India Bescom Kept Out of LED Bulb Loop

The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom) in India was not aware of union Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) LED bulb policy, according to a report from Bangalore Mirror.
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Puducherry in India Rolls out Second Phase LED Bulb Distribution

Puducherry, a Union Territory of India, has launched its second phase LED bulb distribution project, The Hindu reported Puducherry Electricity Minister T. Thiagarajan saying recently.
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Philips Hue Reverts Software Update to Include Third-Party Bulbs

“We recently upgraded the software for Philips Hue to ensure the best seamless connected lighting experience for our customers. This change was made in good faith. However, we under estimated the impact this would have on a small number of customers who use lights from other brands which could not be controlled by the Philips Hue software. In view of the sentiment expressed by our customers, we have decided to reverse the software upgrade so that lights from other brands continue to work as they did before with the Philips Hue system.
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Indian Rail Company Distributes LED Bulbs to Employees to Conserve Energy

The East Coast Railway (ECoR) in India has implemented the central government sponsored Domestic Efficient Lighting Program (DELP) in areas under its jurisdiction, reported The Times of India.
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Indian State Karnataka to Launch LED Bulbs Scheme Next Month

The capital of Indian State Karnataka will initiate its LED bulb scheme from Dec. 11, 2015, according to a report from The Times of India.
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Greek Designer Conjures Colorful Luminaire that Mimics Rainbows

Greek designer Eugenia Antoniou has created a unique LED luminaire that emits circular patterned colors resembling the eclipse of a rainbow. The Product and System Design Engineering graduate from the University of Aegean has coined the impressive luminaire “Eclipse of Rainbow.”
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Indian Government Programs Cut LED Bulb Prices by 75%

India’s LED bulb retrofit incentives under the DELP program implemented by Energy of Efficiency Services (EESL), a joint venture of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) of the Power Minister have slashed LED bulb prices significantly, reported theEconomic Times.
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LightFreq Fails to Deliver Kickstarter Orders

Supporters of LightFreq, a smart LED bulb integrated with speakers, have not received the product, despite being overdue for eight months, reported TNW news recently.
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LED Bulb Distribution Kicks Off in Indian City

Resta Peth, a region in Pune City in the state of Maharashtra, India, has rolled out its LED bulb distribution scheme, reported The Times of India.
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Sharp Teams up with Hiroshima Prefecture Research Lab to Develop Moth Repellent LED Bulbs

Sharp announced it has teamed up with Japan’s  Hiroshima Prefectural Technology Research Institute's Agricultural Center to develop moth repellent LED bulbs to prevent the nocturnal pests from destroying crops, and to suppress the lighting’s impact on crops.
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Global Tech LED Files Bulb Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Hilmuz and Others

As the Inventor and Manufacturer of the world’s most advanced LED Light Engines, Global Tech LED announced today it has filed a lawsuit against Hilumz USA and other entities for infringement of one its patents entitled “LED Light Bulb” (U.S. Patent No. 8,979,304). Global Tech LED has also initiated a lawsuit against those owners and operators of www.myledlightingguide.com and www.everywattmatters.com. Global Tech LED will continue to enforce its rights and is standing in open arms to any distributors caught in the middle who are interested in purchasing a product that is not infringing.
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Cree Launches US $8 LED Bulb

As the number of consumers buying LED bulbs continues to increase, the quality of their experience becomes even more important. The most important characteristics of LED bulbs are light quality, longevity and, of course, energy efficiency. Despite this, some manufacturers seeking to cash-in on the technology’s popularity are driving LED bulbs to CFL-like performance, lifetimes and light quality. In contrast, today, Cree introduces a better LED bulb. Unlike compromised bulbs, the new Cree LED® bulb delivers an even better light with better performance, a longer life and more energy savings.
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French Government Plans to Give Away 1 M LED Bulbs

The French government is planning to give away one million LED bulbs to low income families in the country, reported French media The Connexion.
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Not All Large Lighting Brands Pass Hong Kong Consumer Council LED Bulb Tests

Hong Kong Consumer Council and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSC) found large disparities in energy efficiency and lifetime performances in 10 types of LED bulbs, among these included products from leading lighting brands. Differences in LED bulb efficacy reached 100%, while one sample burned out and lumen depreciation in certain products occurred at 10% mark of the product’s lifetime. A couple other products failed to pass safety tests. Consumers were advised by the council to choose LED products cautiously.
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Compulsory Electronics Registration in India to Push up LED Bulb Sales

