LED Backlight Module Manufacturers Benefit from Demand Increase

The LED industry has experienced unusually good performance during traditional slack season, according to a report by United Evening News. Backlight module manufacturers Unity Opto, Lextar, and Tekcore are optimistic as market demands for backlight rise. Benefiting from high resolution TV trend, TV backlight's high brightness demands have become even more evident, said industry insiders. Prices have stabilized following increase in luminosity despite fewer LED’s used and market polarization has become more evident as large companies expand. 
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Taiwanese LED Maker's 2Q Revenue Anything But Slack

The LED industry took a hit in Feb. 2014 from fewer work days, due to Chinese Lunar New Year. Many manufacturers saw a dip in revenue from Jan. 2014. In comparison to the previous year manufacturers are seeing higher revenues due to increased demands in LED lighting. LED chip manufacturers Epistar and Epileds showed atypical growth in revenue this Feb. 2014 despite the traditional slack season, demonstrating  outstanding operational performance. 
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Lextar Sees Dip in February Revenue

Feb. 2014 revenue for Taiwanese LED manufacturer Lextar reached NT $880 million, a 6.4 percent increase from the same period last year but a 27.7 percent drop from January. Combined revenue for January and February was NT $2.1 billion (US $69.4 million), increase of 18 percent from last year.
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LED Outdoor Lighting Replacement Trend to Drive Up Stock Prices

The LED outdoor lighting replacement trend is growing with over 600 cities in the U.S. already planning to switch old streetlights to LEDs, according to Commercial Times. New York plans to switch roughly 25,000 streetlights to LEDs by 2017, making it the largest undertaking in the North American market. Europe, China, and Japan are also initiating replacement projects. LEDinside estimates that compound annual growth rate will surpass 20 percent in 2014-2017, which will encourage lowered stock prices.
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Lextar Ranked First Again in Taiwan LED Industry in 2013 Patent Application

According to a recent top-hundred ranking list of domestic patent application in 2013 by Intellectual Property Office (IPO) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Lextar Electronics Corp. remained in the first place in LED industry in Taiwan,. In the ranking, Lextar was also second to none in number of granted patents and invention patent applications. This was the third consecutive year that Lextar topped in patent application in Taiwan LED industry, revealing its effectiveness in technology and patent deployment.
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Lextar Utilization Rate to Rebound in March

Taiwanese manufacturer Lextar benefited from  backlight client Chinese Lunar New Year preorders in January, with consolidated revenue of NT $1.22 billion (US $40.3 million), monthly growth of 11 percent. February however only has a utilization rate of around 70 percent due to preorders and fewer working days. Utilization rates are  anticipated to rebound in March, driven by the upcoming peak season for backlight and lighting. Order visibility will remain at one month.
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Lextar Jan. 2014 Revenue Reaches NT$ 1.22 Billion

Vertically integrated LED manufacturer Lextar announced revenue for Jan. 2014 was up 11 percent to NT$ 1.22 billion (US$ 40 million) compared to the previous month, or 28 percent YoY.
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Lextar 2013 Revenue Sees Growth

Vertically integrated Taiwanese LED manufacturer Lextar December revenue reached NT $1.1 billion (US $36.6 million), a decline of 5.8 percent from November but growth of 51.9 percent compared with December 2012. Revenue for 4Q13 was NT $3.32 billion, an increase of 40.9 compared to the same period in 2012. Revenue for 2013 as a whole was NT $13.7 billion, growth of 36.57 percent from NT $10.1 billion in 2012.
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Lextar Established Production Line Model in Suzhou Factory for LED Die Manufacturing

LED manufacturer Lextar’s Suzhou factory has begun die manufacturing on top of existing package and wire bonding production. The Suzhou factory will introduce an estimated 16 MOCVD to produce 60,000 2 inch dies a month. Adding on the current production capacity of the company’s Taiwanese factory, 160,000 in total will be produce monthly, total production capacity increase of around 37.5 percent. The new production capacity has already entered into a trial phase and is estimated to officially begin 2Q14.
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Lextar November Revenue Up from Last Month

Taiwanese LED manufacturer Lextar’s November revenue reached NT $1.17 (US $39 million), growth of 10.1 percent from October and 49.5 percent from November last year. The company’s accumulated revenue from Jan.-Nov. was NT $12.64 billion.
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Lextar Utilization Rate Drops in 4Q Low Season

As the LED industry enters the traditionally low 4Q season, Taiwanese manufacturer Lextar LED backlight and lighting business eased, with utilization rates reduced to 60-70 percent. Order visibility is around one month and less than one month for the company’s lighting business.
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Credit Suisse: Lextar Lighting to Rebound in 2014

