LEDinside: Competition for LED Supply Chains Heats up in 2014

December total revenue for Taiwanese market listed LED manufacturers dipped 0.1% to NT $10.6 billion (US $350.7 million). Revenue for Taiwanese LED chip manufacturers reached NT $3.98 billion (+0.8% MoM) and NT %6.67 billion for Taiwanese package manufacturers, a slight decline of 0.9% MoM.
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Epistar Buys Shares in Edison Opto

With the LED lighting era on its way, Epistar has seized LED lighting market shares through virtual vertical integration with downstream manufacturers, according to Economic Daily News. The company has currently invested over 9 percent in Edison shares totaling NT $300 million (US $9.9 million), and is considering increasing shares in the future.
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Epistar LED Lighting Shipments Double in 2014

LED chip manufacturer Epistar’s Chairman B.J. Lee during the company’s year-end dinner on the 18th announced that the company is currently the largest LED chip manufacturer globally and hopes to become a first-class company in the future, according to Economic Daily News. The company’s LED lighting shipments have doubled this year and Epitar anticipate 2014 to be a better year than 2013 for the company.
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Adoption of HV LEDs Expands as Industry Moves to Cut Costs

LED lighting application is gradually maturing. In order to continue lowering costs for LED lighting products, there is a growing trend of manufacturers adopting High Voltage (HV) LEDs to simplify the power supply design. A large chunk of commercial and street lighting already uses HV LED components, according to Epistar. The company views is very optimistic of future  HV LEDs development in the lighting market. In the company’s product portfolio, mid voltage and high voltage LED chips makes up 10 percent of the company’s lighting products.
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Epistar Well-Positioned to Weather out Slack Season According to Credit Suisse

The rejuvenation of the LED market is unsurprisingly a hot topic in the investment market recently. Foreign investor’s interest in LED companies is gradually growing. In a recent report, Credit Suisse gave their outlook for Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Epistar. The financial firm believes that is in a good position to ride on the general lighting demand growth and outgrow the market in the TV backlighting space due to their advantages in technologies and scale. However, the company will still be affected by seasonal factors with the upcoming Lunar New Year. The company’s 1Q14 revenues are expected to have a 10 percent QoQ decline.
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Epistar 4Q13 Revenue Hits Record High Since 2011

Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Epistar delivered a stellar performance during the traditional LED low season. The company announced its Dec. 2013 revenue reached NT$ 2.04 billion (US$ 70 million) marking a historical high for the last 10 quarters since 3Q11. Although, December revenues dropped 1.36 percent compared to the previous month, revenues soared 61.46 percent from Dec. 2013. In addition, consolidated revenue for 4Q13 increased 6.09 percent QoQ to NT$ 6.10 billion, or an annual increase of 37.28 percent. 
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Epistar Backlight Orders Benefit from High Utilization Rates in January

Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Epistar benefited from an increase in backlight orders with a limited affect on their slack season. Order visibility for February orders after Lunar New Year is still not completely clear. However, the situation in January 2014 had an obvious turn for the better with utilization rates maintaining a standard of 80-90 percent.
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Epistar Continues MOCVD Expansion While GPI and Forepi Remain Conservative

Chinese LED chip manufacturers are conservative towards expansion, according to the Commercial Times. Forepi and Genesis Photonics Inc. (GPI) have temporarily stopped introducing new MOCVD units for 2014 and are aiming to increase efficiency instead. However, Taiwanese manufacturer Epistar has continued to increase MOCVD units to meet lighting client demands, due to insufficient production during peak season.
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Epistar Denies Philips Investment

The market has been focused on whether Taiwan LED chipmaker Epistar’s private placement will draw large international investors. Epistar issued US $250 million (NT $7.5 billion) euro convertible bonds (ECB) to Philips in August 2013. However, the company has denied the transaction.
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Taiwanese Manufacturers Head of the Pack for Flip Chip Application in Large-Size Backlight

