Fairchild Semiconductor's New Energy-Efficient LED Driver Lights the Way at OSRAM®

China team develops the FSEZ1016A LED driver for lighting manufacturers Fairchild Semiconductor, a leading global supplier of high performance products that enable energy-efficiency, has been selected by one of the world’s largest lighting manufacturers, OSRAM®, to supply LED driver solutions. The FSEZ1016A was developed by Fairchild to meet and exceed the stringent performance benchmarks set by OSRAM.
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OSRAM LEDs energize Street and Tunnel illumination in China

The Shanghai RenMin Road Tunnel and Guangzhou Zhujiang New City, each uses around 30,000 Golden DRAGON Oval Plus LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. These LEDs are chosen by Guangdong Zhonglong Communications Technology Ltd. due to their good optical performance and high reliability. In addition, their 50,000 hours lifetime extends service intervals, keeping maintenance costs down and reducing the total cost of ownership.
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Osram’s Second LED Chip Production Plant Set to Run

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors today announced completion of the construction of its new LED chip production plant in Penang, Malaysia. Two years after the ground-breaking ceremony in July 2007, the last installation work has been completed and the test phase successfully concluded in the plant which is claimed to be the most modern LED chip production facility in the world. The routine manufacture of LED chips is thus set to run at full speed from now on.
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OSRAM Provides Period-Style LED Lighting for Regensburg

In Regensburg, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and Siemens have demonstrated that energy-saving LEDs can provide authentic period-style lighting for a historical centre. The companies have developed a retrofit solution which meets the requirements of a modern lighting system while preserving the atmosphere of a world heritage site. The light sources being used are Golden Dragon Plus LEDs.
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Osram: The Regulation on Daytime Running Light (DRL) in Europe to Bring Immense Growth Opportunities for LED Automobile Lighting Applications — LEDforum 2009 Report (5)

To increase road safety, the European Commission has recently proposed the regulation on Daytime Running Light (DRL) for all new motor vehicles. The regulation, which is planned to go into effect from 2011, could bring immense growth opportunity for the market of LEDs for automotive lighting applications, said Huang Ziyuan, marketing manager of Osram’s Asia-Pacific Area at the LEDforum 2009.
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Siemens Lights up the World’s Biggest Revolving Christmas Star

Siemens announced the completion of the unique and pioneering technological project together with Munich multimedia artist Michael Pendry. The lighting installation consists of 9,000 Siemens Osram light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that are as bright as around 20,000 Christmas candles. Yet the entire installation uses only as much electricity as a hair dryer or a water kettle. In good weather, the art object can be seen for 30 kilometers.
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Copenhagen Twinkles in a Climate-Friendly Glow

Right on time for the first of Advent, the big Christmas tree in front of Copenhagen's City Hall sparkles in the glow of 800 LED lamps supplied by OSRAM. With this move, the company is taking a stand on energy-saving lighting on the occasion of the UN climate summit to be held in the Danish capital from 7 to 18 December 2009. The energy required is intermittently generated by 15 muscle-driven cycles which are in daily operation at set times. All in all, this saves 9 tonnes of CO2.
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OSRAM Presents First OLED Light Source

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has introduced the first OLED light source for functional lighting. Orbeos, the new energy-efficient surface-emitting panel, is especially suited to applications for architecture, hotels and catering, offices, private homes and shops. The Orbeos OLED panel has a round lamp surface of 80mm diameter, is only 2.1mm thick and weighs 24g. These limited dimensions ensure plenty of different usage options. With an efficiency of 25lm/W, the panel beats that of conventional halogen lamps.
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Hong Kong Lighting Fair 2009: US and Europe Leading Brands

Participants and showcased products at this fair are more than last year. The global LED leading makers aimed not only at lighting components but also aggressively tapping into lamp assembly products. They outperformed from 2nd-tier brands by products with higher price along with creative design and high quality.
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Azzurro, licenses and transfers GaN-on-Si technology to Osram

