[Video] Watch How Cannabis Enterprise Aphria is Using LumiGrow Smart LEDs

When Aphria, Inc. decided to add supplemental lighting to their cannabis production strategy, they chose LumiGrow to provide them with a cost-effective, dynamically-adjustable lighting solution. Located in Leamington, Ontario, in the heart of Canada’s high-tech greenhouse capitol, Aphria produces, supplies and sells medical cannabis and products.
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LumiGrow Partners with CF Industrial for Local Lighting Service in Ontario, Canada

LumiGrow Inc., a smart horticultural lighting company, announced in mid August their partnership with CF Industrial, a lighting and power solutions provider in Leamington, Ontario. The new partnership bolsters LumiGrow’s commitment to their Ontario greenhouse growers, further providing responsive local support for those implementing smart horticultural lighting for precision greenhouse management.  The CF Industrial team is yet another addition to LumiGrow’s Ontario-based services, as the company has already deployed plant science research support across the region.
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LumiGrow Releases LED Growers' Guide for Vice Crops

LumiGrow Inc., a smart horticultural lighting company, released their LED Growers’ Guide for Vine Crops. The guide is intended to instruct vine crop growers how to use LED lighting strategies to maximize profits, boost yields, increase crop quality, and elicit desired plant characteristics. 
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LumiGrow Brings Smart Horticultural Lighting to Cultivate'17

Cultivate ’17, North America’s largest horticultural tradeshow is set to use the entirety of the newly expanded and renovated Greater Columbus Convention Center (GCCC). AmericanHort’s Cultivate’17, July 15-18 in Columbus, OH, is the horticulture industry’s renowned professional development event with the largest all-industry trade show. AmericanHort estimates about 10,000 attendees, more than 125 educational sessions and close to 700 exhibitors.
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LumiGrow Brings Smart Horticultural Lighting to FreshTEC Expo

LumiGrow Inc., the leader in smart horticultural lighting, will be premiering their LED lighting and software suite at this year’s United FreshTEC Expo for the first time in Chicago on June 13th to 15th. 
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LumiGrow Reimagines Brand to Emphasize Connectivity

LumiGrow Inc., a major provider of smart horticultural lighting, announced the release of a new brand identity. CEO of LumiGrow, Shami Patel, addresses, "It's my pleasure to introduce the new face of LumiGrow. There have been a lot of changes within the company this past year, and with our 10-year anniversary upon us, we feel it's the perfect time to re-illustrate our commitment to our growers."
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Latest Spectral Science Research Revealed at LumiGrow Ontario Growers’ Council

LumiGrow, a smart horticultural lighting company, hosted an exclusive Growers’ Council at Harrow Research and Development Centre last month, to discuss results from the industry’s newest spectral science research findings.  Industry-leaders representing a broad range of vegetable, floriculture and cannabis producers, gathered to learn how to implement modern lighting strategies for their own production.
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LumiGrow Pilot Customers Have the Sun Manage Their Lights with Grow Light Sensor

LumiGrow, a smart horticultural lighting company, announced that they’ve begun a pilot program for the industry’s first dynamic horticultural grow light sensor.  The grow light sensor works in tandem with LumiGrow LEDs to target the precise amount of light that a plant receives.  By specifying precise light levels, greenhouse crops can experience perfect lighting conditions regardless of changes in weather or other light-limiting factors.
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LumiGrow Announces the Release of their Pro Series E Horticultural Lighting Solution with Cloud-Based Wireless Control

LumiGrow has announced the worldwide release of the Pro Series E, a horticultural lighting product line that combines the best in optimized spectrum LED technology with cloud-based wireless control.  Each Pro Series E fixture comes with a wireless control module included, so you can get up and running with the most modern lighting controls quickly and easily.  Manage your lights from any phone, tablet, or computer via the SmartPAR™ Wireless Control System, and choose to be backed by the industry’s best research support team running 10 years strong and leading 5-year warranty.
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LumiGrow Research Demonstrates Benefits from Adjustable Spectrum Lighting

LumiGrow Research, the research division of horticultural LED lighting manufacturer LumiGrow released seven new scientific posters that reveal how crop morphology and productivity can be affected through the application of varied light spectra. LumiGrow research, conducted in partnership with commercial growers and universities, demonstrates breakthrough capabilities that adjustable-spectrum LED lighting now provides growers.
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Horticultural Research Institutions and Commercial Growers Choose LumiGrow’s Spectrum Control Systems

LumiGrow, Inc., the leader in greenhouse spectrum control systems, celebrates a year of corporate growth and new strides in spectral science research.
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Dutch Heritage Greenhouse Selects LumiGrow Pro 325™ LED Greenhouse Lights

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LumiGrow LED Horticultural Lighting Replacement in University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming (UW) recently is retrofitting a research greenhouse’s conventional 600-Watt high-intensity discharge lamps with LumiGrow LED-based systems fixtures. With LumiGrow LED-based systems, UW will reduce lighting-related energy consumption and costs by half. According to LumiGrow, the UW greenhouse retrofit will save more than 13,000 kilowatt-hours of power and avoid the emission of 29,000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. Additionally, the LED lighting manufacturer projects that this energy savings will translate into $5,666 in ...
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Green Winter Farm Selects LumiGrow LED Horticultural Lighting to Bring Fresh Vegetables to Alaskans

LumiGrow, Inc., the leader in LED-based horticultural lighting solutions, announced today that it will provide energy-efficient illumination for Green Winter Farm, an indoor farm in Palmer, Alaska. LumiGrow LED lighting solutions will enable Green Winter Farm to grow vegetables with half the energy consumption and cost required by current farming methods. A family of four in Palmer, Alaska spends an average of $1,300 more on groceries each year than does the same-size Portland, Oregon family, according to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extensio...
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LumiGrow Receives Funding to Develop LED Horticultural Lighting Technology

LumiGrow, Inc.,the provider of LED lighting solutions for horticulture, has received an undisclosed sum in Series A financing from Clean Pacific Ventures, to accelerate the market expansion of energy-efficient LumiGrow® lighting solutions for commercial agriculture and horticultural research. Clean Pacific Ventures' General Partner and Chief Investment Officer Sean Schickedanz will join LumiGrow's Board of Directors. Generally, greenhouse growers supplement sunlight with high-intensity discharge  lighting to boost crop growth and extend grow...
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