New York Town Slashes Energy Costs by US $57M with Cree LED Streetlights

The Town of Hempstead, N.Y., the largest township in the country, is making the switch to LED technology with the conversion of more than 50,000 high-pressure sodium fixtures to LED street lights from Cree. The installation is already underway with future phases planned to bring LED lighting to the town’s municipal buildings, parks and marinas. The street light project delivers an anticipated two and a half-year payback with nearly $3 million in annual energy savings and US $57 million in total lifetime savings.
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West Kelowna in Canada Converts Streetlights to LED

West Kelowna, a Canadian City will be converting 1,750 high pressure sodium streetlights to LEDs, reported Kelowna Capital News.
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Cities in Indian State Will Upgrade to LED Streetlights

Six cities in Indian state Chhattisgarh in central India to replace conventional CFL streetlights and tube lights with LEDs soon, reported the largest English newspaper in the region The Hitadava.
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Northampton City in Massachusetts Gathers Community Input on LED Streetlights

By the end of the summer of 2016, Northampton in Massachuseets, U.S. plans on replacing all of the city’s public streetlights, over 2,000 lamps, with new LED lights saving the city an estimated US $170,000 in operating costs annually. 
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Indiana City to Install Brighter Lights

Located in Indiana, U.S., Lebanon City Council approved Mayor Sherry Capello’s request to replace sodium vapor bulbs with LED streetlights, reported Lebanon Daily News.
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California City to Upgrade to LED Streetlights

Clovis, a city located in Fresno County, California in the U.S. will be replacing 7,600 streetlights with LED bulbs in the next few weeks, announced Pacific Gas and Electric last Friday.
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Oregon City to Review LED Streetlights Following Warning Released by AMA

Eugene, a city of the Pacific Northwest located in the U.S. state of Oregon, is to review the conversion of LED streetlights as American Medical Association’s official policy statement warned about the potential harm LEDs have on citizens’ well-being, reported the Register-Guard.
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Aesthetic Architectural LED Streetlights Brighten up Roadways

Are you working on projects where a unique look is desired in order to differentiate the outdoor application? You want to stand out from the crowd with a striking design statement, right? And is it a challenge to find outdoor lighting solutions with minimal style and great aesthetic that still offer the performance of a roadway luminaire with the right lumen output?
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Southern Indian State to Lit with LED Streetlights

Hyderabad, the capital of the southern Indian state of Telangana, is to become the first to have LED street lighting in the city, reported Deccan Chronicle.
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American Medical Association Adopts Guidance to Reduce Harmful Effects from Bright LED Streetlights

Strong arguments exist for overhauling the lighting systems on U.S. roadways with light emitting diodes (LED), but conversions to improper LED technology can have adverse consequences. In response, physicians at the Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) today adopted guidance for communities on selecting among LED lighting options to minimize potential harmful human and environmental effects.
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California-based City to Upgrade 6,000 Streetlights to LEDs

Chico, the most populated city in California, partners up with PG&E in switching all the streetlights to LED lamps, reported KRCR News.
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Authorities in a North Carolina City Plan to Upgrade to LED Streetlights

City authorities in American city Kinston, North Carolina are planning to swap all traditional streetlights with LEDs, which is expected to cut energy consumption, improve security and save money, reported Kinston.com.
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Georgia Power to Upgrade Streetlights to LEDs and Slashes Energy Bill for Athens-Clarke County

Georgia Power is working with the Athens-Clarke County Transportation and Public Works Department to convert approximately 4,300 roadway lights in Athens-Clarke County from high-pressure sodium (HPS) to light-emitting diode (LED) technology. The project began the week of May 9 and is expected to take 6-8 weeks to complete. It involves no capital cost to Athens-Clarke County.
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Philips LED Streetlights Slash 58% Energy Use Compared to HID Lamps

With up to 103 lumens per watt, and 32,000-97,000 delivered lumens, it is possible to reduce the overall number of luminaires needed per high mast setup when compared to traditional HID technologies.  This not only reduces energy-related costs but maintenance and initial project costs as well.
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Hempstead Town to Save US $43M with LED Streetlights Replacement

As crews installed the 30,000th energy efficient L.E.D. (light emitting diode) streetlight fixture of a planned 50,000 units in Hempstead Town, Supervisor Anthony J. Santino detailed energy cost savings associated with the major project.  At the same time, Santino “illuminated” residents on the expansion of planet friendly/cost saving the initiative to include the conversion of 17,000 interior light fixtures at town facilities.  Joining the Supervisor at a press briefing on Hamilton Avenue in Island Park was Councilman Anthony D’Esposito, along with Ricky Tripodo of Facility Solutions Group (FSG), a private sector partner that is converting streetlight elements in tandem with town work crews.
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City in New Mexico Installs Different Brightness LED Streetlights in Residential and Traffic-intensive Streets

