Fremont Micro Devices Releases New LED Driver Design Kit

Fremont Micro Devices USA Inc. announced a new design kit for the FT8260B that reduces the design time of AC/DC LED driver applications. 
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Power Integrations Introduces Driver Reference Designs for CREE LED Bulbs

Power Integrations (Nasdaq: POWI), the leader in high-efficiency, high-reliability LED-driver ICs, today announced four reference designs describing drivers for dimmable PAR 30 and PAR 38 LED light bulbs. Jointly developed by Power Integrations and CREE, the designs showcase the combination of Power Integrations’ LYTSwitch™-4 driver ICs and CREE MT-G2 EasyWhite LEDs. DER-364 and DER-365 detail low- and high-line PAR 30 LED bulb drivers, respectively, while DER-350 and DER-396 address low- and high-line PAR 38 bulbs. These and other reference designs are hosted at www.powerint.com/ledrivers/cree.
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Dialog Semiconductor Launches 45W LED Driver for High Power SSL Bulbs

Dialog Semiconductor plc (FWB:DLG), a provider of highly integrated power management, AC/DC, solid state lighting and short-range wireless technologies, today introduced its latest single-stage LED driver to address dimming performance, heat and cost in high power, dimmable solid state lighting (SSL) applications. 
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Diodes Incorporated Dimmable Buck LED Driver Simplifies LED Lighting Design

Diodes Incorporated, introduced the AL8807B dimmable buck LED driver. The AL8807B enables a reduction in component count and PCB size in 12V and 24V LED lighting systems and MR16-type LED lamps. This is a hysteretic driver with an integrated power switch and operates at a switching frequency of 1MHz.
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Supertex Releases High Power LED Driver for Luminaire Applications

Supertex SUPX, a recognized leader in high voltage analogand mixed signal integrated circuits (ICs), today introduced theHV9805, an LED driver IC, where the LED light source is arranged as a high voltage LED string in order to accommodate certain lamp form factors, while allowing for cost savings through less complicated cooling and optical arrangements. The driver includes a linear postregulator to provide a pure DC current drive, for flicker free light output. The linear post regulator also provides protection from line voltage transients.
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Fremont Micro Devices Announces the FT833 Constant Current LED Driver Family

The FT833 is a High Precision Primary Side Feedback and Regulation Driver for LED Lighting Applications. The Integrated 650V Power MOSFET eliminates the need for a secondary sense and Feedback Circuit.
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RECOM Lighting Introduces Ultra-Compact 25 Watt LED Driver for Global Use

Due to the phase out of low efficiency illuminants around the world, modern LED-lighting solutions are enjoying a growth in popularity and the lighting market is gradually adapting to these changes. Therefore, more manufacturers  intends to switch to LED industry, RECOM Lighting is no exception, it is an innovative leader over the past 35 years in the manufacture and distribution of DC/DC and AC/DC converters, switching regulators and LED drivers. According to relevant reports, recently, RECOM Lighting has introduced ultra-compact 25 watt LED driver...
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ROHM Develops New LED Driver to Achieve Less Power Consumption for LCD TV Panels

ROHM Co., Ltd. (Kyoto-based) developed a 4-wire LED driver for LCD TV panels, achieving significantly lower power consumption. According to the available information and confirmation from relevant TV makers, the power consumption of backlight accounts for approximately 70% of the total power consumed by the LCD panel, therefore it has always been a major issue most manufacturers have focused. New products use original ROHM prides control circuit technology, achieved both high efficiency and low noise. The voltage level improved to 80V through the built-in MOS...
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RECOM Lighting Releases New Compact 7W Constant-Current LED Driver

Introducing the new RACD07, RECOM Lighting adds a new low-cost, constant-current LED driver to their portfolio. Thanks to its universal input range of 90-295VAC, the RACD07 is ideally suitable for applications worldwide. The modules supply a power of 7 watts and are available with constant-current options of 250mA, 350mA, 500mA or 700mA. To facilitate the installation for applications with limited space, the connections are located on one side of this compact device, which also includes a grounding clip for screw mounting. The RACD07 is compliant with I...
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IXYS Announces New High-Voltage High-Efficiency LED Driver