Leading Taiwanese LED company Lextar will be unable to avoid impact from 4Q13 low season, according to Credit Suisse reports. However, the company is expected to benefit from the rebounding LED industry in 2014. Lextar lighting revenue is expected to soar 40 percent as new clients join in and investments from old clients. With rising number of Chinese clients, the backlight market performance is expected to be better than average market performance.
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Lextar to Launch Omni-Directional LED Tube at HK International Lighting Fair

Lextar Electronics Corp. launches a new omni-directional LED light tube featuring ultra high efficiency of 200 lumens per watt, distributing 360 degree of lighting area. This ultra efficient light tube, incorporating in-house flip chip, Chip Scale Package (CSP), and Chip On Glass (COG) technologies, showcases Lextar's vertically integrated LED technologies. Lextar will debut this new LED tube prototype at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) starting from October 27th, 2013.
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Lextar September Revenue Dips

Lextar had a September 2013 revenue t decrease compared with August and but experienced growth since September last year.
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Lextar Receives Large Orders for Its LED Tube from Europe and America

The medium power LED has risen up in lighting applications, international enterprises are looking for Taiwanese manufacturers with advantages in medium power products as cooperation partners, previously there was news that Epistar and Everlight received OEM orders from international manufacturers. It is reported that Lextar also receives orders for its LED Tube from European and American manufacturers. The medium power has begun to infiltrate LED street lights, and the penetration rate will increase next year. It is understood that Lextar's OEM orders from E...
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Lextar and Epistar Restart Expansion Plans Due to Rising LED Lighting Demand

The oversupply of LED die still exists; however, the demand for LED lighting fixture is expected to achieve explosive growth in next year under the great support of lighting equipment factories in the mainland China, highly anticipated next year. Taiwan-based Lextar has officially completed one-stop production line in its mainland-based plant, Epistar also restarts its expansion plan. Epistar and Lextar are expected to start new LED epitaxy production capacity in the fourth quarter of this year, and volume shipments will be conducted in the first quarter next year. 
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Lextar Announces 2Q 2013 Financial Results

Lextar Electronics Corp. (“Lextar” or the “Company) (TAIEX: 3698) today reported its financial performance for the second quarter of 2013. Lextar recorded consolidated revenue of NT$3.85 billion, up 33.1% over the previous quarter and a great YoY increase of 47.3%.  Lextar’s gross margin for Q2 was 17.4 %, a QoQ increase of 10.6 percentage points. Consolidated net profit was NT$ 301 million, EPS was NT$ 0.59. The Company also announced its results for the first half of 2013: sales NT$ 6.73 billion, gross margin 12.9%, net profit NT...
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Nichia to Lose 20% of Its Orders in the Second Half of 2013 for Competitors

According to the introduction from Taiwan-based LED manufacturers, Japan-based Nichia is the world's largest supplier of High Brightness LED, and it has occupied a leading market status in EMC-based LED chip packaging industry, but some LED packaging enterprises from Taiwan, China and South Korea have been competing for orders from LED lighting vendors, so that Nichia is expected to lose 20% of its orders in the second half of this year. Nichia received several patents regarding LED chip packaging based on EMC in 2007 and then offered an LED pack...
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Lextar Developed Direct LED TV Backlight to Promote Its Overall Revenue in the Second Half of this Year

In view of the news that the panel manufacturers have lowered the predicated value of annual shipments, Lextar said that it has not heard of the news up to now that the backlighting customers intend to adjust orders, and Lextar has developed a direct LED TV backlighting and high definition 4K2K TV product technology, which is expected to be significantly fermented in the second half of this year. Lextar will remain stable growth in its LED backlight business in this year. In terms of the mobile devices, Lextar stated that the revenue of mobile phone and tablet backlighti...
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Lextar to Debut Its Latest Plug-in COB "CORE"

Lextar Electronics Corp. (“Lextar” or the “Company) announces t its latest plug-in COB “CORE” Series which brings its plug-and-play concept to realization. With the mechanically incorporated COB, Core allows series connection that effectively reduces assembly costs. Lextar will formally unveil the new product from June 9 to 12 at the 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. Having foreseen the integration trend in LED lighting component, Lextar presents CORE Series that is optical mechanical integrated and delivers...
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Taiwan LED Makers Target Automotive-application Market

Epistar, recently pulled aside the curtains to reveal a hint of its next big-time product late this year to boost revenue, with industry insiders guessing the new launch to be automotive LEDs. Other major LED companies in Taiwan, including Everlight, Lextar, Unity Opto Technology, Formosa Epitaxy, are all reportedly aggressively developing business in this lucrative field with low profile. Epistar's high-voltage LED successfully tapped into Philips' supply chain in 2012, and the company has been aggressively trying to widen the gap with its mainland Chines...
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Lextar Released New LED Luminaire Series at TILS 2013

