Ford’s Heavy Duty Truck Lineup for 2017 Features LED Automotive Lights

The trucks in Stacey Nelson’s fleet rarely get the luxury of driving on clean roads under sunny skies. Black Hills Energy crews are tasked with keeping natural gas and electrical services running for 1.2 million customers across eight states. Their efforts are critical to keeping people warm in their homes in the most extreme weather conditions, and their requirements for a vehicle equipped to handle the rigors of 24/7 work are unique.
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Ford to Unveil First Original-Installed Strobe Warning LED Lights to F-150

Ford, America’s truck leader and the only automaker to offer an available factory-installed strobe warning LED light kit, is making strobe lights available to F-150 fleet customers for the first time.
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Ford To Launch Low Profile LED Visor Light Bar in Police Cars

Lawbreakers will now have a more difficult time recognizing the profile of the best-selling police vehicle in their rearview mirrors.
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Ford's Automotive Lamps Improves Efficiency and Enhances Aesthetics

‧Ford Motor Company lighting innovations are guided by human psychology, as lighting inconsistencies and contrast irregularities can cause irritability and even depression ‧First debuting on Ford F-150 pick-up, and now available on the new Ford Fusion, the automaker’s Crystal Diamond Light is designed to disperse broad, even lighting that can help reduce irritability while improving efficiency by up to 62 percent – lowering cost and enhancing aesthetics ‧Interior lighting designed with the human eye in mind to offer optimal light perception and good contrast for night vision; because men and women see colors differently, the shade must be universally accepted by the color cones of both sexes
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OSRAM SYLVANIA Delivers LED Headlight Equipped Ford Trucks to Hillsboro Fire Department

The Hillsboro Fire Department is answering calls in the all-new 2015 Ford F-150, thanks to local community supporter OSRAM SYLVANIA. The company recently delivered the truck to the Hillsboro Fire Department which provides Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services to a community that covers approximately 42 square miles and has an estimated population of 6,000 residents. During calendar year 2013, the department responded to approximately 1,000 calls. The fire department is made up of full-time staff and resident volunteers, many of whom are employees at the OSRAM SYLVANIA Hillsboro plant.
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FORD Develops Smart LED Headlights

Ford is developing advanced lighting technology that enables drivers to more easily see potential hazards when driving at night Camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting System widens beam at junctions and roundabouts after interpreting traffic signs GPS-enabled system uses forward-facing camera to remember roadways and direct lighting to help drivers better see bends in the road – effectively lighting the way home on previously travelled routes Spot Lighting uses infra-red camera to detect pedestrians, cyclists, and animals, and highlight the potential hazards; system can detect up to eight potential hazards and highlight two highest priorities using specially designed headlights and on-screen display
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Ford, NextEnergy Announce Automotive Lighting Challenge to Accelerate Development of LED Technology

Ford Motor Company and NextEnergy, one of the nation’s leading accelerators of advanced energy technologies, have teamed up on a technology innovation challenge for industry suppliers to help advance state-of-the-art automotive lighting.
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Ford Invests in New LED Lighting at Manufacturing Plants Globally

Ford Motor Company is investing in the future as it begins installing LED lighting at manufacturing facilities across the globe. The new lights, valued at more than US $25 million, will save energy and money while improving safety and lighting quality.
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Osram and Flex-N-Gate Cooperate to Launch World’s First Pickup with Full LED Front Lighting

One of America's legendary pickup trucks, and the biggest seller in the USA, is now blazing the pioneer trail in lighting thanks to Osram. The 2015 model of the Ford F-150 will be the world's first pickup on the market with a complete LED forward lighting solution from Osram. 
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New Ford F-150 Offers Tougher, Brighter, More Efficient LED Headlamps

Until now, headlamps often needed to be replaced long before the end of a vehicle’s life. For the all-new 2015 Ford F-150, Ford wanted durable headlamps that would last as long, or longer, than the truck. Ford lighting expert John Teodecki and his team found the answer in technology they believe could change truck lighting forever – light-emitting diodes, or LEDs.
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LED solutions by OSRAM let the 2010 Ford Mustang shine - inside and out

Introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the new Ford Mustang boasts the latest lighting technology by OSRAM. The American sports car, which hits the market in 2010, features variable LED interior lighting with OSRAM TOPLED. The JOULE LED system is the basis for the American muscle car’s rear signal lighting and gives the car a modern look as well as added efficiency and security.
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