As LED lights are generally considered to be an ideal replacement for conventional HPS lamps for its high efficiency and low maintenance, complaints about these overtly bright energy-saving lights from residential areas across U.S. has been quite common.
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Xcel Energy Tackles Wisconsin Town Residents Lighting Concerns with Well-Designed LED Streetlights

A U.S. lighting installer Xcel Energy is tackling lighting complaints from residents in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with better designed LED streetlights, reported Leader Telegram.
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Indian City Chennai to Install 30K LED Streetlights for US $21M without the Assistance of EESL

The Energy Efficiency Service Limited (EESL) has installed more than 600,000 LED streetlights across several cities in India under the energy service company (Esco) model, said Saurabh Kumar, managing director of Energy Efficiency Service Limited, reported by Times of India.
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Hull City to Install 32K LED Streetlights and Save US $1.4M Every Year

Hull City, a city in the East Riding of Yorkshire, will start to replace its 32,000 conventional streetlights with LEDs, expected to save more than GBP 1 million (US $1.44 million) per year.
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Indian City to Install 18K LED Streetlights to Save Energy

  Mohali is a city which is a commercial hub lying adjacent to the city of Chandigarh in Punjab, India. The local municipal corporation (MC) is scheduling to switch 18,000 conventional streetlights to LEDs in the following months.
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US City Explores the Possibility to Convert 7K Streetlights to LEDs

Norwalk, a city located in Connecticut, United States, has taken into account converting its streetlights into LED ones, reported The Hour.
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UK County to Save More Fund by Dimming LED Streetlights

The  ‘dimming and trimming’ (reduced lighting ‘level’ and ‘period’) pilot is being introduced as part of our LEDs (light emitting diodes) street light rollout and will involve reducing lighting levels and periods in some areas. The existing lighting is already reduced by 25 per cent between 11pm and 6am.
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New York Counties Buy Streetlights from Utility and Plan LED Conversion to Save Energy Cost

In order to continue contributing to its goal of reducing energy cost, the New York State Public Service Commission (Commission) announced the approvals of selling utility-owned streetlights to separate municipalities, reported My Twin Tiers.
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Eaton Unveils New LED Lights for Metal Halide Replacement

Power management company Eaton today announced the introduction of its Lumark Prevail light-emitting diode (LED) Luminaire, a versatile, energy-saving and affordable lighting solution for area, site and roadway applications. Featuring a patent-pending architectural design, the Prevail luminaire combines easy installation features with multiple controls options, resulting in significant installation, energy and maintenance savings for both retrofit and new applications.
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[Update] Indian State to Cut Half of its Energy Bill with LED Streetlights

Authorities of Panaji, the capital of the Indian state of Goa and the headquarters of North Goa district, decided to switch all conventional bulbs to LED ones so as to cut 50% of their streetlights bill. The conversion will cost about INR 923 million (US $13.9 million). The project will be executed by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) within six months, reported the Times of India.
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U.S. City Kicks Off 7K LED Streetlights Switch to Save Taxpayer Dollars

Binghamton, a city of New York State is to upgrade its aging streetlights with LED lights. According to Mayor Rich David, the city will switch approximately 7,000 streetlights to LED ones.
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UK City Upgraded with LED Streetlights from Venture Lighting

Venture Lighting Europe has supplied to a number of street lighting projects throughout the UK as a cost-effective replacement of previous lamps. The company has seen many successful applications of its lamps across London with over 2000 of Venture’s street lighting solutions supplied, and another 1000 in Aberdeen.
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UAE City Realizes Sustainability with LED Streetlights While Preserving City's Apeal

GE Lighting has completed the installation of energy efficient LED lighting in Al Ain Municipality in Abu Dhabi, as part of an agreement to provide energy efficient solutions for the municipality's public lighting project. The project is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 234,000 kg per year.
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DOE Releases Gateway Report Comparing LED Streetlights with HPS

As early as 2011, the Municipal Solid-State Streetlighting Consortium (MSSLC) of US Department of Energy (DOE) has conducted a trial on nine SSL streetlights in Kansas City. Recently, DOE released a Gateway report in support of the result of the test that the Municipal Solid-State Streetlighting Consortium (MSSLC) conducted on nine LED-based luminaires relative to high-pressure-sodium (HPS) lights. The report reveals that the LED lights didn't universally best the HPS incumbents in terms of lumen output or efficacy, but the solid-state l...
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Ypsilanti to Purchase More than 500 LED Streetlights

Ypsilanti will purchase 505 new LED streetlight as it continues an effort to replace all high-pressure sodium and mercury-vapor streetlights in the city. The Ypsilanti City Council voted unanimously to approve the purchase on July 23. The move also was the next step in the city’s effort to establish a special assessment streetlight district that would impose a flat fee on residents and businesses to pay the city’s DTE bill and conversion to LED lighting. The city is anxious to convert the lighting in the coming months because it is one of the first cities in t...
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