It’s reported that Osram Opto Semiconductors has apparently conducting R&D on the growth GaN-based LEDs on large-diameter silicon substrates, using technology developed by Azzurro Semiconductors. The agreement was signed a year ago, and the transfer of the GaN-on-Si process technology is exclusive to Osram Opto Semiconductors until November 7, 2010. Outside the Osram agreement, Azzurro is able to license its technology to other parties, and continues to supply GaN-on-Si epiwafers to other customers.
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3M uses OSRAM Opto Semiconductors LEDs in micro projectors

The diversified technology company 3M is including OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ LEDs in its new micro projectors, which can be connected to mobile phones and cameras. The small, bright, energy-saving diodes are the key to developing micro projectors, which could not be implemented with other light sources. They make screen sizes of more than a metre possible.
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OSRAM Releases High-flux LED Prototype with a Feel-Good Effect

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Thursday announced that it has developed a high-flux LED prototype with a feel-good effect in its laboratory. OSRAM claims that the prototype offers three important properties essential for general illumination applications, namely a color temperature of 3000 K, a color rendering index of 82 and an efficiency of 104lm/W.
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OSRAM Introduces Super Low-profile OLED

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors announced it has developed new transparent OLED prototypes which are only a few hundred micrometers thick and do not need separate encapsulation. The samples have a luminous area of 210 cm² and are already showing the enormous potential of OLED light sources.
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e:cue Lighting Control Enlarges Its Access to IP Rights by Sharing in the Mutually Granted Rights of the OSRAM and Philips Cross-License Agreement

e:cue lighting control - an OSRAM Company - benefits from the cross licensing agreement concluded between OSRAM and Philips for LED-based technology. e:cue lighting control guarantees its customers who integrate e:cue lighting control products in luminaires (e.g.
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OSRAM Releases Infrared Platinum DRAGON in Stack Chip Technology

The infrared Platinum DRAGON from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors provides a high radiance from a small surface. With its 1 mm² thin-film chip in stack technology it generates an optical output of almost 1 W from a driving current of 1 A – that’s almost twice the output of the standard chips that have been used up to now. The viewing angle and radiant intensity can be varied with standard secondary optics. Preferred applications are those which require high radiance so that small optics can be used.
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Students Communicate with the International Space Station Through Osram’s LEDs

Osram Opto Semiconductors partnered with the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary, Canada to help a team of 600 students send an LED illuminated message to the International Space Station as it passes overhead. On September 19th, 2009, in the dark of night, the students gathered in a remote field to send their message to the International Space Station as it passed over Calgary, 300 km (186 miles) above the earth’s surface.
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LEDs Light the Way for Planes

OSRAM and Safegate jointly develop robust and efficient LED lighting for taxiways. The ever-increasing volume of passengers and freight in global air traffic makes greater demands on safety too. Because of its major impact on passenger safety, airport operators are paying special attention to the lighting of runways for take-off, landing and taxiing.
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Volkswagen’s One-Litre Car Shines with OSRAM LED Systems

OSRAM’s LED technology contributes to the energy efficiency of Volkswagen’s L1 concept car presented at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA). The vehicle, which according to Volkswagen can go into production in 2013, has headlights that are equipped with new OSRAM Joule JFL2 LED systems and matching reflectors. The LED modules take care of the dipped and main beam functions and consume far less energy than conventional headlamps.
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Professional LED Lighting Design with OSRAM’s deSIGNer Online Tool

OSRAM today releases its redesigned LED deSIGNer tool for illuminated advertising. The new tool offers as of now extended functions, which make the planning and implementation of backlighting applications easier than ever. In only six steps users can design their required backlighting including all the components online at www.osram.com/led-designer.
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OSRAM Adds The Oslon MX ECE To Its LED Automotive Product Portfolio

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors released a new addition to its LED range: the Oslon MX ECE. This low-cost high-power ceramic component is intended for the front light clusters of mid-range vehicles – mainly as daytime running lights. This new LED is an important addition to OSRAM’s extensive product portfolio for the automotive sector.
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OSRAM Releases Ledstixx — The Glowing "Magic Wand" for Style-Conscious Design-Lovers