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division (ICD), Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation (NAS: IXYS) , announced the immediate availability of theIX9908 High-Voltage, Dimmable LED Driver with PFC Control. The IX9908 is a quasi-resonant controller that is optimized for dimmable off-line LED lighting applications. The IX9908 incorporates a precise pulse-width modulation (PWM) circuit and cycle-by-cycle peak current control to support flicker-free, phase-cut dimming with a high power factor correction (greater than 98%). Utilizing IXYS I...
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TI Introduces High-Power LED Driver for Automotive and General-Purpose Area Lighting

Dimmable, multi-topology DC/DC constant-current controller features low-side current sense Texas Instruments (TI) today introduced a high-power, multi-topology DC/DC LED driver with adjustable switching frequency and current sense threshold that provides design flexibility and low electro-magnetic interference (EMI) for automotive headlamps, fog lights and general-purpose area lighting. The TPS92690 is an N-channel MOSFET controller with low-side current sense designed to support step-up (boost) or step-up/step-down (SEPIC, Cuk, flyback) LED driver t...
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TI Releases New LED Drivers for Retrofitting Light Bulb Design Simplify

Industry’s smallest and easy-to-use drivers reduce component count and solution size Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) has introduced the industry’s smallest off-line, phase-dimmable, constant-current lighting controller and an easy-to-use lighting driver that simplify the retrofit of a variety of LED bulbs, including E14, GU10, A19, PAR20/30/38, MR16 and AR111. The TPS92075 controller and TPS92560 driver reduce component count and solution size while improving compatibility with legacy lighting controls. The TPS92075 is designed for phase-dim...
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GlacialPower Announces Six New GP-LP060P Constant Current and Constant Voltage DC 4-Step Dimming LED Drivers

New built-in step dimming function controlled through the AC power switch GlacialPower, a division of the Taiwanese technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., is pleased to announce six new constant current and constant voltage GlacialPower step dimming GP-LP060P LED drivers. The six drivers cover the entire DC output range of 12V to 57V DC and deliver up to 60W of power to the LED. All the drivers have been designed for LED lights. The DC voltage output of each GP-LP060P step dimming LED driver is as follows: •    GP-...
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TI Delivers Industry’s Highest Voltage Rating in Next-generation Automotive LED Drivers

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) introduced the next-generation AEC-Q100 qualified automotive LED drivers, feature-packed with the industry’s highest voltage rating, thermal shutdown protection and optimized electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance. In harsh automotive environments, the electronics must endure high temperatures, high voltage transient and electromagnetic interference. It is crucial for the devices to survive such conditions while reducing electromagnetic emissions. The TLC6C598-Q1 and TLC6C5912-Q1 are monolithic, medium-voltage, lo...
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Xenerqi Launches DUO DIM Series–LED Drivers Provide TRIAC and 0-10V Dimming

Xenerqi Limited has launched its line of LED Drivers with embedded DUO DIM® Technology. These revolutionary drivers allow installers to use a single driver for installations with mixed TRIAC and 0-10V dimming technologies. Xenerqi’s DUO DIM® Technology provides consistent dimming in both TRIAC and 0-10V modes Xenerqi’s revolutionary DUO DIM® Technology provides consistent dimming in both TRIAC and 0-10V modes which enables unprecedented light consistency and simplicity in this kind of application. The DUO D...
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GlacialTech to Showcase Its Latest LED Lights and Drivers at the 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

GlacialTech, a Taiwanese technology manufacturer, extends an invitation to all business and media partners around the world to attend their display of LED lights and drivers of its subdivisions, GlacialLight and GlacialPower, at the 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Hall 11.2, Booth #B10). The exhibition will be held at China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou from June 9-12, 2013.   Date: June 9-12, 2013 Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou GlacialTech Booth: Hall 11.2, Booth #B10 The 18th Guan...
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GlacialPower Announces Two New GP-LD Series DC Input LED Drivers for 12V and 24V DC

