Caltech Researchers Develop Economic Flat Optical Lenses

Engineers at Caltech have developed a system of flat optical lenses that can be easily mass-produced and integrated with image sensors, paving the way for cheaper and lighter cameras in everything from cell phones to medical devices.
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Goldmore Releases New Raindrop Shaped LED Toilet Sensor Lights

Goldmore is excited to announce the launch of a brand new LED toilet sensor light, a rainy drop shape motion activated toilet light. Company is responding to the growing demand of the market with their invention. The official launch date of the product is 2016-10-16.
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Crestron Releases In-Wall and Centralized LED Lighting Controller

Crestron announced it is now shipping two new products for in-wall and centralized 0 – 10V control for LED lighting. The Cameo® Wireless In-Wall LED Dimmer and In-Panel LED Dimmer Module make design, specification, and installation of centralized LED lighting control easier and more flexible than ever.
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Audi Debuts US Manufactured Laser Light in Exclusive Edition Cars

At the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, Audi of America will debut its first US production laser light on the 2017 Audi R8 V10 plus exclusive edition. The R8 exclusive edition utilizes full LED headlights, which are now supplemented by a laser high beam module in each headlight.
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Nanoplus to Supply Laser Diode for IR-Laser Based Alcohol Sensor

nanoplus is proud to expand its collaboration with the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety (ACTS) in the United States. In May 2016, ACTS officially authorized nanoplus to start the second phase of developing innovative lasers for a touch-based alcohol sensor in cooperation with TK Holdings Inc. and TruTouch Technologies, Inc.. This project is part of the U.S Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) program for a  Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS).
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Laser Research Optics Releases Zinc Selenide Optics Optimized for Nd:Yag Lasers

A full line of laser-grade zinc selenide (ZnSe) optics that can be fabricated to specification for medical laser OEMs is available from Laser Research Optics of Providence, Rhode Island.
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Designers of Lightening a Modern Odyssey Talk about Inspiration and Concept

In this blog entry by Monique Cousineau Social Media Manager for Philips Lighting North America, she interviews 2nd prize winners of CLUE 02 Competition Antonis Athanasiou and Maria–Chrysoula Akrivou about their award winning lighting design.
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McGill University Researchers Relief Pain by Shutting Neurons off with Light

The potential of light as a non-invasive, highly-focused alternative to pain medication was made more apparent thanks to research conducted by scientists at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital of McGill University and the McGill University Health Center.
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UCSA Researchers Constructs Quantum Cascade Laser on Silicon

A team of researchers from across the country, led by Alexander Spott, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, have built the first quantum cascade laser on silicon. The advance may have applications that span from chemical bond spectroscopy and gas sensing, to astronomy and free-space communications.
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Siegwerk Offers LED UV Flexo Inks for Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging

Siegwerk, one of the leading providers of printing inks for packaging applications, labels, and catalogs, is now the first company in the market to offer LED UV printing inks for food and pharmaceutical packaging. By launching the SICURA Nutriflex LEDTec ink series, Siegwerk is specifically expanding its low migration UV printing ink portfolio. Expectations of UV printing inks are very high, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical packaging segment – users want the highest level of product safety at minimal migration risk coupled with optimal efficiency and short production time.
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Monocrystal: Sapphire Industry Enters Restructure Phase

The sapphire industry has never been the same since Apple dropped sapphire screens in iPhone 6 in 2014, followed with the bankruptcy of GTAT in October the same year. Things have been rough and hard for the sapphire industry over the last three years, as it enters a restructure phase, said Jerry Chen, General Manager, Taiwan, Monocrystal during a press conference held by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) at Taipei World Trade Center Club, Taiwan on Tuesday.
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Western Australia Replaces All Traffic Lights with LEDs

It might not be something the general public will necessarily notice, but they will see it.
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TI Calls Attention to Standards for Making Reliable GaN Power Transistors

Sandeep Bahl of Texas Instrument stresses the importance of making reliable GaN material will largely rely on joint efforts in the industry to establish related standards in this blog entry.
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Design Phase Launches LED Optical Film for Retail Sign Applications

Initially designed and developed for applications in the Defense, Medical, and Consumer Electronics industries, Design Phase in conjunction with FLEx Lighting has developed a brand new point of purchase media-The InvisiSign.  The patented ultra-thin, flexible and clear optical film technology is positioned to change the way shoppers are influenced at the point of purchase.
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UT Southwestern Medical Center Use Light Reflectance Spectroscopy to Improve Prostate Cancer Surgery Results

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have determined that light reflectance spectroscopy can differentiate between malignant and benign prostate tissue with 85% accuracy, a finding that may lead to real-time tissue analysis during prostate cancer surgery.
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Edinburgh Instruments Spectrometers Find Ancient Egyptian Blue Pigment is a Strong NIR Emitter

The Edinburgh Instruments applications team and Dr Gianluca Accorsi, a Research Fellow at CNR Nanotec in Lecce, Italy, worked on the photo-physical properties of Egyptian blue pigment using our Fluorescence Spectrometers.
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Chinese Researchers Use Copper Oxide Crystals to Make Germ Killing LEDs in the Full Visible Light Spectrum Range

