iBeam Materials to Present its Vision of the Future of Displays

iBeam Materials, the leader in enabling large-area monolithic Micro LED displays using GaNoX technology (including GaN-on-metal and GaN-on-Glass), announced that the company will be presenting its technology updates at two key industry conferences in the coming weeks. These conferences will be held entirely online and our presentations will be readily accessible by viewers unable to travel.

These talks will discuss the advent of paper-thin, ultra-flexible Micro LED displays using iBeam’s unique GaNoX technology that will eliminate the traditional restrictions for the form factor of displays, redefining what devices look like and opening up new classes of mobile, wearable, lighting and instrumentation products. With a tough but thin form factor and a high level of flexibility, large-area Micro LED displays made with iBeam technology can curve, bend and conform to various shapes, radically departing from traditional planar forms. In addition, Micro LEDs in general offer extremely high brightness and much greater power savings compared to traditional LCD and OLED displays.

• The first talk will be presented July 29 at the Trendforce MicroLED Forum and will highlight the advantages of designing displays using monolithic integration of larger size Micro LEDs enabled by low-cost, large-area epitaxy, using GaNoX. Instead of typical cost drivers that lead to the choice of ever-smaller sub-10 micron LED sizes that compromise efficiency and brightness, the LED size can now be chosen to maximize performance for a given pixel pitch without affecting cost. Furthermore, the large-area capabilities of GaNoX will obviate the need for costly mass transfer manufacturing techniques still under development for mobile devices larger than a few centimeters.

• The second talk will be given August 3 at the Business Conference of SID Display Week and will highlight the product functionality and manufacturability possible with flexible, robust, large area substrates. By integrating larger-size Micro LEDs with active-matrix GaN transistors instead of TFTs, we will be able to deliver on the promise of high brightness and high efficiency in a flexible, robust all-GaN Micro LED display product. The monolithic process for integrated large area Micro LED displays brings the industry closer to practical mass production and breakthrough applications. For this iBeam intends to scale up its process to 50-cm sizes next year. By working with industry partners iBeam expects to see the technology available for large-scale manufacturing by 2022.

To read more on iBeam’s unique approach to microLED displays, and flexible R2R manufacturing, please visit www.ibeammaterials.com/displays.

About iBeam Materials

iBeam Materials is disrupting the display, lighting and wearable electronics industries by creating new game-changing product categories based on epitaxial GaN (Gallium Nitride) devices grown on non-single crystal substrates (GaNoX). Located in Santa Fe, NM, and founded in 2011, iBeam is a spin-out from Los Alamos National Laboratory. iBeam has collaborated with Sandia National Labs and the University of New Mexico under a DOE ARPA-E Project to demonstrate epitaxial GaN devices on non-single crystal substrates using their proprietary GaNoX process.

iBeam specializes in the use of an ion-beam technology for crystal alignment of thin layers providing for high-performance low-cost electronic devices on a variety of large area substrates. Samsung Venture Investment Corporation has taken an investment position in iBeam and regards the development work as a unique strategic opportunity.

For more information visit ibeammaterials.com.

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