Designed to be used in a variety of applications such as vessels or vehicles and includes the ability to accept Solar Panel power GlacialPower, a division of the Taiwanese technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., is pleased to announce two new GlacialPower LED drivers for variable voltage LED lights – GP-LD10-30C and GP-LD15-24C. The GP-LD10-30C and GP-LD15-24C are multi-use scenario LED drivers fit for a wide range of implementations. They can be used on vessels or vehicles and with power sources with fluctuating voltage. They have be...
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NXP Offers 15 New LED Driver Reference Boards Optimized for EBOM

NXP Semiconductors N.V. introduced 15 new reference design boards featuring NXP’s broad portfolio of mains-dimmable and non-dimmable solid-state lighting (SSL) driver ICs. Each reference board is built around a best-in-class GreenChip™ LED driver IC, and has been designed to minimize the total EBOM (engineering bill of materials) cost while maintaining expected performance requirements for specific lighting applications. NXP’s cost-effective LED driver solutions simplify lamp design with the right form factor to streamline the design-in pr...
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Acuity Brands Introduces Aera LED luminaire System; Expands Availability of eldoLED Driver Portfolio

Acuity Brands unveiled a new LED lighting system concept during LIGHTFAIR International 2013 in Philadelphia. Acuity Brands also announced expanded access to its eldoLED Driver portfolio. The Aera system uses wall-recessed LED luminaires to offer a combination of indirect ambient illumination and luminous presentations that can be customized for the occupant and the space. The company says that the trim-less wall integration and daylight appearance of the lighting system add to its appeal. The Aera LED luminaire system features a discreetly hidden white light...
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GlacialPower Announces Two New 12V/24V LED Drivers

New Compact and Cost-Effective LED Driver Options for up to 60W LED Lights GlacialPower has announced two new GlacialPower LED drivers for constant voltage LED lights – GP-LE036N and GP-LE060N – available in both 12V DC and 24V DC options. GP-LE036N GP-LE060N Having an output voltage of either 12 V DC or 24V DC, GP-LE036N LED drivers deliver up to 36W and GP-LE060N LED drivers deliver up to 60W of power to the LED. Both drivers have been designed for LED light bars, soft strips and ...
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TI’s New LED Drivers Simplify Retrofit Light Bulb Design

Industry’s smallest and easy-to-use drivers reduce component count and solution size Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) introduced the industry’s smallest off-line, phase-dimmable, constant-current lighting controller and an easy-to-use lighting driver that simplify the retrofit of a variety of LED bulbs, including E14, GU10, A19, PAR20/30/38, MR16 and AR111. The TPS92075 controller and TPS92560 driver reduce component count and solution size while improving compatibility with legacy lighting controls. The TPS92075 is d...
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Toshiba Introduces LED Driver for LED Display and Illumination Equipment

Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has launched an LED driver for LED display and illumination equipment that can illuminate 8 RGB-LEDs with a single IC. Samples are available now and mass production is scheduled for March 2013.
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iWatt Innovative iWatt SSL LED Driver Addresses Cost and Lifetime

- iW3626 enables up to 20% BOM cost savings(1) - Configurable over-temperature derating ensures predictable bulb operating life - Configurable PF control offers design flexibility iWatt Inc., a leading provider of digital-centric power management integrated circuits (ICs), today launched an innovative digital AC/DC solid state lighting (SSL) LED driver platform designed specifically to address the key issues of cost and lifetime in price-sensitive, non-dimmable, residential SSL bulb applications. The first device in this new platform is the iW3626, a single-sta...
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TILS 2013:Anchorn Group’s LED Driver

