VividColor Open license for HDR and Micro-LED Development Announced at DisplayWeek 2018

At SID DisplayWeek 2018 in Los Angeles CAPixelDisplay  will be presenting at the SID/DSCC Investor Conference. PixelDisplay will also be demonstrating VividColor HDR™ enabled displays in the SID Exhibition hall. Some of the key-points:

  • Serving a $750mil/yr component-market for portable HDR devices in 2019.

  • Proliferating HDR-capable displays, with an Open license for faster-ramp.

  • Inviting early partners on 2D-Array Mini-LED backlight and Micro-LED applications, bringing OLED-like dynamic contrast at LCD-like costs, to wearables, smartphones, automotive, cinema-sized displays.

  • Reduced-blue displays, retaining efficiency and widest color gamut, while mitigating health concerns associated with blue light from LED, QD and OLED.

  • Environmentally friendlier without Cadmium, or heavy metals. Better than "RoHS compliant."

At DisplayWeek, PixelDisplay will be demonstrating VividColor HDR side-by-side with Quantum Dots (QD), but with VividColor applied directly "on-die," in standard LED-edge-lit LCD - a feat not possible with QD's due sensitivity to temperature, humidity, and photo-oxidization. PixelDisplay will also be demonstrating a "Roll-to-roll" film-stack version, for Mini-LED.

Representative image (Source: PixelDisplay)

PixelDisplay is launching an Open licensing program: enabling makers of In/GaN-based LED/MiniLED/MicroLED's, to collaboratively apply VividColor technology, meet the new customer requirements (at lower cost-points than QD, KSF or OLED), and adapt to the evolving needs of Micro-LED displays.

David Wyatt commented: "We launched VividColor at last year's DisplayWeek with a prototype LED, able to achieve an industry-leading 97.8% Rec.2020. This year we're showing working displays. We believe this approach carries many fundamental improvements, and now invite wider participation. We have limits on how many adopters we can support at this phase, but we welcome partners capable of working with us to build and test evaluation samples this year." Wyatt summarized, "VividColor enables portable device makers to meet and exceed the logo requirements of VESA's DisplayHDR, and UHD-Alliance's MobileHDR, without thickness-adding/bezel-widening QD-films, brightness or battery-life compromises. And scales to the light-flux-densities, temperatures, and methods, needed for MicroLED applications." Wyatt continued, "And unlike KSF narrow-band-phosphors, VividColor is also HDR and Mini-LED PWM compatible, able to drive the fast bright dynamic control at sub-frame microsecond speeds, without needing color-shift digital-workarounds."

Wyatt concluded, "Ooyala surveys reveal more than half the eyeballs are switching to watch their content on portable devices. The timing feels right to be opening up more portable-friendly solutions. If this market matches HDR on TV's, we estimate the unserved need as initially worth upwards of $750mil/yr in HDR-LED's. We're delighted to be helping fill the gap, and extend into the $20bil projected market for MicroLED's, where other solutions have tried and failed."

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