Mitsubishi Electric Tests Wind LiDAR and Water Vapor DIAL for Torrential Rain Forecasting

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has reported its testing of a new system equipped with wind LIDAR (light detection and ranging) and water vapor DIAL (differential absorption LIDAR). The testing is aimed at developing measuring methods to forecast torrential rain.
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Mitsubishi Brings the Sky Indoors with Its New Lighting System

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has introduced its new development of an indoor lighting technology which mimics blue skies and changes colors with daytime to create a natural feel for indoor spaces.
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U.S. Patent Granted to Nichia, Mitsubishi Chemical, NIMS and Citizen Electronics for LEDs Using Nitride-type Red Phosphor

Four Japanese companies, Nichia, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC), Citizen and National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), reported that they have been granted in the U.S. the patent (U.S. patent No. 10,072,207) to LEDs using a nitride-type red phosphor*.
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NEPCON JAPAN 2018: Upscaling for More Advanced Components and Applications

Over years, NEPCON JAPAN has been gaining popularity under the organization of Reed Exhibitions Japan. There are 2,480 exhibitors from 34 countries at 2018’s show, with a 10% increase compared with the number in 2017, according to Yuhi Maezono, Show Director of Reed Exhibitions Japan. “The show will keep upscaling for 2019,” said Maezono.
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Mitsubishi Improves LED Color Rendering For More Natural Looking Light

The maturing of the LED lighting application market has not only seen LED manufacturers aggressively increasing LED luminosity, but also gradually placing more and more attention on the importance in color rendering performance for LED products. Mitsubishi has stated that in the past most sapphire wafers included yellow phosphor in order to create white light, but that the color rendering performance was lack luster. With the evolution of phosphor technology, sapphire wafers to create white light can now also contain green and red phosphor and the same effect happens when UV wafers are paired with red, blue, and green phosphor. This has a clear improvement on color rendering.
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Mitsubishi and Pioneer Establishes a New Company to Handle OLED Sales in Japan

Mitsubishi and Pioneer have established a new company called MC Pioneer OLED Lighting (MPOL). The registered capital of the new company was one hundred and fifty million yen, and the two companies each contributed 50%. The new company will handle OLED lighting marketing and sales in Japan. MPOL offers Verbatim's Velve color-tunable OLED lighting panels that jointly made by Mitsubishi and Pioneer. MPOL has a nice website (in Japanese, though) that shows nice photos of the latest Velve installations such as the Issey Miyake store at Tokyo'...
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Mitsubishi Electric to Restructure Lighting Business

The the joint venture relationship between Mitsubishi Electric and Osram will be constructively dissolved in the process of the merger. However, in consideration of the solid 23-year relationship, Mitsubishi Electric and Osram have agreed to maintain ties in the areas of sales and production, and continue to be strategic global partners in the lighting business.
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Mitsubishi Showcased 100in Diamond Vision OLED Screens

Mitsubishi Electric Australia has showcased a curved prototype of 100in Diamond Vision OLED screens at ISE 2011, targeting to digital signage and indoor advertising. The 384x384mm screens can be interconnected to create even larger panel sizes — a 100in version was displayed at CEATEC 2010 — and panel brightness is twice that of even the brightest LED screens available. The panels' resolution is at 128x128 pixels per screen. As a modular system, the Diamond Vision OLED screens are flexible and can be fitted to curved or rounded surfaces. &...
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Mitsubishi Introduced a New Color TFT LCD Module

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new color TFT LCD module in a 960×540 quarter high definition (QHD) format, which suits to video monitors for broadcasting purposes as it enables easy conversion from full HD resolution.
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Mitsubishi installed their first Diamond Vision OLED screen at Merck's new research center

Mitsubishi has installed the first Diamond Vision OLED screen, over at Merck's new Material Research Center in Darmstadt, Germany. The display measures 3.84m by 2.3m with a 1280x768 resolution. It has 60 modules (each is 128x128), and weights a total of 480Kg(!). Merck will use the display as an information system for presentations and events.
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Mitsubishi sells LED light bulbs in the European market

Recently, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co.,Ltd has begun to sell its Verbatim brand LED light bulbs in the European market. This new LED bulbs were shown at the IFA 2010 consumer electronics before. And they are based on technologies developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.
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Mitsubishi Chemical to start mass production of LED Lighting Materials