Founded in 1984, Anchorn Group is an experienced manufacturer and exporter of electronic transformers for lighting fixtures. Headquarter in Taiwan and factory in China, Anchorn has a professional R&D team and experienced workers, specializing in making LED driver, electronic transformer and ballast. With an initial plant area of 4,000 square meters the factory has been expanded to over 20,000 square meters. Products comply with safety approvals including CE, CB, NEMKO, SEMKO, UL, CUL, ETL, CETL and PSE certifications. Inspections are made ac...
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GlacialPower Announces a Series of Dimmable LED Drivers

Four New 3 in 1 Dimmable LED Drivers In Fully Isolated Cases GlacialPower, a division of the Taiwanese technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., is pleased to announce compact GlacialPower LED drivers for lower voltage LED lights – GP-HS15P-12CA, GP-HS15P-24CA, GP-HS15P-30CA and GP-HS15P-42CA. These LED drivers have been designed for lower voltage LED lights. They deliver up to 16.8W of power to the LED with an output voltage up to 42V DC. The drivers also include a 3 in 1 dimmable (1-10V/PWM/Resistor)...
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TI LED driver is the first with frequency synchronization, PWM dimming and thermal foldback

1.5-A constant current DC/DC buck converter with wide input voltage operating range and integrated MOSFET drives high-brightness LEDs Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today introduced a 1.5-A constant current DC/DC buck converter with an industry-leading combination of frequency synchronization, pulse-width modulation (PWM) dimming and thermal foldback. The TPS92510 features a wide 3.5-V to 60-V input voltage operating range and integrated MOSFET. Together with TI's WEBENCH® LED Architect, the lighting ...
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60V, Synchronous Buck LED Driver Delivers Over 300W of LED Power

Linear Technology announces the LT3763, a synchronous buck LED driver controller that delivers over 300W of LED power. Its 6V to 60V input voltage range makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications, including automotive, industrial and architectural lighting. Similarly, its output voltage can be set from 0V to 55V, enabling it to drive a wide range of LEDs in a single string. The LT3763 offers both input and output current monitors and limiting, which accurately control both input and output current. Similarly, the LT3763 also offers accurate output voltage reg...
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TI introduces the first wide-input voltage, high-power LED driver with multiple dimming control modes

Versatile controller maximizes system efficiency, simplifies design and reduces cost Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) introduced a six-channel LED driver with dynamic headroom control for high-power applications, which accurately and efficiently drives up to six strings of LEDs. The LM3463 is the industry’s first wide-input voltage LED driver with multiple dimming control modes that maximizes system efficiency and reduces complexity in LED area lighting applications, such as street, high-bay and ceiling lights. The LM3463 is a 12-...
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O2Micro Introduces New Isolated Step-Dimming Driver

O2Micro® International Limited has added new isolated step-dimming driver OZ8027A to its Free DimmingTM technology and Lighting product portfolio. O2Micro's patented Free Dimming technology enables LED bulbs to dim using any on/off switch, thus eliminating cost, installation and compatibility problems associated with traditional incandescent dimmers. Free Dimming technology works with any on/off switch, including wall toggles, paddle switches, pull cords, rotary switches and other types of on/off switches commonly found on walls, extension cords and table/desk...
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Compact Linear LED Driver from Diodes Incorporated Suits Low-Current Lighting Systems

Diodes Incorporated (Nasdaq: DIOD), a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete, logic and analog semiconductor markets, today announced the AL5812 60V linear LED driver. The AL5812 delivers a constant current of up to 150mA and provides designers of low-current illumination and signage applications with a simplified circuit solution for accurately controlling 1/2W LEDs. Housed in a small-footprint, thermally enhanced SM package option, the driver is able to meet power handling requirement...
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Nichia’s Tunable 757 receives rave reviews from industry leaders, including the coveted LpS Best Sustainability Technology Award. Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announced its game-changing single LES, tuna... READ MORE

Innovative tunable white, mid-power LED enables luminaire manufacturers to improve colour tuning, shrink optics and fixture profiles, while enabling new design options. Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announces i... READ MORE