LED manufacturers cost control pressure for has not eased  as TV retail prices continue to drop. Low priced direct- type LED TVs are projected to become mainstream in 2014. LED manufacturers also plan continual release of low-cost solutions. Taiwanese manufacturers are optimistic about flip chip products ability to expand beam angle and conduct higher voltage electric currents, with Taiwanese manufacturers such as Epistar and Forepi leading the way in introducing flip chips into large sized backlight applications.
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Automotive Lighting Orders Boost Epistar Revenue

Recent automotive orders have bolstered revenue for LED manufacturer Epistar, reported Economic Daily News on the 16th. Mid power LEDs are anticipated to drive up company revenue to 40 percent in 2014.
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Epistar and GPI November Revenue Rebounds

LED manufacturers have consecutively released their November financial reports.Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Epistar revenue has been driven by increased shipment demands for  AlInGaP and backlight products and LED chip manufacturer Genesis Photonics Inc. (GPI) also showed good revenue performance in November benefiting from flip chip products.
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UBS Gives Outlook for Everlight and Epistar 2014 Market Performance

The LED market for 2014 will see continued growth for the general lighting market and supply shortage of LED chips due to increasing demands from the LED lighting market, according to a recent report from UBS. In the report, the financial service company provides their outlook for Everlight and Epistar 2014 operation performance.
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CLSA Optimistic about Epistar 2014 Gross Profit Performance Despite Recent Loss

Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Epistar saw earnings turn to losses in 3Q13, due to loss on valuation of financial liability. Although, the company’s gross profit rebound rate was much lower than expected in 2013, higher gross profits from Embedded LED chip (ELC) and AlInGap products will help gross profits return to 17.8 percent levels, CLSA forecasted.
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Epistar Faces Deficit in 3Q

Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Epistar has released their 3Q13 financial results, feeling the effects of  LED for TV backlight applications inventory adjustments.
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Low Price Trend Leads to Surge in Package Free Technology

With the continual low price trend of  in the LED market, manufacturers are beginning to consider options for lowering productions costs. LED package free products have become the focal point of the industry in 2013 with many manufacturers actively breaking into R&D and production.
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Epistar Qualified LayTec’s Pyro 400 for GaN LED Production

LayTec is proud to announce that Epistar Corp. has qualified LayTec’s in-situ metrology Pyro 400 for its GaN LED production. The LED manufacturer based in Taiwan will not use high accuracy GaN surface temperature sensing with Pyro 400.
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Epistar Chair Talks about Revenue Prospect and Industry Trends-LEDforum 2013

When asked about his views for the LED industry in the next few years, B.J. Lee Epistar chairman said during an interview at LEDforum 2013 that he expects to see steady revenue growth for the company and the continual restructure of the LED industry.
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LED Manufacturers Under Pricing Pressure Rush into Package Free Chip

The LED industry after entering into the lighting era still continues to face pressure to lower prices. LED manufacturers have thus begun competitively pushing their way into package free chip development. Manufacturers like Philips Lumileds, Toshiba, TSMS Solid State Lighting, Epistar, and Formosa Epitaxy have already begun promoting package free chip products.
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MOCVD Production Predicted to Reach 390 Units By 2014

Following international lighting giants Philips, OSRAM, and GE shift towards LED lighting, local manufacturers from various countries followed suit. CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets most recent report showed a good outlook for LED lighting market development in 2014 and believes that LED lighting demands will be the driver for LED manufacturing capital expenditures in 2014. They predict that global numbers for new MOCVD units in 2014 will increase compared to 2013, reaching an estimated 390 units.
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Epistar Infiltrates CREE’s Supply Chain

Taiwan LED wafer manufacturer Epistar announced more good news for its market layout in LED lighting. According to a report by global financial service firm Morgan and Stanley, Epistar’s infiltration into CREE’s supply chain, controlling production of high efficiency red LED chips and mid-to-low watt sapphire wafer orders, lighting proportion within the company will continue to rise for 4Q.
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Epistar August Revenue Affected by Decrease in TV Backlight Demand

Taiwan wafer manufacturer Epistar consolidated revenue for August 2013 is NT$1.97 billion with a 2.85 increase month-on-month, .39 percent higher than August 2012. Epistar president Li Bingjie pointed out that although lighting demands for 3Q are continuing to move higher, they have felt affects from decrease in TV backlighting demand. 3Q revenue is predicted to be either level with or less than 2Q and Citibank estimates that Epistar 3Q revenue will decrease 5 percent.
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Epistar Focuses on Increasing Market Share