Lextar Electronics Corp. (“Lextar” or the “Company) (TAIEX: 3698) is displaying a series of LED energy-saving luminaires such as its troffer, panel light, skyline and desk lamp at the Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS 2013).  LED luminaires are expected to be a driving force in the LED lighting market, as the penetration rate for LED lighting fixtures is continuing to increase. In order to meet expected demand in the market, Lextar has come up with its new Troffer, which uses Lextar’s LM-80 certified LED package and possesses good efficiency of 100 lm/W. The technology also has low glare (UGR<19)......
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Lextar to Releases 8-foot T8 LED high-efficiency Tubes

Lextar Electronics Corp. (“Lextar” or the “Company) (TAIEX: 3698) announces the release of 8-foot T8 LED high-efficiency tubes, using Lextar LM-80 certified LED packaging products. The tubes sport 110 lm/W and above efficiency, and are expected to be mass produced in 2/q 2013, upon which one of Lextar’s main Japan-based brand customers will received first shipments. Lextar will showcase the technology for the first time to the public from March 26-29 at the Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS 2013).
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TILS 2013:Lextar Launches the Elegant and Stylish TSURU Ⅱ LED Desk Lamp

TSURU Ⅱ is a fashionable and environment-friendly lamp which is designed for home decoration, office and commercial purposes. It was inspired by beautiful S line of crane’s neck . Incorporated with high-quality aluminum; its spindly neck makes itself an ingenious device that enhances illumination ranges while easily to fold up for storage. It delivers natural light using 5000K high CRI (>80) LED; special optics lens provides anti-glare and uniform brightness. Only 9W low power consumption can provide brightness up to 1,000 lux – 40cm away from the irradia...
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Lextar Announces Official Merger with Wellypower

Lextar Electronics Corp. (“Lextar” or the “Company) (TAIEX: 3698) announces that its official merger with Wellypower Optronics (Wellypower) is set to take place on February 1, 2013. Upon the merger of the two LED subsidiaries of AU Optronics (AUO), Lextar will have capital values at NT$5 billion (US$169 million) and will be able to achieve a more complete and vertically integrated business model as well as further expand its LED lighting and backlighting product lines and customer base. These developments will take place under the wing of D...
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TILS 2013:Lextar’s Skyline Creates a New View in Large Areas

Lextar’s 3.8 cm thick Skyline is the ideal solution for large areas where light quality matters as much as illuminance level does. It delivers high efficiency of over 80 lm/W and its optical lampshade provides ample and stable brightness with no light-spots. Color rendering can reach Ra 80 and illuminance at 2m is 250 lux. Its wide light angle makes it perfect for general purpose. Technology not only gives Skyline an aesthetic appeal but dual-purpose as well, as it can serve as ceiling and suspension lamp equipped with various parts, either individually mounted or seamlessly a...
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Lextar Announced a new high-CRI LED Downlights Series

Lextar announces commercial availability of a brand new 6” downlight - DWRTFLX. Equipped with in-house 5630 LED that was LM-80 accredited, this latest release is optimized for replacement for 6” conventional downlight. This is the first high CRI (R9>90) product that can last up to 35,000 hours.   Lextar’s high level of color quality enables customers to further their expectations on room atmosphere that DWRTFLX brings to them. Merchandising display, where visual impact is crucial on fresh fruits, vegetables, meat products and delicat...
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Taiwanese LED Makers Form LED Lighting Industry Alliance

On December 24, more than 30 Taiwanese LED manufacturers have formed LED Lighting Industry Alliance, aiming at facilitating information exchange among member firms and offering suggestions to the government regarding the industry. Everlight, Lextar, Formosa Epitaxy Inc, Unity Opto Technology and Delta Electronics are among the participants. The alliance was previously known as the LED Street Lighting Industry Alliance, when it was established in 2011 by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). “We have made our first step in standa...
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Lextar reports 3Q 2012 Financial Results

Gross Margin 12.4%, EPS NT$0.25   Lextar Electronics Corp. (“Lextar” or the “Company) (TAIEX: 3698) announced its results for the third quarter of 2012. The Company reported consolidated revenue of NT$ 2,894 million, up 10.9% from the previous quarter and near 15% of YoY increase. Gross profit was NT$ 360 million with the gross margin of 12.4%. Lextar’s consolidated net profit for the third quarter of 2012 was NT$ 105 million, EPS NT$ 0.25.   3Q 2012 Result Highlights:   l      &nb...
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Taiwan’s Unity Opto and Lextar Made Good Marks in Revenue in September

Taiwan’s Unity Opto and Lextar have made good marks in revenue in September.Unity Opto’s revenue reach a new high of US$30 million in September while Lextar’s consolidated revenue of US$33.5 million for the month hit a hit a 26-month high. Unity Opto pointed out that its growth potential remains strong in October thanks to mainland China’s subsidization to LCD TV consumers and rollouts of touch-screen laptops by many PC makers. Both drive up demands for LED backlights, a major product at Unity and Lextar. In particular, Unity Opt...
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