According to the Nikkei newspaper, Mitsubishi Chemical will invest 15 billion yen ($175 million) by March 2016 to add equipment to produce materials for light-emitting diode, or LED, lighting. It' said that Mitsubishi Chemical will install a production line at its factory in Ibaragi prefecture, northeast of Tokyo, by fiscal 2012 to start mass production of gallium, nitride substrates for LED.
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Mitsubishi Electric Completes Installation of Diamond Vision LED Screen at Kumamoto's KKWING

Athletics Stadium Screen Replaced to Provide Brighter and Higher Resolution Live Videos
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Rakuten Baseball Installs Stunning 20 x 16 m Mitsubishi Electric's Diamond Vision Screen at Kleenex Stadium Miyagi

Rakuten Baseball Incorporated announced today it has completed installation of a Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Diamond Vision large-scale display system at Kleenex Stadium Miyagi above the stands between right and center fields. The Diamond Vision screen, which measures 20.6 meters by 16.3 meters with a total surface area of 336.8 square meters, is the largest outdoor screen among baseball stadiums in Japan.
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Mitsubishi Electric to show large-screen OLED at ISE 2010

Mitsubishi Electric has confirmed that it will show a 149" prototype OLED screen at ISE 2010. Believed to be the world's first scalable OLED screen technology, the new system aroused considerable world-wide interest when it was revealed at last October's CEATEC show in Tokyo. A world-leader in outdoor LED screen technology with its Diamond Vision screens, the company believes OLED has the potential to similarly revolutionise its indoor commercial displays business.
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Mitsubishi Electric Adds LED Option to Display Cube Range

Mitsubishi Electric announces that it will reveal LED option for its Seventy Series range of cube displays at ISE 2010. The new LED cube engine is fully compatible with the existing Seventy Series cube chassis and hardware, offering users an easy upgrade path from conventional to solid-state lighting.
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Professor Settles with Mitsubishi in LED/LD Patent Dispute

 Professor Gertrude Neumark Rothschild has reached a settlement with Mitsubishi Corp. regarding her assertion that the company and dozens of other major electronics manufacturers in Asia and Europe violated her patents for producing LEDs and laser diodes in products, such as video players that are used for Sony's Blu-ray format, Motorola Razr phones and Hitachi camcorders, backlighting for computers, as well as street lighting and optical storage of information. 
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Dallas Cowboys’ Diamond Vision Screen Confirmed as World Record

Mitsubishi Electric announced that Guinness World Records has acknowledged its awesome Diamond Vision video board installation in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium as the World’s Largest High-Definition Video Display. The official certificate presentation took place during a pre-game ceremony on September 28th, just prior to the Cowboys vs. Carolina Panthers Monday Night Football game.
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New stadium kicks-off with Mitsubishi Electric screens

Barcelona's RCD Espanyol football club hosted the first game in its new, purpose-built stadium in Cornellà-El Prat on August 2nd. Two 7.6 x 4.3 metre Diamond Vision screens and more than 90 Mitsubishi Electric LCD displays help maximise enjoyment for visitors to Spain's most modern sporting venue.
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Cowboys Reveal World’s Largest LED Screen

The stadium of American football team the Dallas Cowboys is now the home of the largest high-definition LED screen in the world.
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A 103 Foot LED HD Scoreboard in New Yankee Stadium

In New York, in the center field of the new Yankee stadium which has cost $1.3 billion to build, now stands an immense 103 foot LED HD scoreboard which is six time larger than the screen at the old stadium. The 103-by-58 foot, 1080p HD scoreboard is a Mitsubishi Diamond Vision LED product. Embedded with 8,601,600 LED lamps, for a total of 5,925 square feet, the scoreboard can throw up as many as four simultaneous images, with picture-in-picture capabilities. At that enormous size, the puckered, sweat-oozing pore of your famous pitcher will be the size of a real human.
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Lighting Fair 2009: Latest OLED Lights Emerge

Latest OLED lighting technologies were demonstrated at Lighting Fair 2009, an exhibition of lighting technologies and equipment that runs from March 3 to 6, 2009, at Tokyo Big Sight. Now some OLED lighting manufacturer is showing off their OLED lighting devices.
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