Following the expansion of the LED lighting market, Epistar president Li Bingjie during an interview on September 4th pointed out that once LED lighting permeability broke 10 percent, usage rate increased exponentially. LED lighting wafer usage by 2015 is estimated to equal that of backlight usage. Epistar’s lighting market strategy is therefore focused on increasing market share.
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Epistar Plans to Break into Korean Automotive Lighting Market

LED wafer manufacturer Epistar’s president Li Bingjie revealed that with the company successful entrance into supply chains of European and Asian based automotive makers, their next target is the Korean automotive supply chain.
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Taiwanese Wafer Manufacturers Turn Sights to Mid-to-High Range LED Market

A mature LED market has seen a surge in demands this year. Upstream die manufacturers one by one are transforming their market strategies in response to continual decrease in prices. Chinese manufacturer Hong Hai has been dropping prices rapidly in the mid-to-low range LED market. Taiwanese wafer manufactures have turned to the mid-to-high range LED market in order to maintain their gross margin performance. Flip Chip technology has become this year’s new battle ground with companies like Epistar and Genesis vigorously racing to start production.
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Epistar First to Break into Auto Industry, Shipments to Start 1Q14

Epistar has received orders from Japanese automobile manufacturers making it the first Taiwanese chip maker to enter into the automotive industry. The company plans to begin shipments at the beginning of next year. They have also received qualifications by the Korean manufacturers Samsung and LG for TV chips which will also begin shipment 1Q of next year.
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Epistar Receives Orders of Japanese LED Car Lights to be Shipped in Next Q1

According to reports, Epistar won orders of Japanese LED car lights, it is the first time for Taiwan-based LED chip manufacturers to enter into high-threshold and high-profit car lights supply chain. It is expected to begin a small shipment early next year. Meanwhile, Epistar also won Samsung's and LG's new TVs certification; also they will be shipped in Q1 of next year. Legal persons pointed out that Epistar has accessed to the Japanese car supply chain and received orders of brake lights and turn signals, the major markets are in Asia, mainly focusing on J...
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Lextar and Epistar Restart Expansion Plans Due to Rising LED Lighting Demand

The oversupply of LED die still exists; however, the demand for LED lighting fixture is expected to achieve explosive growth in next year under the great support of lighting equipment factories in the mainland China, highly anticipated next year. Taiwan-based Lextar has officially completed one-stop production line in its mainland-based plant, Epistar also restarts its expansion plan. Epistar and Lextar are expected to start new LED epitaxy production capacity in the fourth quarter of this year, and volume shipments will be conducted in the first quarter next year. 
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LED Bankruptcy Wave: Chinese Companies “Trip”, Taiwanese Companies “Stuffed”

Chinese banks’ recent credit crunch has impacted the LED industry. More than 100 LED manufacturers have defaulted as a result in Eastern and Southern China this year. Taiwanese LED manufacturers have emerged as the beneficiaries of the industry restructuring, as foreign investors purchase stock from industry leaders Epistar and Everlight.
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Advertising.my Working with Epistar to Offer High Resolution, Flexible LED Displays

Advertising.my is a reputable agency that has been advocating the use of new technologies in this industry. As part of its new offerings, Advertising.my will be bringing High-Resolution and Flexible LED displays for the industry in light of its recent partnership deals. Advertising.my recently signed a partnership deal with Epistar of Taiwan, one of the leading global manufacturers of LED components which will launch P3 indoor LED displays in the country. With that, Advertising.my will now be able to provide affordable and cost-effective options for advertisers to better...
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Lumileds introduced the LUXEON CZ Color Line, a product line optimized to deliver maximum punch. “The LUXEON CZ features up to 48% higher punch than any other undomed color LED,” said Jennifer Holland, Product Line Direct... READ MORE

LG Innotek today announced that it has supplied UV LED module for water purifiers to the famous Japanese purifier manufacturer for the past year and achieved the perfect quality of zero defect rate.