities Cry Out: LED There Be Light

LED streetlights are known to be bright, sometimes too bright that UK and U.S. residents have complained glare from LEDs disrupted sleeping patterns. In a recent turn of events, though, residents in Taiwan and India have reported the LED streetlights were too dim, and were underperforming in brightness compared to previous generation lights.
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Indian City Revokes LED Streetlight Plan

India’s Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has called off a LED streetlight plan approved 19 months ago, according to a report by The Times of India.
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India to Overhaul All Existing Streetlights to LEDs

India’s Union ministry of urban development has requested the country’s state governments to fully replace to LED streetlights, an India Times report cited ELCOMA India saying.
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Indian Congress Launches Probe into Inefficient LED Streetlights

Governments around the globe have welcomed LED streetlights for its energy saving features and promising cost effectiveness, but a government lighting project in Vadodara, India has recently sparked heated political debate.
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India to Conduct Large Scale LED Street Lamp Replacement Project

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is preparing to sign a nine year contract with Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. (EESL) after the conclusion of the general elections currently ongoing in India. The contract will be for a joint-venture to replace a total of 300,000 street lamps with LEDs, according to The Economic Times. 
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GIBSS Launches LED Lamps to Save 60% Lighting Electricity Bills for Aam Aadmi

GIBSS has launched its LED lamp series for residential consumers. The residential LED lighting product line is set to replace traditional technologies such as CFLs, incandescent bulbs and will offer energy savings of up to 80%.
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Philips Lighting Signs Ranbir Kapoor as Brand Ambassador

Philips revealed Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor as its brand ambassador at a press event in the city today. The market leader in LED lighting – Philips, is drawing attention to its LED lighting solutions by going for the brand’s first ever celebrity endorsement. The biggest ever marketing campaign by Philips Lighting will feature Ranbir, who will endorse Philips’ range of LED Lighting solutions, which are dynamic in both style and performance.
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LUSTROUS LED Product Light Up India

To Launch New LED COB products in Lii Fair, Chennai, India From Sept.13~16 Taiwan LED COB leading brand, LUSTROUS Technology Ltd (4997TW), values the great potential of India LED lighting market, together with local distributor, Optotech to participate Light India International,2013 (Lii) in Chennai (the 5th biggest city in India) from September 13th~16th to grab the business opportunities in India. In this lighting fair, LUSTROUS will launch new COB product, Coral series, all products of this series with criteria of 3-ste...
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Glacial Tech Successfully Conducts Seminar on LED Lighting and Drivers

To boost brand visibility of its LED lighting and drivers in India, GlacialLight and GlacialPower, divisions of the Taiwanese technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., organized a seminar, in association with Argos International, the dealer of GlacialTech for LED drivers in India. The seminar on LED Lighting and LED Driver was held at Kalpataru Synergy, Auditorium in Mumbai. GlacialTech has showcased its product range of Dimmable (Traic, Analog, Dali), Non- Dimmable, AC-DC, DC-DC drivers for LED Drivers and LED Lights for general lig...
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Taiwan-based AOC Plans to Storm India TV Market with Low-cost LED TVs

Taiwan-based AOC International plans to storm India TV market with its low-cost LED TVs. AOC hopes to cash in on Indians' growing fondness for low-cost LEDs. On the cards are 24 warehouses and 20 branch offices across India and a R100-crore marketing blitz over the next six months. AOC offers the latest LED technology-based TVs at a low price of Rs 7,000 while leading brands such as LG and Samsung sell the product with comparable specifications at more than twice the price. However, LG also announced recently that India will be a manufacturing ba...
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Nichia’s Tunable 757 receives rave reviews from industry leaders, including the coveted LpS Best Sustainability Technology Award. Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announced its game-changing single LES, tuna... READ MORE

Innovative tunable white, mid-power LED enables luminaire manufacturers to improve colour tuning, shrink optics and fixture profiles, while enabling new design options. Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announces i... READ MORE