The Indian governments promotion of “Made in India” LED bulbs, and the introduction of mandatory registration of electronic products in August 2015 will spur LED bulb sales, said Philips Lighting Solutions South Asia, CEO, Harsh Chitale.
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Outrace Increases LED Bulb Production Capacity to Double That of Its Competitors

On July 20th, Jiangxi Outrace Technology Co., Ltd (Outrace) announced that, thanks to its completely automated production lines, the company can now produce one finished product every 3 seconds. Daily output of LED bulbs alone has been ramped up to around 450,000 units, while most of the peers are maxing out at around 200,000 units, evidencing that Outrace has brought capacity up to double that of other LED bulb manufactures.
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Bulb Price Wars Drives Cree LED Business Restructure

Market competition in the North American bulb market has pressured Cree to restructure its LED business, said Roger Chu, Director, Research Division, LEDinside.
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Levitating LED Bulb Flyte

A floating LED light bulb has made possible by a Swedish designer Simon Morris by using magnetic designs.
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Egypt State-Owned Company Starts LED Bulb Production

Egypt’s state-owned company Neeasae  has set up a new plant to manufacture LED bulbs, reported the country’s state news agency MENA.
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MLS to Launch US $1.67 LED bulb in Thailand

MLS is planning to release a new LED bulb that will be retailed at about half the price of existing products, said the company’s Marketing and Sales General Manager Lawrence Lin at an interview at LED Expo Thailand 2015.
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Declining LED Product Prices Halt New Thai Government Incentives

Thailand Ministry of Energy has no intention of issuing new LED incenives for 2015, said Minister of Energy Dr. Narongchai Akrasanee in an exclusive interview with LEDinside at LED Expo Thailand 2015, which runs from May 21-24, 2015 at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center.
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India Lifts LED Bulb Bid Restrictions, Chinese Suppliers Pass Review

After winning the elections last year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to invest in the country’s electricity, rail and other infrastructures to improve India’s economic performance, reported Chinese media Cali-Light.com.
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LEDinside: LED Bulb Prices Rebound in China in April as Low Quality Products Exit Market

Global 40W replacement LED bulbs Average Sales Price (ASP) dropped 1.0% in April 2015 to US $11.8, according to LEDinside’s latest LED bulb retail price survey.
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Sony Introduces New Bluetooth Speaker LED Bulb

Sony is expanding its Life Space UX product series this month in Japan with the launch of a new Bluetooth speaker LED bulb.
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Lumileds To Establish LED Automotive Bulb Production Line in China

China’s “One Belt, One Road” policies spurred Lumileds to construct a new LED autmotive bulb production line, reported National Business Daily.
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Philips Launches 60-Watt LED under $5 for Limited Time

Philips, the global leader in lighting, has once again partnered with The Home Depot to set the standard for LED bulb affordability with the new Philips LED family of products. The Philips LED A19 product line will be introduced with a 60-watt LED equivalent bulb that costs just $4.97 without utility rebates, making it the most affordable 60-watt LED bulb on the market. The Philips LED bulb uses just 8.5 watts of power and as an added bonus for consumers, the bulb will be introduced at The Home Depot at the beginning of May in a two-for-one pack for the first 90 days, or while supplies last, and is available online now at www.homedepot.com.
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IKEA LED Bulb Sale Campaign Raises US$ 11.6 M for UNHCR

UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, thanks IKEA customers and co-workers for supporting ‘Brighter Lives for Refugees’, a global cause-related campaign that raised $11.6 million* for refugees this year. In just the US, IKEA raised over $1 million and sold 1,031,275 LEDARE bulbs. The campaign ran in IKEA stores globally from February 1 to March 28, 2015. During this period, for every LED light bulb purchased by an IKEA customer, the IKEA
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Sengled Boost Reinvents the Light Bulb as a Wi-Fi Repeater

Sengled, makers of intelligent lighting products that integrate consumer electronics with LED bulbs, today announced the release of the Sengled Boost, an LED light bulb with a built-in Wi-Fi signal repeater that can boost connectivity levels throughout the home. The first product of its kind offered at an affordable price, the Sengled Boost incorporates two antennas in each LED bulb, providing the connectivity levels users need to get a strong signal anywhere in the house and power devices throughout their connected homes.
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Indian State Power Department to Provide LED Bulbs at Nominal Rates

India’s Uttar Pradesh State power department will be rolling out a plan to supply LED bulbs to household consumers at nominal cost throughout Varansi and Sangam city in April and May respectively.
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Toshiba to Launch LED Bulb Using GaN Power Device This Month

Toshiba Lighting and Technology Corp. plans to launch a LED bulb equipped with a GaN power device for its power supply circuit, according to a Nikkei Business report.
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