The new OSRAM LEDstixx offers discerning design devotees a striking and decorative form of LED lighting. Measuring some 22 cm in length, the rounded silver light stick has four LEDs along its lateral side, lending it the look of a gleaming magic wand. With a multitude of different mounting options, it can conjure a glow around all those features that are crying out for accentuation.
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South Korea’s Wonju City Selects GALED Featuring OSRAM Golden DRAGON plus LEDs for Country’s Longest LED Street Lamp Installation

Wonju City in Gwang Won province, South Korea, installed LED street lamps in line with the Korea government’s call to implement more energy efficient solutions. The installation of PRAUS 150W streetlights with OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ Golden DRAGON Plus LEDs represent the longest LED street light installation to-date in Korea.
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OSRAM’s Oslon LX LEDs Pack Almost 80% of Their Light into The Light Guide

As the smallest 1 W LEDs for backlighting LCD displays, the two white versions of the Oslon LX from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors provide strong light that can be very efficiently injected into thin light guides with the aid of an optimized lens. The displays can therefore be made ultra-thin and can be uniformly illuminated even with single-side injection.
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OSRAM’s New Reception Building Lit Entirely by LEDs, Features both Energy Saving and Design Versatility

OSRAM Opto today announces that its new reception building at Semiconductors’ head office in Regensburg (Germany) is lit by LEDs for all the lighting functions – workspace, general room, effects and outdoor lighting. Compared with conventional lights, LEDs make completely innovative lighting designs possible while saving energy too – for example, 35 percent alone in the case of white light illumination, according to OSRAM.
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OSRAM Developed Direct Emitting Green Ingan Laser with 50 mW in the Laboratory

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors today announced a major breakthrough in the laboratory with its direct emitting green indium-gallium-nitride laser. It achieves an optical output of 50 mW and emits light in true green with a wavelength of 515 nm. Compared with semiconductor lasers based on current technology that operate with frequency doubling, direct emitting green lasers are more compact, offer greater temperature stability, are easier to control and have higher modulation capability, according to the company.
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Europe Turns to Energy Efficient Lighting

European consumers are switching to green products as a result of the EU ban on incandescent lamps. According to a market research company, sales of traditional light bulbs fell by up to 35 percent in the first quarter of 2009 in a number of European countries. Increases in purchases of regular light bulbs are a regional phenomenon, particularly in Germany and Austria. EU ban on incandescent lamps will help consumers and the climate
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Test facility in Fürth Demonstrates the Future of LED Street Lighting

A street lighting test facility with LED technology has now been set up in Fürth near Nuremberg, Germany. A total of six LED lamps have been installed on the road to the airport in the town’s north and will provide an insight into the street lighting of tomorrow.
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OSRAM Shows Results of Complete Life-cycle Assessment for LED Lamps

A study on the life-cycle assessment (LCA) of LED lamps by OSRAM shows the latest generation of lamps achieves a very high score for environmental friendliness. This study involved a close look at their entire life-cycle – how much energy and raw materials the lamp consumes in terms of production, use and disposal and the environmental impact involved in the process. The result was that today’s LED lamps achieve the LCA values of compact fluorescent lights and are far superior to conventional incandescent lamps.
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OSRAM Introduces New TOPLED: Small, Black, and Very Bright

The new TOPLED Black Series with lens from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is the first TOPLED in a black package that can achieve a typical luminous intensity of 1.9 cd (at 20 mA), which means it is as bright as a comparable LED in a white package but offers higher contrast and fewer reflections.      
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Round 2 of The “LED - Emotionalize Your Light” Competition, The Three Best Lighting Concepts Have Been Chosen

Following a successful first round of the “LED - Emotionalize your light” competition supported by OSRAM and Siemens, the three best lighting concepts have been chosen. In the second stage to follow, the design community will discuss and develop 10 of the 530 entries online. Ultimately, the ideas on the round two winners’ rostrum will be those that have been improved the most during the competition. The winners will be announced on 4 August.
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