Disinfection applications are usually associated with UV LEDs, but one research team from China led by Chaowen Xue has recently demonstrated an alternative solution to ridding most bacteria with visible light range LEDs.
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Pixelligent Technologies Optical Adhesive Chosen by Norland Products for UV Curing Applications

Pixelligent, the leading high-index advanced materials manufacturer, announced that Norland Products, a global leader in high-value optical adhesives, has launched a high R.I. Ultraviolet (UV) and visible light curable optical adhesive NOA 170 (R.I. 1.70) using Pixelligent's PixClear-based high R.I. Zirconia nanocrystal technology. Norland Products will leverage this technology to increase performance for its market leading applications. 
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Cree Rebrands Power and RF Business as Wolfspeed

Cree, a leader in silicon carbide (SiC) power products and gallium nitride (GaN) radio frequency (RF) devices, today announced that Wolfspeed is the new name for the Power and RF division of Cree. The company announced in May that it would separate the business into a standalone company.
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Carrefour in France Installs Philips LED-based Indoor Positioning System

Royal Philips, the global leader in lighting, announces today the world’s first major install of its connected lighting system with LED-based indoor positioning for Carrefour, the leading retailer in Europe and the third-largest in the world. The newly refurbished Carrefour hypermarket in Lille, France has replaced its previous fluorescent lighting with 2.5 kilometers of energy efficient Philips LED lighting that uses light to transmit a location signal to a shopper’s smartphone, triggering an app to provide location-based services.
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Electro Velvet Light up Eurovision Stage with LED Costumes

Electro Velvet is a musical duo consisting of Alex Larke and Bianca Nicholas. They will represent the UK in the 60th Eurovision Song Contest, performing Still In Love With You, an up tempo electro-swing song penned by David Mindel and Adrian Bax White.
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Producing Tomorrow's Vegetables with Urban Farming and Modern LED Lighting

When Chris Bajuk, founder and CEO of the urban farming company "Urban Harvest" enters the production halls of his vegetable crop business in the mornings, he sees hundreds of square meters of sprightly growing lettuce heads. What's special: Bajuk isn't standing in giant greenhouses set in a rural atmosphere, but in the center of the million-strong U.S. metropolis of Seattle.
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Data Network Communication at the Speed of Light

In this GE blog entry, Walter Kraus, the chairman of the Li-Fi Consortium, sheds insights on the different Li-Fi technologies available to the market at the moment.
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Samsung Display Details AMOLED Smartphone Displays

Samsung Display, the largest producer of OLED and LCD electronic display panels in the world, released key details about its new Flexible AMOLED display— the most advanced in the mobile industry – now being used on Galaxy S®6 edge smartphones. A technical backgrounder immediately follows.
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Hubbell Lighting and Totus Solution Launch LED Integrated Surveillance Camera

Hubbell Lighting and TOTUS Solutions, a provider of outdoor lighting based security platforms, have introduced Spaulding Lighting’s award-winning Cimarron LED fixture  now available with integrated surveillance, communication and control.
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STG Aerospace Provides Photoluminescent and LED Lighting for La Compagnie Boeing 757-200

STG Aerospace, a world leader in pioneering aircraft lighting technologies, has been awarded the contract to retrofit the DreamJet trading as La Compagnie Boeing 757-200 aircraft that has been configured to provide a transatlantic all-business class service. The aircraft will be equipped with STG Aerospace’s latest generation safTglo® SuperSeal UltraLite™ (SSUL) emergency floorpath marking system and liTeMood® LED cabin lighting system.  The installations will take place later this month.
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Optim LED Videoscope Receives UL Hazardous Area Certification

Optim LLC, a designer and manufacturer of flexible fiberscopes, videoscopes and related products, announced it’s FreedomView LED Videoscope has received certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the leading authority on product safety, for use in Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Locations. FreedomView LED Videoscope complies with UL standards and requirements for nonincendive electrical equipment.
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AIXTRON Selects Jordan Valley QC3 for Advanced MOCVD Process Metrology

Jordan Valley, a leading supplier of X-ray based in-line metrology systems for advanced semiconductor manufacturers and equipment suppliers, today announced that it received a strategic order for its QC3 High Resolution X-ray Diffraction (HRXRD) System for strain & thin films metrology from AIXTRON R&D center in the U.S.
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Hubbell Lighting Launches LED Conversion Kit

Hubbell Lighting, announced Precision-Paragon [P2] has released their new TKL conversion kit. The kit upgrades fluorescent lighting commonly found in offices and commercial, health care and educational facilities to energy-efficient LED lighting delivering up to 124 lumens per watt.
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Soundbrenner Pulse LED Lights Keep Musicians on the Beat

Until now, the wearables revolution in technology has centered mostly on health and fitness devices. Today it enters the realm of music with the Soundbrenner Pulse, the world’s first wearable device designed specifically for musicians. Engineered in Berlin by a team of entrepreneurial musicians and designed to help musicians keep the beat and become better performers, the Soundbrenner Pulse is available now to pre-order at //indiegogo.soundbrenner.com with special pricing of US $129. The retail price will be $149.
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